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Harry Potter and the Sunnydale Crew

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Summary: By a chance encounter Buffy and company learn of a whole new magical world they never knew existed and all the problems this world is having. Will the wizarding world want there help? Can some things be forgiven?

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyjanineFR181356,16354317,6945 Mar 0719 Mar 07No

The Flight of Rayne


Disclaimer – Don’t own Harry Potter, Buffy, or Angel.

Chapter 13 – The Flight of Rayne

---Great Hall---

The Slytherin Slayers parted from their group of friends as they entered the Great Hall. Instead of going left towards the Slytherin table they walked in the opposite direction, towards the Gryffindor one. As they approached the table all of the Gryffindors were giving them dirty looks. The four girls ignored all of the looks and walked straight to the reason they were over there. Neville was being smothered by Hermione, Harry, and Ron. Ginny was trying desperately to get them to leave him alone, but they wouldn’t listen.

“Neville please,” Hermione pleaded. “Just tell us what happened. We are just worried.”

“Come on,” Harry agreed. “You know we just want to help.”

“It doesn’t concern you guys,” Ginny tried to defend him. “Can’t you see he doesn’t want to talk about it yet?”

“Stay out of this Gin,” Ron snapped.

“Well I happen to think she is correct,” Shannon said as they reached the group. “I mean, he looks like he just wants to be left alone.”

“What would you know Slytherin?” Harry lashed out.

“I know when to leave people alone,” Shannon retorted. The group pushed past the Trio and took the seats surrounding Neville and Ginny. Dawn reached over and gave Neville a hug.

“We are here if you need talk,” she whispered in his ear. “But until then, you’re still stuck hanging out with us.”

“I think we’re gonna eat breakfast here today,” Rona announced to no one in particular. Ginny and Neville both brightened up at the idea. The remaining Gryffindors scowled at the Slayers and moved away from them.

“There are house tables for a reason,” Harry rudely informed the group.

“There is also house unity,” Missy countered. “Isn’t that what Gandalf keeps talking about?”

“Gan-what?” Ron questioned looking confused.

“Honestly Ron!” Hermione scolded. “You should have taken Muggle Studies all those years instead of me. He’s a wizard in a popular Muggle book called Lord of the Rings. I read it our second year. Don’t you pay attention at all?”

“You read too many books. How am I supposed to ever keep up?” Ron said back. The Trio walked down the table to available seats seeming to completely forget about Neville and the Slytherins.

“That was different,” Rona stated.

“Seriously,” Shannon agreed. “They have a shorter attention span than Dawn.”

“Hey now,” Dawn warned halfheartedly as she looked down at the table pointing her wand. The group looked at her confused.

Sive nam pencil!” She commanded. A toothpick sized piece of wood appeared. Dawn grabbed the wood and jumped up. “YES! I did it. I did it!”

“Great job Dawn,” Neville congratulated her.

“Umm…” Ginny looked confused. “What did you do?”

“I conjured something!” Dawn said excitedly, shoving the small piece of wood at Ginny. “See! It’s not quite a pencil, but it’s something. Right?”

“Very good Ms. Summers,” Professor McGonagall congratulated as she walked by the table. “Just keep at it and I’m sure you will be prepared for class tomorrow.”

“Thank you Professor,” Dawn smiled.

“And before I forget,” McGonagall continued smiling back at Dawn. “Ten points to Gryffindor and twenty to Slytherin for promoting house unity.”

“Thank you Professor,” the group said as she continued towards the Head Table.

“Hey Missy?” Vanessa (one of the Hufflepuff Slayers) asked as she walked over to them.

“What’s up Nessa?” Missy asked.

“What did Flitwick say we were going to be working on today? I wanted to make sure I could get a heads start on the reading before class,” Vanessa said as she reached the group.

“Protego,” Missy answered, “the shielding charm. I believe the passage about it starts on page 153.”

“Oh good, Katrina was trying to tell me we were still working on Aguamenti, but I didn’t think that sounded right,” Vanessa explained looking around the group. When here eyes fell on Neville she blushed slightly. Shannon, one who rarely missed these sorts of things, picked up on it.

“Ginny, Neville this is one of our good friends Nessa,” Shannon introduced. “We know back from our old school.”

“It’s very nice to meet you,” Vanessa said as she shook hands with Ginny. When she turned to Neville her cheeks blushed again. She extended her hand smiling. A crimson blush covered his face as he shook her hand.

“H-h-h- hi,” Neville was finally able to get out.

“Hi,’ was all Vanessa said back. Quickly looking away embarrassed she turned to the slayers. “I will see you guys in Charms.”

“See ya Nessa,” Dawn smiled as Vanessa walked back to her table. That was different, she thought to Shannon.
I have a new project; Shannon thought back, a sly smile forming on her lips. Dawn rolled her eyes and shook her head slightly at this.

