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A Tower of Strength

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Summary: A series of linked short stories. FFA answers interspersed with others. Various themes and ideas. Title doesn't really refer to anything. SG1 S8 and post-Chosen.

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Stargate > GeneralTanydwrFR1521,3280163,6072 Mar 078 Sep 07No


Well, my first foray into FFA, and first ever posted Stargate/Buffy crossover. Please let me know what you think.

And no, I don’t own Buffy or Stargate. Though Xander, Daniel and Cam would be nice…


It was her own fault, when she thought about it, that this entire thing had happened. She had been oblivious to the world around her as she focussed on the sale in the shop window ahead… before stumbling into a rather hard chest, and falling to the floor.

When she looked up, she saw the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen on a member of the male species.

“Sorry.” The man smiled, offering her a hand, which she took, and easily hauling her to her feet. “Didn’t see you.”

“No, no, my fault totally. Wasn’t looking where I was going. Honestly, I totally didn’t mean to walk into you.” Buffy babbled. She blushed, before rolling her eyes. “And how mad do I sound? The babbling, I swear it’s infectious. I get it from a friend.”

He laughed, a deep, rich laugh. “Don’t worry, I know the feeling.” He grinned at her. “So what’s a California girl like you doing in a place like this?”

“Springs?” She asked, receiving a nod. “Well, I could ask you the same question.”

He shrugged. “Just got assigned to the Mountain.”

Her brow rose. “Really? You don’t strike me as the kinda man who goes looking for aliens. Enemy soldiers, maybe…” She trailed off her voice, smiling coyly.

He shrugged again. “Well, you take things as they go. You?”

“Scouting. My employer’s looking for a sight in the US to establish a school. We figured that the area’s gotta be pretty safe with all the air force and military people about.” She explained. Plus there was the unusual energy readings that demons really didn’t like going near.

He gave a nod. “I’ll attest to that. Cameron Mitchell, Lieutenant Colonel.” He held out a hand.

“Buffy Summers.” She shook it.

He swore.

She frowned.

The Buffy Summers?” He asked.

“I don’t know…”

“Know a Graham Miller? Riley Finn?”

“You’re on their team?” She asked, surprised.

“I was on another, but we passed each other in Special Ops.” He told her. Her knowing look told him all he needed to know. “Graham, Riley and I bunked together sometimes. Before Finn got married, of course.” He grinned. “They had some interesting stories about you.”

“Well, I know nothing about you, but if you’re willing to tell while I shop, maybe I can think of one or two about Riley.” Buffy grinned salaciously.

“What do you think I am, a cart-horse?” Cameron asked, yet following her.

“Cameron Mitchell, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…”

And it was. So beautiful in fact, that he was the reason she was on a planet light-years from home, being shot at by aliens.
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