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Fallen Angels

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Summary: Buffy gets sent to a future where she finds herself in a world thats crumbling, where Evil has won over good and her and her friends are all dead.There she meets Christopher Halliwell. Charmed crossover Buffy/Chris read and review please

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Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Chris HalliwellChosenfireFR1818800132,3041 Mar 071 Mar 07No

Title: Fallen Angels
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Charmed

Pairing: Buffy /Chris

Spoilers: BtVS post season 7, Charmed unchanged future from season 6

Summary: Buffy gets sent to a future where she finds herself in a world that’s crumbling, where Evil has won over good and her and her friends are all dead. There she meets Christopher Halliwell, leader of the Resistance movement in San Francisco against a magical dictator who happens to be his brother. She agrees to help out and feelings develop between the two.

AN: This pairing has always intrigued me so here is my shot at it. Any questions or comments please review and I hope you enjoy it. Also this will be set in the future Chris came back to change, where Wyatt is evil and lord of he Underworld.

Chapter 1 Darkness Falls

A cold chill clung to the night air stealing all warmth that could be gained and frost formed on the surface of the ground a testament to how unintelligent it was for anyone to be outside when they could be warm. Buffy Summers wasn’t just anyone and she barely noticed the temperature as she slowly made her way through the back alleys of Cleveland’s streets fire burning through her veins as all her senses were alive. She was hunting and nothing like a little chill was going to stop her from working out her frustrations.

Another one had been lost.

Another young girl who had been filled with so much power because Buffy had given the order, that power had been sucked out of her leaving a fastly decaying shell. A girl trapped inside a body that was crumbling inward without the core of destiny that had stretched and sustained it.

Something had been hunting Slayers. Girls they hadn’t even found yet and stealing the essence the Scythe had given them and killing them because the girl could not live without the Slayer. The Slayer could be surpressed, as the Watchers had done for every Slayer turning their twisted “tests” but if it was gone then so was their life.

When they had found one of the new Slayers dead they had thought it was a coincidence but when they had found another and another and another dead it wasn’t a coincidence. Something was stalking these girls and gathering that that made up a Slayer.

Buffy was tired of it. She didn’t want to find another drained corpse where a young girl should be. She had given them the power and it was up to her to see to it that it didn’t get them killed before they could learn how to defend themselves.

The Slayer saw the huddled figure she had been searching for in a darkened alleyway and moving with a supernatural swiftness on light feet that didn’t make a unsheathed a glinting silver dagger and held it to the unnaturally gray tinged skin. “I’ve heard you know about what’s been killing Slayers, either you tell me and I might not kill you” her green eyes flashed with a barely controlled rage “or you don’t and I might do something violent and I really don’t want to get blood on my new shoes.” She pressed the demon back against the hard brick a small trickle of blood leaking out as her knife dug into the flesh.

It went still tension filling the lean and skinny body and Buffy felt its breathing pick up, could hear the quick rasps for air as fear flooded its system. This normally wasn’t her style but she needed information fast and would do anything to get it. She was tired of telling parents their daughter had died from “natural” causes.

There was nothing natural about the dried up bodies and sightless eyes.

“He’ll kill me.” The demon sputtered out the fear in its eyes not just for the small killer that pressed a blade to its throat but for the thing all of his kind feared and who was a threat to her and her kind.

“Tell me who he is.” Buffy demanded softly pressed the knife tighter against the throat and the blood flowed steadily now soaking the collar of the dark and ratted shirt. Her eyes were cold “Because if you don’t then you’ll wish I killed you.” She issued the threat as a deadly promise.

The demon’s eyes widened and Buffy felt a cool presence slid across her spine. She held her ground because it didn’t fell threatening. It felt soothing, like warmth. “Eeeelllddd….” The thing stuttered out before it convulsed and Buffy jumped back stunned as it burst into flames. Pain stole across her face as her whole body lit up like a Christmas tree electricity coursing through her. Dark spots danced before her eyes and she fell to the ground a shadow moving over her. “Another one,” a voice penetrated the darkness clearly not amused “these Slayers are abominations, dispose of her.” From beneath her eyelids she saw a bright light and she groaned as she felt something slither up to her.

As something dark fought to gain entrance into her body Buffy heard a whisper in the back of her mind “I can make it stop.” A confidant female voice told her. Buffy felt the vile invasion and shied away accepting an aid the voice could give her. “All you have to do is take a little journey, nothing much.” Buffy could hear the satisfaction when she didn’t say no “Good, I was worried you’d be difficult, nice shoes by the way.”

Something ripped through her body and she felt herself floating before she was brought to earth with a thud. Buffy groaned and her eyes opened as she winced taking in her foreign surroundings, wherever she was she knew it wasn’t in Cleveland. She sat up and the breath left her body in a shocked whoosh as she saw the crumpling bridge across from her. Last time she checked she hadn’t been in San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge hadn’t looked like a bomb hit it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Fallen Angels" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Mar 07.

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