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Falling Masks

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Summary: Xander lets his mask fall. What will the others make of what he really is. BtVS/Charmed/Highlander crossover planned others later. Xander/Jenny-Janna. Rewritten.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Charmed, they are owned by their respective owners.

AN: This is a new chapter one. The original two chapters will be combined and edited into a new chapter two. This is fast paced and is meant to cover a bit before the beginning of the real story. It is this way on purpose. Xander may seem a bit over powered but he doesn’t notice most of it, and will need it later on. Bug Thanks to my Beta Methos for pointing out some things.

Xander felt pain rip through him as a wave rippled over his body. He looked around to see Buffy beating spike. The soldier’s memories floated through his head. He could feel every breath that the man had taken. As he looked over at Spike a growl ripped its way out of his throat. He looked down at the gun that should have been a toy, but he was holding a real assault rifle. Knowing that Buffy would try to have the memories stripped from him if she knew, he called out.

“Buffs I’m heading home. Gonna make sure that my parents are okay.”

“Okay Xander.”

He felt bad about the way that she had just dismissed him, but was happy that she hadn’t held him up. He had some thinking to do, and then he might tell them what happened. He carried the gun and made his way to his house. Both of his parents were passed put drunk, and he quickly made his way to his room. He put the assault rifle under his bed and exhaustion hit him. He lay on the bed, thinking his situation over and finally decided not to tell the others unless he started having problems or they needed to know. Finally having made his decision he fell asleep.

Janus looked at the teen who had claimed part of his power. Normally he would have been enraged, but this mortal interested him. He had broken a prophecy by brining back the slayer who should have died. That had caused much chaos for the powers-that-be. He decided to let him keep the splinter of power that he had in him. Who knew what he would do next.

The next day Xander woke. The memories of the nightmares that he had had were still vivid. He went and took a shower. As he was drying off he froze in shock. Instead of the slender build he had the night before, new muscle was visible. Tossing on his clothes he left the house without bothering to eat. He thought about the changes that he had seen. The only drawback that he had noticed so far was the dreams, but the ones that he had of Jesse were as bad. He sat through his classes absentmindedly taking notes. Then it was time for his math class. The teacher called on him like she had several times before. Unlike those times he answered her question without thinking. The silence that followed broke him out of his thoughts. Looking up he saw all the class staring at him.


The teacher shook her head and continued the lesson. After school Xander knew what he had to do. Buffy’s death would not be repeated. He would protect those that had become his family. His eyes flashed green as he made his vow. He would take out anybody that threatened his family.

He knew that he wasn’t good enough to take them on more then one on one, but who said that he had to play fair. Bullets in the arms and legs should slow down the vamps enough for him to stake them. The assault rifle was a good start but he needed something else. A man had offered to buy his comic collection at a very good price; it was time for him to take that offer.

He went home and grabbed the comics, quickly heading to the man who had bought them. An hour later he walked out with a cool ten-thousand in his possession. Several of them had been what the man needed to complete a series so he paid much more then they were worth. The man had been almost obsessed Next on his agenda was how to buy the weapons that he needed. A pistol would be good, and a few blades would also work.

He walked around until night had fallen. He was looking for a single vampire out on its own. It would have information on what he needed to know. He grinned as he saw an attractive woman walking out by herself. She smiled as she saw him and lead him to a nearby alleyway. His suspicion was confirmed when she touched him and her skin was cold. Just as she tried to bite him he broke both her legs with two kicks.

She glared at him with he fangs visible. Her eyes widened in fear as he took a bottle from his backpack.

“I have some info I want. If you tell me what I want to know I’ll let you go. If not, I’ll be forced to use this holy water.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Where can I find guns for sale locally, I don’t care if it’s legal or not?”

“I don’t know.”

He started to tip the bottle over her face.

“Check Willy’s, he would know. He knows everything that goes on in this town.”

“Good Girl.”

She looked at him in surprise as he helped her up. Her eyes widened in fear again as his eyes flashed green. Then suddenly she couldn’t move.

“What is your name?”


“Well Krista, I’ll make you a deal. If you work for me you’ll get all the blood that you need, and I will help you if you need it. But if you betray me I will hunt you down and make you wish that I had used the holy water.”

