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One Red Rose

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Down A Wide Road...". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A chance meeting on the road leads to Bedsheets, Bloodplay and news of a Character Death. VampWillow and Samantha Carter. FemmeSlash. Hints of BDSM. (Edited and Re-Posted).

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Stargate > General > Theme: AUDavidFraserFR2135,312042,9263 Mar 075 Dec 08Yes

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A Chance Meeting

Disclaimer: We own no part of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Stargate SG-1. No infringement of copyright is contemplated or intended. (No resemblance to anyone living, dead or undead is intended either).
Title: One Red Rose.
Author(s): David Fraser (with Emily Louise Moore).
Rating: FR21. Don't ignore this!!
Pairing: VampWillow and Samantha Carter.
Feedback: Please. Any author craves feedback and we're no exception.
Note: By its very nature Crossover Fanfc is AU, so please accept that this Universe does exist somewhere.
Edited: 02Dec2008.

Summary: A chance meeting leads to Bedsheets, Bloodplay, and mention of Character Death.

Chapter 1 - A Chance Meeting.

Moving north to Greeley had been educational for the both of them after those first few months together in Denver. The frenzy that was all that existed after their rebirth was remembered with fondness, but Drusilla had brought over a powerful demon, intelligent and cunning, and soon that thirst evolved to a more considered approach to unlife as Mom had taught them to only nibble on their prey; rather than go for that last drop of heartsblood.

There had been mistakes of course, but Mom had also showed them how to disguise or dispose of their few kills as she accompanied them on their first hunts in the big city to the south.

Now Dru had left for Boston to check out rumors she had heard that a new Slayer had been called in the east coast city; seemingly she was cutting quite a swathe through the underground community and she had gone to check and see if she was worthy to bring across. Buffy had asked Willow for permission to accompany Drusilla, and her childe had squealed in delight when Willow had said yes at her Mom's acquiesence when asked.

Alone, Willow had decided, after taking care of the necessary chores to make their unlife easier, to go walkabout... Just to see what she could snare.


Moving out from under the bridge, Willow knelt at the side of the stream, dipping her hands in to take up a sip of water. It was no use, no matter how much she rinsed, the taste of that horrible man was still in her mouth...

He'd stopped to offer a ride when Willow had stuck her thumb out, but even as he leant across to hold the passenger side door open, she'd felt the darkness crawling through his mind. Tempted to tell him to move on, she'd decided to teach him a lesson and took the offered seat. When they had driven off the main road on to a rest stop and she'd asked him what he was doing, he'd dared to place his dirty paw on her thigh and say something about 'you girls'. Willow had let a slow feral smile cross her features as she'd shifted to her game face.

Mom had told her that her game face was very pretty, but the man had not seemed to appreciate that fact, and the bitter smell of human urine had filled the cab of the rusty truck. Seizing hold of his jaw, she struck. The exquisite taste of that first hot spurt had quickly changed to distaste as she recoiled in horror.

Spitting out what she still held in her mouth, she felt a gag reflex for the first time since she had been turned, and she struggled not to regurgitate what had made its way down her throat. "Fuck! What the hell have you been eating?" Not allowing him to even consider an answer, she wrenched into his mind, implanting an imperative that would get him out of her sight, and climbed out of the high cab.

As he'd driven away, a small giggle had escaped her lips at the trouble he would soon find himself in... But even that could not eradicate the vile taste in her mouth.

Now as she made her way north towards Julesburg, the road following the course of the South Platte river, she knew she needed to find something sweet to wipe the memory of that blood from her consciousness.


The motel diner at the truck stop had a bar through an arch, and she had taken a booth towards the back, sipping slowly at a bottle of beer, watching the pool game being played out. Garnering a few looks from the all male clientele, she had put out a 'keep away' vibe, and so far it was working.

The murmur of soft voices, some ballad playing on the jukebox and the 'clack' of balls striking was interrupted by the rumble of a powerful engine as a motorcycle pulled up outside, and the sound of the engine being switched off coincided with the song ending; the sudden silence seeming extra loud.

Willow could see out the wide windows of the bar, and she watched interestingly as the lean figure stood and stretched, kicking down the stand on the bike. Gazing round, it made its way towards the bar door, removing the helmet and gloves as she came inside.

Raking fingers through her short blond hair to bring back some kind of life after being confined on the road, she looked round the bar and through to the diner.

Willow took in the woman as she unzipped the leather jacket from up by her left shoulder. A blue tee was tucked into thick leather pants lying over scuffed boots and she felt tired to her senses.

By way of sending out a subtle invitation, Willow flicked her hair over her right shoulder and caught the blue eyes as they looked at her; watched her buy a bottle of beer and make her way over to her booth. "Hi. Mind if I join you?"

Willow gestured beside her. "Please."

Removing her jacket completely, she slid in beside Willow, placing her helmet and gloves beside her. Not, Willow noticed, between them.

A sigh escape her lips as she relaxed.

"You look tired. Have you come far?"

"Looks like... I was working on my bike and decided to take it for a spin. I actually didn't mean to come so far." She looked at Willow, a sheepish smile on her lips, "But, the open road, you know."

"Yes, I know what you mean. My brother has an old Desoto Sportsman he works on, and sometimes he used to disappear off somewhere for days or even weeks. I actually haven't seen him for a few months now." At the look from her companion, she smiled. "Oh, we know roughly where he is, but he's on the outs with Mom at the moment."

Catching the blue eyes with her own, she recognised the look and changed the timbre of her voice, "I'm Willow."

The blond swallowed. "Sam."

Still concentrating, Willow continued, "Why not have a meal here and take a room at the motel, head back fresh in the morning."

Sam looked at her. "Not slow in coming forward, are you?" She looked away from the green eyes that seemed to stare at something deep inside her, glancing down for a moment at her fingers picking at the label on her bottle of beer.

Willow placed her right hand under Sam's left, using her knuckle to raise the ring finger, "You're not wearing protection, and I saw the way you looked at me as soon as you came through the door."

"How do you know that wasn't because you were the only girl in here?"

"Pfft!" Willow rolled her eyes, daring her to deny what was happening.

Sam raked both hands through her hair again, admitting, "You're right." She relaxed and smiled openly at Willow. "I don't have to report for duty until Monday morning anyway."


"I work at Cheyenne Mountain."

"Oh, NORAD, and all that."

Sam smiled at her. "Yes, all that."

"There you are then. You could even sleep late tomorrow." Willow let a smile curl her lips. "If you were extra tired in the morning."

Sam laughed, taking a sip of her beer. "Do they serve meals through here?"

Willow stood up. "Why don't I go get you a menu, and whilst you order yourself something, I'll get us a room." She waited for Sam to make some final protest, but was still pleasently surprised when she looked up at her and just nodded.


End of Chapter 1
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