---Wiccan Magic---

The air was exceptionally still in the quite classroom, each girl was sitting on their yoga mat meditating quietly. Dawn had a ghost of a smile crossing her lips, Shannon’s face was void of any emotion or expression, Missy looked to be at peace, and Rona looked as though she was concentrating very hard. The rest of the girls in the class had similar facial expressions to that of Rona’s. A quiet gasp came from Rona as a surge of power entered her. Willow slowly opened her eyes, a smile on her face. Her gaze landed on Rona. She has done it, Willow thought. Willow watched as a calm seemed to settle through Rona. Willow took in a very slow breath.

“I know you girls can do this,” Willow’s quiet and relaxed voice filled the room. “Just concentrate. Think of the calm you feel when you meditate. Think of your own personal happy place. Once you have found that, hold on and examine it. Every person has a corresponding color. It is important to know what yours is. It will tell you a lot about yourself. When you become more advanced you may discover that you are blessed with the ability to read someone else’s aura, which can become quite a handy tool. Just breathe and concentrate.”

Missy allowed Willow’s words to seep into her consciousness. Exhaling her breath, she let herself fall completely into her aura. Many different shades of turquoise swirled around inside her. She felt a peacefulness that she only felt when she was connected with her aura. Everything made sense when she was there. There were no demons, there was never Sunnydale, there were no people; it was just a sweet calm.

“Everyone, very good,” Willow’s voice penetrated Missy’s thoughts. “I would like everyone to take a deep breath and hold it. Good. Now as you exhale, open your eyes slowly.” Missy, along with the rest of the class, opened her eyes. “Did everyone see their aura? It’s totally okay if you didn’t. It takes time, it takes practice.” Pansy looked around a bit nervous before raising her hand, which was followed by Emma raising her hand as well. “Thank you for letting me know. If possible I would like the both of you to see me tonight after your last class or after dinner so we can work on it a little bit more. Which time works best for the two of you?”

“After dinner, if that’s okay with you?” Emma responded.

“Completely okay,” Willow smiled. “I can help you with this more on an individual level. If anyone else is having problems and didn’t raise their hand, you are welcome to meet Pansy, Emma, and myself here after dinner. Your homework is quite simple, I want to know what color your aura is and I want to know what it means. There are sufficient books to do this in the library. It is due the next time we meet. Have a great rest of your day.”

The class packed up their belongings and slowly filtered to the outside world. No one ever wants to leave this class, Dawn thought. It’s such a nice way to start off the day, completely calm.

“You did it didn’t you?” Juliet asked Rona excitedly. “You were able to see your aura!”

“Yeah I was!” Rona exclaimed, jumping up and down slightly. “It was amazing! First there was nothing, and then out of nowhere I felt powerful and calm, then I was surrounded by a light yellow glow. Wow.”

“I’m so happy for you,” Missy congratulated her pulling her into a hug. “It’s wonderful.”

“You mean you couldn’t do it until now?” Lisa asked Rona as she and the Slytherin girls joined the group.

“Aura’s and junk have never been my thing,” Rona answered. “I kinda gave up on it, wasn’t even gonna take this class since I knew this would be one of the first exercises and I didn’t wanna deal with it. But then everyone else was taking it and I figured ‘hell if everyone else jumped off a bridge I probably would jump right on after them.’”

“But of course that would be bungee jumping,” Willow informed Lisa as she joined the group of girls. “Rona would never jump off a bridge just because. Now on to my point, everyone has their own gifts. Rona, for example, is exceptional in transfiguration, potions, and physical defense. Aura reading comes a bit harder to her. For Missy aura reading has always come extremely easy, but she is dreadful when it comes to Herbology. I’ve never seen someone who could actually kill weeds.” Missy hit Willow playfully on the arm as the group laughed and continued their walking. “For everything we excel at there are always things that take more work. It’s the give and take that makes life interesting.”

“So I shouldn’t be embarrassed if I’m having a hard time with this?” Lisa asked.

“Not at all,” Willow said. “I expect to see you after dinner with the other girls. There is no shame in struggling with things; there is only shame if in being too scared or embarrassed to ask for help.”

---Great Hall---

“So you’re saying we all have a color?” Theo asked confusion evident in his voice. The 09ers walked into the Great Hall along with Neville, they had just finished a very uneventful Muggle Physical Defense class and were discussing what the girls had learned in Wiccan Magic.

“Yup,” Shannon answered Theo.

“How do you find out what color you are?” Neville asked, just as confused as Theo.

“If you would have taken Willow’s class you’d know,” Missy answered with a smirk.

“Would know what?” Ginny asked as she approached the group.

“Their color,” Pansy told her.

“Oh,” Ginny said, “I already know mine.”

“How?” Neville asked.

“Willow’s class,” Ginny said. The group reached their destination, the Slytherin Table. Ginny and Neville sat down with the 09ers and began to dish up their lunch. Some Slytherins gave them confused looks, while others glared at them. Ginny just continued what she was saying as if nothing happened, “it’s actually quite interesting. I’m amazed what a powerful Wicca is able to do. Willow has shown us some incredible abilities.”

