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Letter to a Soldier

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Heir to Shield and Hammer". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander went as a different soldier on Halloween and thought it would be good to let the soldier know.

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Marvel Universe > Captain AmericaBruneorFR1811,305102521,1961 Mar 071 Mar 07No
Title: One Soldier to Another
Summary: What if Xander had went as a different soldier, a living legend?
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Buffy, I don’t anything from Marvel, as I am married and have a kid, don’t own much of anything, please don’t sue.

Steve ran up the stairs of his apartment complex in Brooklyn as the end of his morning run. Stopping and picking up his mail as he went by he noticed an envelope with a return address he had never seen before. He looks at it as he takes it into his apartment and passes it and the rest (mostly bills but you can never be too careful) through the security scanner Tony had built for him. As it came up clean after a quick shower he opened it, wondering if it was from some fan had somehow found his mailing address. He quickly scanned the letter then stopped and read it slowly.

Dear Steve

I hope you don’t mind me calling you Steve. That while I’ve been told you either won’t have any memory of me, or think it was all a dream, that happened over 50 years ago, but I remember everything about your life, up until last Halloween anyway. During that night for about four hours I was you, or you were locked in possession of my body. I checked with our resident specialist in spells and he isn’t sure if you would have any memories of anything happening or if the spell just “copied” you onto my consciousness, not involving the real you at all. If you do remember, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

Ok now that I have thoroughly confused you. This past Halloween I dressed up as you. My Grandfather, do you remember Sgt Harris? Well, had lots of war stories about WWII, but both the funniest and sometimes scariest were the ones involving you. He always said that Steve Rogers was biggest goof up that he ever had the misfortune to be in charge of, on base, on leave, in any situation that wasn’t serious life and death, but when the crap hit the fan Steve Rogers would always pull through, against the odds, against superior fire power, against the orders of incompetent officers, he knew if you were there then he knew that his team would pull through anything. So after he passed away and I got his old footlocker with the remains of his time in the service, which includes a lot of thing either you or certain collectors would love to get there hands on, I kept everything, to honor him and everyone he knew.

Sorry, got sidetracked, well, when our resident troll… I mean high school principal decided to enlist the aid of me and my friends to escort some of the junior grades around on Halloween, I (being broke) immediately thought of the fatigues I had saved. So all I needed was some of the additional insignia and weapons to go with it. I decided to go as you instead of Grampy, because that way I could honor him and someone he felt honored to know. Anyway, a new costume shop had opened recently and was having a grand opening sale, so my friends and I went there for our costumes and accessories.

We didn’t know that it was owned by a Mage specializing in Chaos. I know how this sounds, but check with Wanda, and Stephen Strange, to see if this and the rest I am telling you is impossible. That night just as the sun went down, everyone who bought anything from the new store, changed into there costumes. Now, most of the rest of that night, until the spell was broken, is fuzzy at best, but from what I was told by people who do remember, once again, when the chips were down you pulled through.

The reason I am writing you about this is that while everyone seemed to keep a little of the person we were that night, it faded within a couple of days until it was gone. You seemed to have left something behind. During the three to four hours you were me, I kept my own body, you seemed to have no problem pushing it to do thing you would normally have been able to do, and boy was I sore when the spell ended, but that night I had some very strange and vivid dreams… about your life, and what you went through. When I woke up I had grown some, I was no longer, a skinny but reasonably fit, sixteen year old, I was now six foot two and weighed in at better than two hundred and forty pounds, most of it muscle. Does this sound familiar to you?

I have checked as much as I could without raising suspicions with my friends, but I know that except for one person I am now the strongest, fastest and most flexible living person in my school… actually my whole town, and if what I am thinking is correct, probably this side of the country. I also have gotten smarter (or some damage done while I was an infant has been corrected, I’m not sure which), and I have the muscle memories of your fighting skills. Which makes me really nervous around the school bullies, because as one of the people they like to work on, I am afraid of what my body will do to them if they catch me off guard, or pissed off, before my mind can over ride the reaction.

On the good side I am now fluent in French, German, and Russian. I probably remember as much of your Art classes as you do. School is no longer academically stressful. I just used ‘academically’ in a sentence correctly… I am so blaming you.

Now, I have to let you know the rest of why I am letting you know about this. Sunnydale is sitting on top of a Hellmouth. My friends and I are constantly trying to keep things from opening it. We seem to be doing Ok at it so far, but if we drop the ball someone should know what something about what has happened to try and contain the damage. Again, you should check with Wanda or Stephen, and I got ALL your memories up to Halloween, so you may want to let a few people know that there is one more person out there who knows more than they should.

We don’t trust the local authorities, but I know I can trust YOU. There are a few others that I know you trust that will have to be informed. If only to make sure I am telling the truth, if I’m crazy, or if I am a security risk. Yes I also mean Nick, and don’t think I’m not aware that he probably read this before you did.

The last thing is I need someone to talk to about this. My best friends would want me to be changed back if they knew just how much I have been changed, to keep me safe of course. I also need someone to send reports to, on what I have battled, how it was defeated etc, I also need training. The muscle memories are great but I need to KNOW what my body does, I have been trying using books and katas but it isn’t the same, do you have any recommendations?

Thanks for reading this; I really am no crazier than anyone else who goes out and stakes vampires every night.

Your Friend

Alexander ‘Xander’ Harris

Steve Rogers put the letter down, knowing that he would have to look into it, but that “Xander” was right he did have to contact some friends to verify some things and to put some feelers out.

He picked up his phone, dialed from memory, “Hey Nick….you’re always to busy for this….. We may have a problem, I need you to check out Sunnydale , CA.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Letter to a Soldier" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Mar 07.

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