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Hiding in plain sight

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Summary: What happened after Buffy was kicked out of her house by her family. What if she had left Sunnydale and headed east?

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Anita Blake > Buffy-CenteredDazedFR1899,005813149,9524 Mar 0710 Apr 11No

Chapter One

Hiding in plain sight

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy, Angel or Anita Blake. I am not part of the W.B. , U.P.N. or any other entity that owns them.

Authors Note: This would not leave my head. So I finally sat down and wrote the first few chapters.

As Buffy walked down the deserted street she could not believe they had kicked her out of her own house. Her sister, her friends, her father figure all had kicked her out.

“Well fine then. If they don’t want my help there is no reason for us to stick around.” She grumbled under her breath.

Buffy cut through Restfield Cemetery and walked into Spike’s crypt. Rustling around she found a piece of paper and pen to write a quick note to let Spike know what had happened and that she was leaving town. She hurried out of Spikes place and through the Cemetery to the next street over. Walking to the apartment building on the far side of the street she walked up the stairs to apartment 205A. Pulling out a set of keys she opened the door and let herself in. Pike stuck his head out of the kitchen.

“Hey Buffy. Is everything alright? You look kinda out of it.”

“No. I am not alright, but I will be. The van packed and ready to go?” She asked.

“Yep. Just waiting for you.” Pike answered.

“Then lets go. I will explain what happened on the way out.” She said over her shoulder as she walked into a small bedroom to pick up her son.

Buffy looked down at her son sleeping in a sleeping bag. He looked so much like his father. Same dark spiky hair. Same smile. Same dark chocolate brown eyes. The only thing that he seemed to get from her was his skin tone. He was sleeping on his stomach. Buffy leaned down and rubbed his small back to wake him up.

“Wake up baby, it’s time to go.”

She smiled as she thought how grouchy he would be if he was startled awake. Just like his daddy. At four he was showing more traits of a Master Vampire everyday.

“Come on baby. Time to wake up.” She coaxed.

He opened his dark eyes and smiled at his mother. “Mommy, You back!” He exclaimed.

“Yes baby, I am, but we have to go now.” Buffy replied. Smiling at him.

Pike poked his head in the door. “The last of the stuff is in the van. Just need to grab his sleeping bag, pillow and bag for the trip. Time to go.”

Buffy helped her son out of his Buzz Lightyear sleeping bag and helped him put his shoes on.

“I can do it myself Mommy!” He told her with authority.

“I know you can, but mommy likes helping you.” She tickled his stomach as she said it. As soon as his shoes were tied he was on his feet running out of the room.

“Unca Pike, Unca Pike. I am ready to go now.” He announced.

Pike picked him up in his arms and swung him around. “I can see that.”

He smiled at the small boy as he settled him on his hip. Buffy walked out of the room with the sleeping bag and pillow under her arm. Taking another quick look around the three walked out of the apartment and down to the van. As Buffy got her son settled into his car seat, Pike got the last of their stuff settled into the back of the van. They got into the front and closed the doors. They headed out of the parking lot and out of the town Buffy had called home for the last 7 years.

As they were passing the “Thank You for visiting Sunnydale.” sign Pike looked over and asked, “Where too Buffy?”

“The one place I was told never to go. The one place not one of them would think to look for us.” She replied.

Pike nodded. “St. Louis it is then.”
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