“Like what?” Theo asked, genuinely interested.

“Oh you know,” Lisa interrupted from the Ravenclaw table, “this and that.”

“Stay out of this Turpin,” Theo snapped.

“I’m sure you’ll have plenty more occasions to talk to Ginny, don’t go biting my head off,” Lisa teased, rolling her eyes at him. She then continued to talk with Ginny about Wiccan Magic. “Were you able to see your color then?”

“Yeah,” Ginny blushed slightly. “I was having the hardest time and then whoosh, at the very end of class I got it. Were you?”

“Not yet,” Lisa sighed. “I’m going there after dinner for help with it.”

“Actually quite a few of us weren’t able to see ours,” Pansy added.

“It has to do with how closed off you are,” Rona said.

“What do you mean?” Emma asked.

“You know how some people build walls up around them,” Rona explained. The three girls nodded in understanding. “Well that makes it harder to see your aura. That’s why it took me so long. Will’s gonna give you some pointers on how to slowly lower those walls, that way you will be able to access your aura.”

“Those walls are there for a reason,” Blaise said entering the conversation for the first time. “A person doesn’t create walls in their mind for no reason.”

“It can be dangerous when they come down,” Neville noted more to himself than anyone else. Dawn noticed that he seemed much too pale suddenly; she put a comforting arm around him.

“But they are important to take down,” Dawn reassured.

“Until someone’s able to invade your mind because you’ve taken down all the defenses stopping them,” Draco pointed out.

“You only take them down for yourself,” Dawn tried to explain.

“If you take them down at all, you are that much more vulnerable,” Draco retorted.

“If you are blocked off from yourself, you will never reach your true potential,” Dawn responded. Draco met her eyes quickly then sneering looked away. Dawn shook her head slightly and continued to talk with the group. “One can never access all of their power if they block themselves off from it.”

“But what about all the danger you could be putting yourself in?” Theo questioned.

“The advantages outweigh the risks Mr. Nott,” Giles said as he walked by the group, stopping to speak with them. “It is understandable that each of you would have walls built up and even more understandable why you would fear someone intruding on your psyche, but the power you could to access would be able to help you defend your mind without these walls. Willow had wonderful potential before she learned how to take down her walls. Once she did, she found an unimaginable amount of power inside herself. It took her a long time to figure out how to control it, but once she did she was able to do a tremendous amount of good, just something to think about.”

“Yes professor,” Theo nodded. Giles continued his walk to the Head Table.

“So what was your color?” Neville suddenly asked Ginny.

“That’s a very personal question,” Ginny began looking at him shocked. Neville looked down, embarrassed. “I’m kidding Nev, don’t worry about it. My aura is green.”

“Mine too,” Dawn smiled, looking up from her food.

“Wait, how are we supposed to write a paper about the color of our aura if we don’t know?” Daphane suddenly asked.

“I thought you knew your color,” Pansy pointed out. “You liar.”

“Omitting information isn’t lying,” Daphane corrected her. “I just didn’t raise my hand. For all you know, I was daydreaming and didn’t hear the question.”

“The day you daydream through Wiccan Magic is the day Weasel finally recognizes he’s a squib,” Pansy laughed. Realization suddenly dawning on her and she added quickly, “I’m such a twit, didn’t mean to insult your brother in front of you Ginny, just a habit.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Ginny laughed a little nervously. Not only was she unsure whether she should defend her brother, she was even more unsure about how to deal with Pansy Parkinson apologizing to her.

“Back to the dilemma at hand,” Daphane said steering the conversation back to her question, “What do you think our homework will be?”

“My guess is she’ll make you choose the color you think your aura will be,” Shannon said.

“Yeah,” Missy agreed. “Sounds like something Will would have you guys do.”

“Oh bugger,” Emma suddenly groaned, “how long do you think this will last? The after dinner help.”

“As long as it needs to is my guess,” Rona said.

“Draco,” Emma said bringing everyone’s attention to the blond Slytherin, “when are we starting Quidditch practice?”

“I’ll know as soon as the other houses turn in their schedules,” Draco answered giving a sneer to Kevin, who had just happened too choose that exact moment to look up from the Ravenclaw table. Kevin looked at Draco obviously confused, having not been paying attention to what was going on at the Slytherin table. Kevin gave Lisa a nervous look, almost to ask what he did wrong.

“He’s complaining that our house hasn’t turned in our practice schedule,” Lisa answered his unasked question. “But Drakey seems to forget that we have no say in when our Captain turns it in. We want to know just as much as you do Drake.”

“If you asked you would know,” Draco pointed out to Lisa. He chose to ignore all of Lisa’s digs, knowing that she was just trying to make fun of him. “Some of us were on time with turning our practice schedules in.” Draco said the last part much louder when he saw Cho Chang walking along the Ravenclaw table. Cho looked up at Draco, and giggling, turned to her best friend, fellow seventh-year Ravenclaw Marietta Edgecombe.

