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Hiding in plain sight

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Summary: What happened after Buffy was kicked out of her house by her family. What if she had left Sunnydale and headed east?

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Chapter 2

They had been in St. Louis for three months now. They had been lucky enough to find a reasonably priced apartment that had three bedrooms and two bathrooms the day after they arrived. Pike had found a job in an auto shop down the street from the apartment and Buffy had found a job as a personal trainer at the local gym. Her hours were flexible and it paid good money.

She enrolled her son in day care and little Tristan had excelled at everything they taught him. He was fond of reciting his ABC’s to anyone who would listen, and a few who would rather not. He knew all his colors and could count to fifty. He was learning faster than his class. Buffy was so proud of him. She took pictures all the time for his many photo albums. Maybe one day his daddy would get to see them. She doubted it, as he was too busy with his own unlife. As Master of the City of Los Angeles he was always busy with something or another. Of course he was not aware of little Tristan. Buffy had never had time to bring up the subject of their son. The first year after he was born was rough on both her and Angel. She always meant to tell him, but some big bad always came first. Then he had left and Buffy was hurt that he had left her. Then it just never seemed to be the right time to bring up the subject. The only people who knew of him were her mother, and Pike.

Pike had been a big help. When she had run away after sending Angel to hell she had run into Pike in Los Angeles. By that time she was 5 months pregnant and working at a dive of a diner. Pike had insisted that she move in with him and let him help her. After all they were still friends and that’s what friends do for each other. Pike helped her through Lamaze, and was with her when she delivered. A month after Tristan was born, Pike talked her into going home. When her mother had seen her grandson she was stunned, but loved him at first sight. Buffy didn’t want anyone to know about him just yet, so it was agreed that she would live part time with her mom and part time with Pike and her son.

In four years she had told no one about Tristan. Not her best friends, her sister, or her father figure/Watcher. He was her salvation after many nights of fighting the darkness. She would go to the apartment that she semi shared with her son and Pike and hold her son and remember all that was good in the world.

Buffy had just got home from work and picking up Tristan. She turned on his favorite cartoon. “Bob the builder.” and got him a snack. As he sat engrossed in the cartoon Buffy logged into her email. In the last month she had received numerous emails from Willow, Dawn and Xander. She had deleted them all with out reading them. She was still hurt and mad that they had kicked her out of her own house. Today’s emails were the same. One from Willow begging her to answer in the subject line. One from Xander telling her to answer or else in his subject line. One from Dawn telling her to quit being selfish and answer them. She deleted all three. She looked at the other emails. Several were from her clients at the gym to schedule workout times. There were a few new clients that she sent the standard reply too. As she refreshed the page to make sure she didn’t have any new clients email while she was cleaning out her in box she noticed one from Cordy. She opened it to see what she wanted.


Where the Hell are you? The Scooby gang has been here several times looking for you. They think Angel is hiding you. Now there is a laugh. Little Miss fights a lot hiding form that bunch of losers. Doyle said I should be nice and not call them that, after all they did help on several occasions. I just hope you are someplace with lots of shopping centers. That wardrobe of yours could always use help. Anyway let me know that you are at least alive, so Angel will quite pacing and get some actual work done.

Queen C!

Buffy thought about it and hit the reply button. They could not track her by her email account. It was sent through several servers and encoded several times. It also helped that the account was in Pike’s name, and none of them had meet Pike.


Tell Angel that I am alive and doing fine. I can’t tell you where I am. Just know that I am happy and doing fine. If the Scooby’s come again tell them to leave me alone. They made their choice and I was not it. If they haven’t told you, they kicked me out and picked Faith as their leader. It was unanimous that they did not want me there any more. I left Sunnydale that same night. I read in the paper that Sunnydale is gone. I just want to live my life.

The Slayer
P.S. There is nothing wrong with my wardrobe!

Buffy hit the send button and walked into check on her son. Pike was home from work and sitting next to Tristan singing along with the cartoon. She had to laugh. She picked up the camera and took a few pictures for the photo album. She walked into the kitchen to find something to eat. As she grabbed a piece of fruit she made a mental note that she would have to stop at the store and get some groceries tomorrow. They were almost out of milk and cereal. Tristan and Pike could live off of Lucky Charms alone. They also needed some more fruit and veggies. Not to mention some meat. After the spaghetti for tonight’s dinner they would be out and she wanted to make a pot roast for dinner on Sunday. She walked back to her computer to check her email one last time and check her schedule for the following day. She had a new client tomorrow. A woman named Anita Blake.

Buffy knew she was the licensed Vampire Hunter for the area. Buffy grinned. Well I can’t wait to see if she can keep up with the Vampire Slayer.
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