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Falling Masks

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Summary: Xander lets his mask fall. What will the others make of what he really is. BtVS/Charmed/Highlander crossover planned others later. Xander/Jenny-Janna. Rewritten.

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Mask Falling

I do not own Buffy: The Vampire Slayer or Charmed. They are armed by their respective owners.

AN: Some of the parts to the episode this was taken from have been rearranged. This is done on purpose. Other episodes may me mentioned in the future and will be altered.

Angelus walked out of the elevator whistling to himself as he left the waiting room. He paused as he saw Xander waiting for him.

“Visiting hours are over.” The teen told him.

“Well I’m pretty much family.” The vampire shot back.

The vampire was confused by the teen in front of him. Gone was the loud shirt and the goofy look that he had just a few weeks ago. There was a hard look in the teen’s eyes that unnerved him and a leather jacket took the place of the Hawaiian shirt.

“Oh well, why don’t you come back during the day. Ah, I forgot, you can’t.”

“You think that you can really stop me if I decide to walk into Buffy’s room.”

The boy shifted his stance slightly and slid a hand into his jacket.

“Yeah I can.”

As he spoke Angelus was forced to dodge several things that were tossed at him. At the next volley he decided to catch one and toss it back. When he caught one his hand burned and dropping it he saw that it was a throwing weapon in the shape of a cross with razor sharp edge, another one hit his shoulder and his body was racked in pain as the wound burned like fire.

“You’re her white knight. You still love her; it must burn you that I got there first.”

“You’re gonna die and I’ll try to be the one that does it.”

Angel ran as another volley of the crosses was tossed at him. Xander waited to make sure that he was gone before gathering up the weapons. He went to Buffy’s room and gently brushed her hair back from her face.

“No matter what I will protect you, I will protect you all.”

He went to go see Krista. The female vampire was surprisingly happy with their arrangement. After that he would stop by the place that he had set up to get some gear.

He left heading for a place where he had hidden the things he had had made or stolen for hunting vampires and demons. Much of it was bought by the gold and money he looted from the nests. Finally he stood at an old house that had been abandoned years ago. Checking the thread across the door he saw it was unbroken and entered. He made his way down to the basement and looked over the racks of weapons filling it. There were a few guns, but mostly it was blades and other simple weapons.

What the others didn’t know was that he had never lost the memories that the soldier costume had gave him. They were as strong as ever. All the weapons were blessed or made out of materials harmful to the undead or demons. For the guns the ammunition was blessed. He was going to get a partial kit and watch out over Buffy while she was in the hospital.

He kept the cross throwing stars and put them in a neat pile. Her stripped and pulled on a black sneak suit. Body armor went on over that. A black combat harness finished his clothing. The throwing crosses went into a pouch near his left hip. He pulled out a Berretta 92R and slid it into the thigh holster on the other side. A short sword with a silver blade went across his back. Clips of special ammo filled all the other pouches. Some ropes and other equipment were tossed into a bag. The final item that he grabbed was a set of light-enhancing binoculars.

He headed back to the hospital to watch Buffy to make sure that she wasn’t hurt. He had plans the next day and no one was going to stop him. There was one person that he could bring back that could help them and he was going to do it. He sighed with relief as nothing really happened that night. He had something special to do that day, and needed to do it at the right time.

At noon that day he walked to where there was a freshly dug grave and looked at the name of the stone.

Jenny Calendar

She died for her people

He pulled as vial out of his pocket. In it was a white glowing liquid that seemed to move with a life of its own. He poured it onto the grave.

“Let her embrace life once again. Let her feel the sun and the air. Bind her to those that care for her and let her break the barrier and enjoy life once again. We welcome her back into out arms.”

The earth heaved up and a decayed corpse was deposited onto the grass. Then the flesh began to fill and soon Ms. Calendar’s body lay on the ground. Finally her back arched and she began to breathe again. He picked her up and carried her to where a car was waiting. He drove back to the house where he kept his weapons and opening one of the doors revealed a rather nice bedroom. He laid her in the bed and then laying beside her fell asleep, making sure that they weren’t touching.

Janna opened her eyes and froze in shock. She had been paying for her sins by helping others and now she stared at a white ceiling. She felt warmth beside her and turned to see a man was lying down beside her. For a moment she panicked, until she realized that he was still dressed. Then she took a closer look and couldn’t believe her eyes.


An eye opened and the chocolate orb focused on her.



“I found something on a demon I killed. I researched it for several days until I found out that it can bring one person back to life. I choose you. I’m sorry if you didn’t want to return.”