“Merlin, I can’t fuckin’ stand that girl,” Ginny blurted out, once Cho was no longer in earshot. The group looked at Ginny in shock. While it was normal for her to lash out and talk crap about her brother and his friends, it was very uncommon for her to speak so harshly about other people. Ginny looked up to see half of the Slytherin table staring at her in disbelief. The only person seemingly unfazed by the whole event was Neville, who just nodded in agreement.

“What?” Ginny snapped becoming quickly irritated that everyone was staring at her the way they were. “Are you implying you guys actually like her? Only an idiot would like that piece of work.”

“Your boy Potter liked her,” Blaise pointed out.

“Like I said, only an idiot would like her,” Ginny stated. Once Theo got over the initial shock of Ginny’s words, he had a huge goofy grin on his face.

“So the youngest Weasley got over her little crush on Boy Wonder?” Theo asked in a joking tone. Ginny rolled her eyes in response. To which Theo responded leaning over the table closer to Ginny, “you really should be more interested in men, not little boys like Potter.”

“I totally agree,” Ginny said with a sly smile. “Dawn? Xander’s single, right?”

“That he is,” Dawn said grinning evilly with Ginny. “And I think you may be just his type.”

“Don’t you think he’s a bit old,” Theo seethed, obviously not catching on that they were joking. “That and a Professor.”

“Ours would be a secret love,” Ginny sighed, batting her eyelashes dramatically. All of the girls at the table broke into laughter, no long able to hold it in. Theo looked at them slightly puzzled. When it finally did dawn on him that Ginny was joking he shot the sexist smile he could muster under the circumstances, which considering the circumstances was an extremely sexy smile.

---Defense Against the Dark Arts--->

“Ms. Summers, may I have a word?” Professor Lupin asked Dawn as she walked into class with her friends.

“Of course Professor,” Dawn responded walking to the front of the class. She smiled at Charlie as she walked by.

“I was wondering if you were having any luck tracking down that friend of yours,” Lupin said. Quietly adding, “the werewolf.”

“I’ve asked around,” Dawn answered. “I have contacted some people in California and New York, because those are the last two places I know he’s been. But so far no such luck.”

“Well thank you for trying,” Lupin said, his shoulders drooping down slightly.

“I’ve just started Professor,” Dawn reassured him. “That was just my preliminary searching. We don’t normally need to search for Oz; he has a way of showing up just when we need him. But don’t you worry; I’ll speak with Willow and see what she can do. If all else fails, I’ll get permission to go into Muggle London and Google his band. That’s a sure way to locate him. I will find him, don’t worry.”

Lupin’s mood brightened greatly as Dawn walked back to her seat. He was completely confident that she would find her friend who had learned to tame the wolf within. He was also very happy that over the weekend he had been able to find an expert in Hellmouths, to help explain them to the class.

“Everyone take your seats please,” Charlie started the class. “We have a special guest for part of today’s class, but first please hand in your papers with the location of a Hellmouth other than Sunnydale.”

“Who would like to share the location they found?” Lupin asked. “Ms. Granger?”

“Birmingham, England,” Hermione informed the class. “It has been active for a century. It is said that a great demon lives within it; scores of Muggles have been killed around it. The Muggle police-”

“Thank you Ms. Granger,” Lupin said. Hermione smiled at him looking around the class pompously.

“You homework was to only locate another Hellmouth not research it,” Charlie said looking over her paper, which was a five page essay.

“I just wanted to show you both how interested in the subject I am,” Hermione responded. She looked at him accusingly, “is that wrong?”

“Of course not Miss Granger,” Lupin reassured her, casting a sideways glance at Charlie.

“No of course,” Charlie agreed. “Unless you are trying to show off, or make your fellow classmates look bad. The assignment was to locate another Hellmouth, not write a five page essay.”

“I just- I- I wanted-” Hermione stammered.

“Your homework will be accepted, but only this time,” Charlie warned.

Lupin grabbed Charlie’s arm harshly and pulled him to the nearest corner of the room. Lupin talked in a hushed angry voice, while Charlie did the same.

Trouble in paradise? Missy thought to Dawn, Shannon, Rona, and Alison.

Seriously, Shannon agreed. Can you believe the things Charlie is saying?

What’s he saying? Dawn questioned, I can’t hear them remember.

Lupin said not to lash out at Hermione like that, Alison informed Dawn. Then Charlie said that she was a spoiled know-it-all who needs to be knocked down a few pegs. Lupin agreed with Charlie, but said it wasn’t a Professor’s place to do such a thing. He said that Charlie would have to keep his personal dislike for Hermione aside. Now he’s saying-

“Sorry about that class,” Lupin interrupted what Alison was saying. “Now who else can tell me another location? Mr. Malfoy?”

“There is one somewhere in Sicily,” Draco answered.

