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Not What He Was Expecting

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Summary: Buffy/Ranma 1/2 A young Quentin Travers is sent to find the newly awaked slayer, but thats not all he finds.

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Anime > Ranma 1/2DarkElfFR71771053,42418 Jun 0318 Jun 03Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own the Watchers of Buffy, nor do I own the characters of Ranma ½. They belong to Joss Whedon, and Rumiko Takahashi. This is not for profit just for personal amusement.
Since I don’t even know when the timeline of Ranma would be in real life, so I am saying it was mid 1900’s. Seems to fit. This is my first one-shot, so

Not What He Was Expecting

Quentin Travers was new to the organization known as the watchers. But because of his knowledge, they were sending him to find the new slayer. The last one had lasted just short of 6 months. This one had appeared in a suburb in a city in Japan. A strange little city called Neramia.
As he walked through the town, he noticed that many buildings were having new siding, or some other structural work done. He began to wonder what this town had gone through. As he walked, he pulled out the small book he had been given, which was the information they had on this new slayer.
Her name was Nabiki Tendo. Apparently she was the daughter of a Martial Arts instructor. He saw that as being promising, since it might mean she would already have some training. He pulled out the picture they had of her, he noticed that her expression in the picture was very cold, no emotion showed on her face. So intent on the picture, he didn’t notice the fact that his target was standing right in front of him. He almost jumped when he looked up from the picture. There she was with almost the same expression as the photo.
“Can I help you with something, or are you just staring because you are a pervert.”
“Are you Tendo Nabiki?”
“And if I am. What of it?”
“I have been searching for you. You are the chosen one.”
“The chosen one for what?” Now he noted she almost looked intrigued, thought it was simply for the fact that her expression changed slightly.
“You are the slayer, the one girl chosen in this world to fight the darkness, the vampires and demons that plague this world.”
“Oh really, and why should I except this.”
“Because it is your destiny to protect this world.”
She thought this over for several minutes.
“Give me two million yen, and I will help you.”
Quentin did his best to hide his surprise. “You want money, how can you be so callous with the fate of the world. It could truly end without you.”
“Oh if I don’t save the world, Ranma will.”
“And who is this Ranma?”
She doesn’t respond verbally simply points over her shoulder.
Travers turns to look in the direction she indicates, and watches. He feels a slight tremor hit the ground, but barely acknowledges it as he watches a dark haired young man in a red shirt run by.
“Why won’t you people just leave me alone?”
As he runs off, the next one is another dark haired youth wearing a yellow shirt waving what appears to be an umbrella.
“Stop running from our fight Ranma you coward.”
Next in this odd parade was a young woman with almost purplish hair, and wearing a Chinese dress shouting “Husband date Shampoo!”
She was closely followed by two individuals.
One was a man with dark hair, large glasses, and massive white robes, who seemed to be professing his love to the purple haired girl.
The second was a tiny old woman, who seemed to be hopping along on a stick, why laughing.
Next up was a young woman waving a large spatula.
“Ranma-Chan, it’s your cute fiancé, come back here.”
She was followed by what he first thought was another woman, but the voice seemed to argue that idea.
“Ukio, we need to get back, we left the restaurant open.”
Just when he thought it was over two grown men wearing martial arts uniforms leaped past yelling, “Ranma how dare you have an affair on your fiancé.”
At last it appeared to be over. He turned back to Nabiki.
“Which one of those was this Ranma?”
“The second one.”
“The boy in yellow and black.”
“No, the boy in red.”
“But he was the first…”
“Actually he was the second. He was the first.” And she motions behind her self to a small crater where a brown haired young man holding what appears to be a wooden sword. The moment that the young man saw there were people around he shot to his feet.
“That didn’t hurt.” That was all he said before falling back to the ground, apparently unconscious.
Travers turned to face the now smirking Nabiki.
“Is this normal?”
If this were an anime, Travers would have sweat dropped.
(A/N: good thing this ain’t an anime*grin*)

The End

You have reached the end of "Not What He Was Expecting". This story is complete.

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