She looked at him and nodded.


She felt her arm burn, and lifted up the sleeve of her dress. A Stylized hyena was now on her skin. Xander looked back to where he was making sure no one saw him just as she covered the mark.

“I’ll let you know where you can contact me later, for now no killing humans. Demons and other vampires are okay. You got me?”


“Good. I’ll meet you at Willy’s in a week.”

She watched at the teen walked away. The demon inside of her angry yet excited about a more powerful creature being in control of her. It would do as it was told, for now at least.

Deep inside of Xander’s soul, the hyena howled in triumph. One more was added to the pack.

Xander walked into the bar that the vampire had told him about. Three vamps were drinking blood and ignored him. The demon there took a look at him and shrugged. He walked up to the bar and was surprised to see a human tending it.

“What do ya want?’


“I don’t know nothing.”

Xander slid a thousand dollars to the bartender.

“I just want to know where I can find weapons.”

The bartender looked from the money to him.

“There’s a guy on the edge of town. He’s strictly neutral and sells to anybody. He lives in the yellow house out near the desert.”

Xander nodded and took his hand off the money. The bartender watched him and wondered who he was.

Xander made his way to the place that the bartender had told him about. Instead of a normal door there was one with a viewing slot. He knocked on the heavy door. The slot opened to show a pair of black eyes.

“What do ya want?”

“Looking for some weapons.”

“You got the cash?”

Xander held up a wad of cash. The door opened and her saw a man in his fifties. He gestured for him to come in.

“So what are ya looking for?”

“Looking for a high caliber pistol with at least 8 shots, a 9mm pistol, clips for both pistols and a M16A1 assault rifle, a combat knife, and 200 rounds for each weapon. I want the ammo to affect bloodsuckers if possible.”

“That’ll be about seven large, ya got that?”


He counted out the money and the man pit what he had wanted into a bag. He was careful to let Xander see each item go into the duffel.

“Here. See ya when ya need more ammo.”

Xander went home and slept that night. The next night he did his first patrol. He had talked to both Buffy and Willow, but was disgusted by Buffy’s interest in Angel. He had told them that he had something to do, and they had agreed that he deserved a night off.

He walked around in the cemetery on the opposite side of town. He was wearing nothing but black, and had his assault rifle in hand. He was pleased when a group of four vamps came towards him around midnight. The leader sneered as he saw the gun.

“That can’t hurt us.”

“You don’t mind it I try do you?”

“Sure, go ahead. You can have some fun before we kill you.”

He raised the stock to his shoulder and flipped the lever to three-shot burst. Then he shot the vampire that had talked to him in the head. Their leader fell to the ground.

“It burns.”

His head then caught fire and he turned to dust. The other three were shot in the arms and legs. He looted them, taking any jewelry or wallets and then shot them with the .45 that he had bought. They cried out and dusted.

He counted through what he had picked up and found that it was several hundred dollars. There were two rings also, but he would sell those in the pawn shops later. He wandered around for a while longer, but figured that the gunshots may have warned any other vamps away. He reminded himself that the blessed bullets worked, and to stagger them with tracer rounds again.

Over the next several weeks he did his own patrols and both Buffy and Willow seemed glad that he wasn’t putting himself in danger. Hew was careful to spend time with both of them where he wouldn’t lose their friendship.

He had two major bouts of success during the following weeks. One was when the vampire turned out to be a weapon collector. He took what he liked and used a jeep and trailer to move it to the basement of an abandoned house. The other was that one nest was constantly one the move. He got around fifty grand from raiding their nest. He had cut one to ribbons after finding a child’s body. At the same place he had found a vial of a white glowing liquid. When he did some research it was found to be a compound called Blood of the Mother. It could bring a person back from the dead once, but only if they wanted to come back.

Then two things happened. One was Buffy slept with angel and made him lose his soul. Since he was trying to keep him innocent act he was unable to kill him. Then angel killed Jenny after they found out she was a gypsy capable of giving it back. Xander was disgusted with himself for the death, and felt that he could have prevented it. Finally Buffy fell ill and was admitted to the hospital. Xander picked up some special weapons from his collection and headed to the hospital. He knew Angelus would seek her out while she was weak. He wasn’t going to let the demon get to her.

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