“Thank you Mr. Malfoy,” Charlie said. “Currently there are five known Hellmouths. There could be more, that we are uncertain of. The other Hellmouths are located in China, Africa, and Russia.”

“Professor?” Rona raised her hand. All of the Slayers were looking at each other nervously. They each knew that there were thirteen Hellmouths at a time, and some of them had named one of the other eight Hellmouths the wizards didn’t know about.

“Yes Miss Brooks?” Lupin questioned.

“I put a different one,” she replied sheepishly. “I researched it and everything. It seems like it could possibly be a Hellmouth, but it wasn’t one of the five you named.”

“I am sorry, but if you didn’t name one of the five that are known then you will get points marked off for this assignment,” Lupin said. Rona nodded. “But if, before the end of this school year it is found that your Hellmouth is a Hellmouth, then you will get full credit for the assignment.”

“Thank you Professor,” Rona smiled. Lupin smiled back and then glanced at the door. His grin widened when he looked there.

“We have a very special guest today,” Professor Lupin rejoiced. “Because we wizards do not know much about Hellmouths, I decided to bring in an expert on the subject. Class I would like you to meet Mr. Ethan Rayne.”

Dawn’s head shot up utterly hoping that she was just being paranoid. There have got to be dozens of Ethan Rayne’s in the world, Dawn thought. Hell, hundreds or thousands maybe. Ethan is a very common name. The sight that lay before her made her want to puke, pass out, and jump out of her seat and stab a man. There in front of her stood Ethan Rayne, the man who was suppose to be, to the best of her knowledge, in some sort of prison guarded by the United States Military. She did the only rational thing she could think of, she called for Giles. GILES!!! Dawn screamed in her head. You need to come to DADA now! Ethan Rayne is here! What Dawn didn’t realize was that, in such a panic, she hadn’t sent that warning to only Giles, but to everyone in the castle that she was telepathically connected to.

“…his knowledge of them is unimaginable,” Lupin continued. Dawn had only just now started paying attention. All of the Slayers in class tensed up ready for a fight. They all knew that if Dawn was telling Giles about some man being at their school it couldn’t be good.

“As Mr. Lupin said,” Ethan began. “My name is Ethan Rayne. I have studied the art of magic for many years. I have-”

Ethan was suddenly cut off when he was flung onto Lupin and Charlie’s table. Standing where he stood was Buffy (a murderous look in her eyes), Giles (holding a sword to Ethan), Xander (raising a crossbow), and Willow (who had magic flickering all around her). The entire class jumped back, in complete shock. Dawn and the other Slayers stayed put incase they were needed.

“What the HELL do you think you are doing here?” Buffy shouted, closing the gap between the two of them. She grabbed him by his throat and pushed him back on the desk. “Give me one good reason for not killing you right where I stand?”

Ethan didn’t say a thing. He just motioned with his eyes to the students that were now huddled in the far corner of the classroom. Buffy looked over to them, her face softening. She slowly backed away from Ethan, but was sure she was still close enough to grab him when he tried to run away.

Ripper,” Ethan snickered looking past Buffy. “Well, this is quite a surprise.”

“Why are you here Ethan?” Giles demanded.

“I’m here to teach the youth of the Wizarding World,” Ethan chuckled. “And what exactly are you doing here Ripper?”

“That would be none of your business,” Giles said.

“Oh come now-” Ethan was cut off when Buffy pushed him back, after he tried to walk towards Giles.

“Don’t move,” Buffy warned.

“Now, now Slay-” Ethan was once again cut off by Buffy, but this time it was of her punching him in the face. Lupin, whose brain finally decided to click on, jumped up and ran to Ethan’s aid.

“Sorry,” Buffy smirked, “I just couldn’t resist the chance.”

“Professor Summers!” Lupin accused raising his wand to her. “What exactly do you think you are doing to my guest?”

“With all do respect Professor, please lower your wand from my sister,” Dawn said to Lupin as she approached the group. Lupin looked over to see Dawn walking towards him with her wand raised. As he looked around the rest of the class he noticed that all of the Slayers had their wands pointed at him.

“Miss Summers,” Lupin warned. “You don’t want to be doing anything that could get you expelled.”

“Don’t point your wand at him Slytherin!” Harry shouted, raising his wand to the Slayers. Ron and Hermione quickly followed suit.

“Summers?” Ethan questioned, interrupting whatever Harry was about to do, grinning wildly. “This wouldn’t by chance be little Dawnie. My how you’ve grown up, I haven’t see you in years. How is your mother?”

Dawn’s wand was no longer pointed at Lupin, it snapped right to Ethan’s head at the mention of her mother. Dawn felt hatred like she had never felt before surge through her. She quickly advanced on Ethan. When she was about to reach him, Charlie stepped in her path and held her back.

“I’ll fuckin’ kill you,” Dawn threatened wriggling around in Charlie’s grasp. “You son of a bitch! How dare you!”

