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The Littlest Istari

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Summary: And she thought she was short before...

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Lord of the Rings > Willow-Centered > Pairing: OtherVenusdeMollyFR18714,85725921,0151 Mar 0723 May 07No

Where is Gulliver When You Need Him?

Nothing belongs to me. No original characters, just things that belong to Tolkien and Joss.

Where is Gulliver When You Need Him?

It was big. Really, really big. And deeply unattractive. Plus it was big. Ok, maybe not the mayor big, but still. Big. The size, ugliness, and ferocity of this creature was enough to send anyone running wildly in the opposite direction. Anyone, that is, except the Slayer and the Slayerettes, who were, at this time, running towards this tower of mean, ugly demon-flesh, no matter how much the instincts of the latter two were screaming, “flee!”

While running towards the as-yet-unidentified new resident of Sunnydale, Willow took a moment to wonder at the fact that she still had that instinct to flee, when she never did take the little voice up on its offer of safety. You'd think that after a while it would just give up. But no, here she was, once again, running at a large demon armed with little more than her wits, some magic, and a couple of long knives, and her subconscious was still trying to tell her to head for the hills. It's not like she hadn't faced off with demons at the side of the slayer before. Why should she start listening now? Even if this particular demon did make her feel tiny and insignificant. Well, more so than usual.

Buffy and Xander, of course, ran at the monster with wild abandon, hacking at any part that they could reach, enraging their prey. It fought back viciously, knocking Slayerettes left and right with heavy swings of its long, hairy limbs. Willow, meanwhile, was nervously taking stock of the situation, trying to think if there was a spell she could manage that would help to defeat whatever monster the books would tell them this was. She threw fire at it, she threw light, any elements at her call were summoned to the battlefield, but they seemed to have little effect on the ugly gray giant.

If her usual repertoire wasn't going to defeat the demon, it was time to start playing with some new tricks. Over the past few weeks, Willow had started learning about blessed weapons, the whys and the how-tos. As nothing else was working, now might be the perfect time to field test what she had been practicing. In a softer, more melodious voice than she usually used for casting, she began to chant: “Saesan sina sikil kama aman.” When the knives stopped reflecting the dark graveyard and began to glow with a light all their own, the witch determined that, in her professional opinion, the blessing probably worked. 'Golden light show equals success!' flitted through her mind before, in a very Buffy-like move, she launched herself on the demon, knives outstretched, hoping to slice or impale before it could yet again throw her aside.

As Buffy was distracting the demon by not being dead or unconscious after twenty minutes of fighting, Willow had her opening, and drove both blades to the hilt in the monster's stomach. Black blood gushed to the ground, and the demon gave an almighty roar, distracting the petite redhead and company from what should really have worried them, a portal, spinning and widening slowly behind the ugly, half-dead mass of demon. But eventually, it did make itself known. Not with a noise or a flash of light, but by sucking in the deceased demon and the little witch and then vanishing with a pop.

When Willow awoke, she found herself sprawled on the grass at the foot of the largest and most imposing mountain she had ever seen. Of course, never having been further than L.A. this was not entirely surprising. The next three things she became aware of in rapid succession: she was cold, far colder than she was in California; the dead demon made it through whatever portal that was with her, and smelled like you wouldn't believe; and she was getting into a world-class panic.

This was not her hometown. This was most likely not even her state, and knowing the Hellmouth and it's Hellmouthy ways, this was probably not her country either. She fell through a portal into parts unknown, and her friends had not come through with her. She tried to feel glad about that—it meant that they were probably safe—but all she managed to feel was scared and lonely. Transported magically far from home, away from friends and safety and nice old leather bound books that could have answers to the question of how to get back where she belonged, it was fair to say that Willow felt justified in her mini-breakdown.

She had enough time for two or three deep breaths before she noticed the next startling thing. There were people running in her direction, running and crying. She knew that she would need help if she was to get home, but far be it from her to trust blindly to strangers in strange lands. So she hid behind the nearest boulder and watched as the miserable company came closer.

To Willow's eyes it seemed that they were all spread out, and that three of the group were far to the fore of the rest. When one of these three reached down and picked up a much smaller man, she realized that this was not perspective. Some of these people were huge! Really huge! Like “call Vizzini because Fezzik is not the biggest guy in town” huge! But people-shaped! Suddenly the size of the monster made more sense.

“Brobdingnagians” Willow whispered, “I've fallen into the land of the humongous!”

Unfortunately for her, she also fell into the land of people with ridiculously good hearing, because however quietly she thought she spoke to herself, two of the giants turned her way. Before she could even realize her mistake, the pixie-like girl found herself hanging above the very rock she had been hiding behind. “Eeep” didn't really cover it, but it was all that made it past her startled lips as she was suddenly at the mercy of eight depressed yet surprised looking men of all sizes and shapes. She hoped they were big with the mercy.

*Vizzini and Fezzik are of the Princess Bride, Brobdingnagians are the really big people from Gulliver's Travels. As such, also not mine*
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