She relaxed, pulling the sheet to cover herself.

“I don’t mind.”

He got up and going through a set of duffel bags he threw her a set of clothing.

“Get dressed. We need to get you some ID so you can move around.”

She stared at him in fascination. This was nothing like goofy teen that she had though she knew. There was a sense of purpose to him. She pulled on the clothing and followed him as he led her out to a jeep.

“How did you afford all this?”

“Vampires and demons, the older ones anyway, tend to carry cash. I just helped myself after they died.”

She nodded as they drove. It was about twenty minutes later when they pulled into a bar. She followed him inside and froze when she saw demons and several vampires. Then a slight smile came to her lips as she realized that several of them were staring at the teen next to her in terror.


“I haven’t heard anything. I told you that last time.”

“Not that. I need a complete identity for my friend. She’s been gone a while and could use a new set.”

The bartender looked at her is shock, and to her surprise smiled.

“Even death is afraid of you kid. I’ll do this but you’ll owe me later. Nothing much just what you normally do.”

“Deal. How long?”

“Give me five days and I’ll have what you need. Want a drink?”


Janna walked up to the bar with him and she watched as Xander’s drink was poured from a black bottle. The bartender looked at her for a second and poured her a glass of red wine.

“Xander what happened to make you like this?” she asked after a few moments.”

“One Halloween I was inhabited by the spirit of a soldier. He was one of the best. Everyone’s memories of what they had been faded, mine are still strong as ever. I also have some other things I will not talk about right now. When they need it I am the same as I always was. Now Angelus is lose and hurting those that I love. So I am now a soldier. He will be taken down if necessary even if I costs me Buffy’s friendship.”

Janna looked at the cold Brown eyes that bored into her soul. She shivered as she felt dread and a sense of protectiveness at the same time. After they finished their drinks he turned to her.

“What’s next?”

“I want to let Giles and the others know that you’re alive. We’ll need to also look into some makeup and hair dye to change how you look. Let’s go see Giles at the library first. He’ll help me explain it to the others.

She followed him out to the Jeep and they headed to the high school. Neither one spoke, both worried about how the rest of the group would take this. Xander entered the school and Jenny followed him, the teen motioned for her to wait a few minutes. He then walked in.

“Hey G-Man how’s it going?”

“Better if you would stop calling me that infernal name.” the Brit said as he looked up from the book he was studying.

“Aw, don’t be like that. You’ll get a present if you smile. I know you’ll like it.”

Jenny bit her hand to prevent herself from bursting into laughter. She was glad that Xander could relax at times. It wasn’t an act as far as she could tell.

Giles glared at the teen and then let out a tight lipped smile.

“There you go, knew you could do it. And now on her second tour, we have the one, the only, Ms. Calendar.”

Jenny took that as her cue and walked through the library doors. Giles sat frozen with his mouth slightly opened as both her and Xander moved to sit across from him. Then he glared at the teen.

“Of all the irresponsible, idiotic things to do. Messing with magic that you don’t understand. What in the bloody hell were you thinking. Raising the dead is not taken lightly.”

He looked like he was about to say something else when a voice interrupted him.

“Shut up.”

He turned to Jenny in surprise to find her glaring at him.

“He did was he thought he had to. The magic he used was white, and I had a full choice on whether to come back or not. Is that plain?”

“Quite.” the Watcher told her as he polished his glasses.


“I need to get Ms. C some more clothing, and personal items. We’ll be back her later tonight where we can explain to everyone what happened. I also have some stuff to tell everyone. I’ll tell Buffy tomorrow when I visit.

The librarian absently nodded as they both left.


Leo jolted as he received a summons from the Elders. He set down the book he had been reading and quickly orbed up to the council. He was surprised to see that several on the members were arguing rather loudly. The leader walked over to him.

“There is a situation down below and we you and the Charmed Ones to investigate. A while back there was an involvement with the being Janus. A sliver of his power was left behind. It was unnoticed until recently. The location, Sunnydale California is on a Hellmouth and hid the power. Earth energy was used yesterday and the energy was involved in some way. We want you and the Charmed Ones to go and investigate it. Mostly to find out what it is and if it is working against us. Everything will be taken care of, including the sister’s jobs and commitments.”

“I understand.”

Leo orbed back down wondering how he was going to explain this to piper and the others. They would not be happy as things had just settled down. He also had a bad feeling about the location. He sat back in his chair and spent the next several hours figuring out how to tell them.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Falling Masks" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Apr 07.

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