“What?” Ethan asked bewildered. “I was just wondering. She was interesting in her younger years.”

“Dawn calm down. He doesn’t know,” Buffy said, releasing her grip on his throat slightly. “Aren’t you supposed to be in jail or something?”

“Yes well, you know,” was the only explanation he chose to give. Lupin’s head shot to Giles.

“Jail?” Lupin asked.

“What? You don’t check out your special guests’ history before they come and teach your students?” Buffy accused. Lupin looked at her guiltily lowering his wand, all of the students followed suit and lowered there wands as well, including a reluctant Dawn. Buffy continued to question Ethan, “What are you doing here Ethan?”

“I just missed everyone so much, it feels like it’s been ages,” Ethan grinned. Buffy stepped back, extremely annoyed. Ethan took this opportunity, knowing it would be his only one. He darted for the nearest window. Xander shot off a round from his crossbow before Ethan jumped out the window. Everyone had been guarding the exits, no one expected him to jump out the window five stories up. The Scoobies all ran to the window and saw Ethan, in a large puff, turn into a bird and fly off. Buffy kicked the wall.

“Shit!” She shouted. “I should have known.”

“That he was going to jump out a window?” Charlie questioned her. Buffy looked up at him annoyed.

“You don’t know Ethan,” she said. “I shouldn’t have let up. I should have known he would have some sort of a plan.”

“Slimy twit,” Willow said. “Somehow he always gets away unharmed.”

“Didn’t get away unharmed this time,” Xander chimed in. “I hit him.”

“Good,” Giles said patting Xander on the back. “We better try and figure out why he was here. This can’t be good.”

“He was here to talk to us about Hellmouths,” Dawn said. “But who knows with him.”

“Professor Lupin,” Giles said. Lupin turned to Giles. “Can we please meet sometime tonight and discuss Ethan?”

“Only if you explain a few things,” Lupin answered.

“Tonight,” Buffy stated plainly.

“How about right now?” Lupin suggested. “Class dismissed. No homework. We will pick up Thursday on Hellmouths.”

“I’m going to stay,” Dawn said to Shannon as the students all began to slowly filter out. The Slytherin’s walked up to the Slayers as Dawn was talking to Shannon.

“But what about Charmed?” Emma asked, seemingly unfazed by the whole situation that had just unfolded before the class. “How will we do the work for Muggle Studies?”

“You are aware you don’t have to do the homework, right?” Missy asked.

“I know,” Emma answered. “But I really like the class. It’s my favorite one so far this year.”

“The DVDs are in my trunk,” Dawn told Shannon. “And there’s the charmed TV and DVD player in the closet. Just go ahead and use them. I’ve already seen all the episodes, I’ll write it later tonight. I just really wanna know what’s going on.”

“Totally understand,” Shannon said. “Let us know if you need us, K?”

“Will do,” Dawn smiled slightly. “Thanks.”


Once the last student had shut the door behind them all hell broke loose. Charlie quickly charmed the door to stay shut and put a silencing charm on it, he didn’t want any nosey Gryffindors overhearing anything.

“What do you think you were doing?!” Lupin spun around harshly. He advanced towards Buffy, “to have such a display of violence in front of my STUDENTS! What is wrong with you?”

“This is Defense Against the Dark Art,” Buffy pointed out, closing the gap between the two. She was so close she had to tilt her head up to be looking him in the eyes. “If that is the most violent event these students will witness in this class then they will never be able to defend themselves during this war.”

“How dare you insult my teaching methods,” Lupin defended himself. “You waltz into the castle and act like you run the place. I have news for you missy, Dumbledore would not stand for this.”

“I’m sure he knows already,” Xander pointed out. “Not much gets past that man.”

“That is not the point Mr. Harris,” Lupin tried to explain.

“Mr. Harris? So now we’re all on a last name basis,” Xander questioned. “Fine then. Mr. Giles?” Xander paused thinking. “Well I guess that one didn’t change that much.”

“Back to the point,” Lupin said, quickly becoming irritated. “You cannot just come into my classroom and attack my guests.”

“You’re guest is evil!” Buffy said. “How could you allow that man anywhere near your students.”

“One might say the same thing about people who barge into classrooms and attack random people,” Lupin pointed out. “And don’t think I haven’t noticed that each of you have special abilities.”

“What are you talking about?” Giles questioned. “You know nothing about us.”

“Really?” Lupin retorted. The Scoobies were waiting intently for him to tell them exactly what he thought he knew. “I know nothing? I know that you are exceptionally strong and exceptionally powerful. No normal girl could have thrown a man that far.”

“That was a little overboard,” Willow noted to Buffy, who looked away slightly embarrassed.

“And look,” Lupin continued. “You don’t even take offense or try to explain yourselves when someone makes a valid point. You just joke around. Can’t you take anything seriously? Joking will get you killed one day.”

Everyone was looking at Lupin at his last rant. He was no longer looking at the Scoobies, he wasn’t even facing them. He was facing the window pacing back and forth. Sounds like something he would have said to Harry’s dad, Charlie thought. Once that thought crossed him mind he decided to step in of Lupin’s behalf.

“I think what Remus is trying to ask is, ‘why did you attack Mr. Rayne?’” Charlie asked.

“He’s a bad man,” Buffy explained plainly. Charlie was begging her to elaborate with his eyes, but she refused. Lupin doesn’t deserve an answer, she thought. Then Lupin turned around and Buffy completely changed her mind. He looked so lost and fragile. She thought she would break him if she spoke anymore harsh words to him. She continued much more softly. “Ethan, well, he’s-”

“He’s an old friend of mine,” Giles continued. All attention was on him now. “Ethan and I grew up together, we went to University together, and we dabbled around in the Dark Arts together. There was a group of us; we thought we were above everything. Then everything went wrong. One of our friends was killed, we couldn’t have saved him, but in the end it was our fault. I turned my life around, tried to make an amends. Ethan, on the other hand, lost himself completely in the Dark Arts; he became consumed by the magic. We have had many run ins with Ethan in the past, they never end well for anyone.”

“So what would he want from here?” Charlie asked. “Why come to Hogwarts?”

“I’m hoping Professor Lupin can answer that,” Giles said turning his attention to Lupin.

“I met with an old friend over the weekend,” Lupin began to explain. “I contacted him when I realized we were going to go in depth about Hellmouths. I do not know much, nor do other wizards. This contact is a wizard, but he is fascinated by all magic outside of our kind of magic. I figured he would know someone, that’s when he introduced me to Mr. Rayne. Ethan knew more about Hellmouths than I could ever imagined, he agreed to help me teach the class. There was nothing unusual about him.” Lupin paused, thinking. “Actually, he was extremely interested in our type of magic. I just figured that he was interested because he was a muggle, but he wanted to know the how and whys about it. How did we find out who had magical abilities, why are some people magic and not others, can a muggle ever access our magic. Looking back they were strange questions, but I just figured he was like my friend, wanting to know everything and anything.”

“Of course,” Willow said realization dawning on her. “Duh guys. He wants to try to use wizarding magic. Makes perfect sense.”

“Good thing there is no way for a muggle to use wizards’ magic,” Xander said. Off of Lupin’s guilty look he added, “right?”

“There is a book,” Lupin began. “It mentions the possibility for a muggle to learn the way of the wizard.”

“Like wiccan magic?” Willow asked.

“No,” Lupin said mournfully. “It’s about fusing the magic in you. I don’t even know what the book is called, or if it exists. You all now know everything I told Mr. Rayne. How could I have been so foolish to trust him?”

“We all make mistakes Professor,” Dawn said approaching him and putting a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Hell I went on a date with a vampire.”

“What?” Lupin asked confused.

“That she did,” Buffy said, glaring at Dawn. “She lied to us and said she was going trick-or-treating with her friend.”

“I raised a demon that made the world a musical,” Xander chimed in. “I didn’t know the side effects with people blowing up though.”

“The point is,” Willow said walking to Lupin. “We’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all done things we’re not proud of, but as long as you learn from them, who are we to judge you.”

“Now then, who’s hungry?” Xander asked. The entire group looked at him and laughed.

“Dinner’s not for a few hours,” Giles pointed out.

“Come on G-Man. Let’s find some food,” Xander continued.

“Please stop calling me that,” Giles scowled. “And no food.”

“You’re harsh G-Man,” Xander pouted.

“Come on now,” Buffy laughed. “You’re too manly to pout.”

“Did you hear that?” Xander asked Lupin and Charlie. “She thinks I’m manly.”

“Don’t push it Harris,” Buffy threatened.

“She only sounds like that when she really loves a person,” Xander smiled. Buffy lunged towards Xander and began chasing him around the room. Charlie and Lupin looked on, utterly bewildered.

“And to think I’m the youngest one in this group,” Dawn said to the group as she watched her sister chase Xander. “Never would have guessed, huh?”

---Slytherin Common Room---

“And this is the result modern day witch trials with Pratt at the helm?” Dawn heard Piper’s voice coming out of the television. There was a group of Slytherins (with Ginny and Neville) crowded around it watching intently. “And Phoebe at the stake. I don't buy it. Her power can't kill.” Prue said. “Well, it can now. It's been ten years. All your powers have grown.” Leo tried to explain. Dawn quietly entered the common room and walked behind the group. She leaned against the wall studying her new friends’ faces as they watched the show. Emma was watching with her eyes and attention completely glued to the screen. Daphane and Pansy were watching wide eyed waiting to find out what was going to happen next. Blaise was sitting next to Shannon, paying more attention to her than the show. Theo had his arm around Ginny and was watching the television, completely entertained. Ginny had a lopsided grin on her face and was watching just as wide eyed as Pansy and Daphane. Neville sat on the other side of Ginny enamored with the television, Dawn couldn’t tell if he was watching the show or trying to figure out how the device worked. Draco sat back from the group a bit, he was watching the show, but his usual emotionless mask was in place. Dawn could tell he had noticed her walk in, though he hadn’t looked away from the television. Dawn continued to watch the group as they watched the rest of the episode.

“Wrong things done for the right reasons still the wrong thing. Our job is to protect the innocent, not punish the guilty. And I crossed that line, I know that. And now you guys have to know that too.” Phoebe said. Emma was openly crying. “We are not leaving here without you.” Prue began to cry. Daphane and Pansy both had tears streaming down their faces. “Prue, we were sent here for a reason. Maybe not to stop this like we thought. But maybe to understand why this has to happen. Why you have to let this happen. I don't want to die. But I don't want you to die because of me. I love you.” Phoebe said, sobbing now. Theo was holding Ginny as silent tears fell from here eyes. Blaise was now holding Shannon’s hand as she watched the television looking very sad. Neville had unshed tears in his eyes. Draco was watching the show with his mask still in full effect. As the episode ended Dawn walked to the group joining them.

“How long have you been here?” Missy asked, giving a sideways glance to Shannon and Blaise.

“Since they found Leo in the future,” Dawn told them. “I really do love this episode.”

“It’s so sad,” Emma said, drying her eyes.

“I know,” Rona agreed, scooting over to make room for Dawn.

“Nah, I’ll stand,” Dawn said to Rona. “Thanks though. Dinner’s about to start anyway.”

“Good, I’m starving,” Shannon said, shifting so she was facing Dawn, but still holding hands with Blaise.

---Great Hall---

Ginny and Neville had opted to eat dinner with the Slytherins once again, so they could discuss the episode of Charmed and the differences in the magic. Ginny and Theo were sitting next to each other, holding hands once they were seated. The group began dishing their food.

“So major differences?” Daphane suddenly brought up.

“The obvious is no wand,” to everyone’s surprise Draco was the first to give his input.

“Time travel,” Emma said. “We have the ability to bend time, within limitations. But we can’t travel that far in the future and then back. Or that far in the past.”

“There are no ‘higher powers,’” Blaise said.

“Or if there are, they sure as hell don’t talk to us,” Theo added.

“They can also make up spells,” Dawn then explained. “With our magic you have to say specific words along with a specific wave of the wand. It may not have been obvious from this episode, but they make up spells all the time. We can’t do that.”

The group discussed the differences in more detail as dinner went on. They had bid a goodnight to Ginny and Neville after dinner so that they could all write their papers that were due the next day. Emma, Daphane, and Pansy went to the Wiccan classroom to meet with Willow and the slayers broke off from the group and headed to Training.

---Slytherin Common Room---

Everyone had gone to bed a few hours before, everyone except Dawn and Draco. Dawn was curled up on one of the loveseats working on her Potions paper. She had finished her paper for Muggle Studies relatively quickly; she was having much harder time with her Potions essay. Draco was working on his Potions essay as well. He was sprawled out across the entire couch that was next to Dawn. At times he would look up from his essay and watch Dawn when she wasn’t paying attention. The flames danced beautifully around her fair complexion, eyes, and hair. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so beautiful in my life, Draco thought. Little did he know, the exact same thought had crossed Dawn’s mind a half-an-hour earlier. But currently Dawn was concentrating hard, trying to remember everything that had happened when she took the memory potion.

I was flying through space, Dawn thought, like a warp hole or something. Looked like it was straight out of a sci-fi movie. There were a bunch of images from my past flying by me, but there were also some the I didn’t recognize. Then I was drawn to one of the images passing by. I was sucked into it. Dawn then thought about the actual memory. How was I able to do that? Can I do that? Can I open a portal? It didn’t happen when I cut myself though. I just don’t understand.

Dawn finished up her last paragraph of her paper. She only mentioned the very basics of what she saw, nothing about the portal. Just that she saw a woman (who felt extremely familiar) and a man talking in a language she didn’t know, but yet could understand. Dawn began to pack up her belongings. She glanced at Draco, who was looking directly at her. She looked away slightly blushing. God Dawn, she thought scolding herself. Get a freakin’ grip. He’s just a boy. You’re acting like a twelve-year-old. Dawn smiled at Draco.

“Goodnight Draco,” she whispered.

“Goodnight Dawn,” Draco whispered back. And for the first time Draco gave Dawn a genuine smile. She almost walked into a wall as she walked to her room thinking about it. He looks so sweet and stunning when he smiles, was the last thought that passed through Dawn’s head before she fell to sleep.

------ ------ ------ ------ ------

Author’s Note: So here’s the thing. I have officially posted everything that I have written thus far for this story. I have a very clear idea about where the story is going and I don’t ever plan to abandon it. That being said, it may take me a while to update. Life is getting much more busy, and I haven’t had much time to write. I hope to update soon. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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