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Colliding Lives

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Summary: A reunion between two sisters makes two worlds collide, and the aftermath makes their two lives entwine...

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real FamilyClandestineFR181116,0521327283,4955 Mar 0720 Feb 09No

Chapter 1

Title: Colliding Lives

Author: Clandestine

Rating: FR 18 –rating may change in later chapters but if it does a warning will be posted.

Main Pairing: Will with all probability be Buffy x Daniel but no guarantees.

Spoilers: All seasons of Buffy happened so this story takes place sometime after Chosen season 7. As to SG1 there won’t be any real spoilers, to make it simple it happens sometime in the beginning of the series, around the time Cassie went to live with Janet.

Background: Buffy and Sam share the same father after Jacob had an affair with Joyce, though they went their separate ways and the sisters knew about each other but never really had any close contact and Hank was Buffy’s “dad” in every sense of the word, meaning even though he left her and her mom he was seen as her father, not Jacob. The rest will be explained as the story progresses.

Summary: A reunion between two sisters makes two worlds collide, and the aftermath may change their lives completely.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but this particular story and the characters that I’ve created, meaning I do not own nor did I create any of the characters you may recognize from BTVS and SG1.

Author Notes: This is my very first BTVS story as well as SG1 so forgive me for any mistakes I might do. I’ve been a big fan of this particular shipper for a year or so, and recently decided to give it a try myself. Mostly because I saw a issued challenge – The Problem Child, now this story isn’t a part of that challenge and won’t be following the guidelines but I did find the idea very interesting and decided to give a story where Buffy and Sam were sisters a try so credits goes to BuffyCharmed for giving me the inspiration and the idea for this story…
Feedback would be appreciated, as would ideas and suggestions for what could happen in the story ;)


They say you can never expect what’ll happen in the future, that you can never predict your life even if you try. And truth is you take things for granted, even if you don’t mean to. It just happens. You assume that your friends will be there when you wake up in the morning, that your life will like it was yesterday, like it was the day before that.
So when that unavoidable change finally happens, you’re unprepared for the consequences. You find yourself stumbling for a stabile piece of ground to stand on and when you can’t find some you start to fall, and then you keep falling. You reach for something to hold on to but come up empty, your hands frantically trying to find a piece of rope to grab but never finding it.
Darkness engulfs you, like a pitch dark hole without light, without a star to guide you home. You’re lost and you’re alone, you scream for somebody to find you but no one hears your voice, hear your cry for help.
You’re left with a choice, keep fighting or give up. But without something to fight for, will you still keep fighting? After you’ve lost everything, will you still survive? Will you still struggle to keep your head over the water? Or will you let yourself drown so that you won’t have to feel anything anymore?

Chapter 1:

As the chilly wind continued to blow, Buffy Summers shivered and pulled her jacket closer. She cursed her luck. Why was it that she was the one having to move to Colorado Springs when there now existed over hundred of slayers? She was a California girl in and out, Giles knew that, hell everyone knew that. Yet, here she was, impatiently waiting at the airport for the plane that carried her younger sister to land.

Dawn had been anything but happy over the move, especially after the sisters had spent a few months in Rome. But after realizing there wasn’t much she could do about it, Dawn had settled for constantly threatening her sister that she’d run away if Colorado Springs turned out to be horrible. Buffy, who wasn’t too thrilled herself, had promised that if things turned out to be that bad, they’d move and not even Giles would be able to stop them.

The only reason to why she’d agreed to move there in the first place was because of Giles to begin with. He’d been convinced that something was going on there; that the military (Air Force, to be precise) was up to something. The memory of the Initiative still fresh in her mind, had made Buffy agree that if he was right – that if something was going on, then they needed to be there to keep control over the situation. To have everything that happened in Sunnydale happen in Colorado wasn’t something either of them wanted.

So Buffy had left London a month earlier, and the new Council’s headquarters there, to prepare for the sister’s move. She’d already found a nice house with a good location and the school, that Dawn would be attending, was located maybe ten minutes from the house, meaning transportation wouldn’t be a problem for either of them since they didn’t have a car of their own yet, only a rental. But with Buffy being a lousy driver and Dawn barely being old enough to drive, a car wasn’t something either of them prioritized. Luckily with Buffy officially working for the Council, money wasn’t something the sisters had to worry about.

Pulled back from her thoughts by someone calling her name, Buffy looked up and around. A moment later she spotted Dawn almost running towards her while crisscrossing between the people at the airport, barely avoiding colliding with them. Grinning, she met her sister with her arms open and Dawn flew into her, hugging her hard. No matter how mad Dawn was over moving, she was still happy to be with her older sister again. They were a family after all, and she’d missed Buffy terribly over the month that had passed.


“Hey sis!” Dawn grinned. “Missed me?”

“Always. Was your flight okay?”

“Yeah, long and boring but the food was good.”

“Really?” Buffy said surprised.

“I don’t know why people complain so much over the food, it wasn’t that bad.” Dawn stated as the sisters started walking to their rental car, Buffy easily carrying the large bag Dawn had had with her.

“Maybe because the food is lousy and you’re known to have a very strange taste…”

“Hey!” Her sister protested.

“What?” Buffy asked innocently. “It’s true.”

“Ha-ha, you’re one to speak miss I don’t eat peas…”

“What can I say? I’ve never been one for vegetables.”

“Yet you force me to eat them all the time.”

“They’re good for you.” She deadpanned.

The next half hour passed rather quickly, that is until the two women suddenly heard a loud poof followed by smoke coming from the engine before the entire car died, which had both of them cursing.

“You did pick a rental that had been to the mechanics recently, right?” Dawn’s voice floated through the car.

“That would have required taking the time to ask and I was running late.” Buffy said somewhat annoyed. “I didn’t want you to have to wait at the airport for me so….”


“Yeah.” She sighed. “I know.”

Angry with the car and with her own mistake, Buffy threw the door opened and got out. She walked over to the hood, barely managing to get it open because of the heat but as soon as she succeeded she was engulfed in smoke. Coughing, she took a few steps back and just stared at the car, no, the piece of junk she’d been driving. Damn, and she’d been looking forward to spending an evening at home with Dawn before her sister started school the following morning.

“So what do we do now?” Dawn asked as she appeared by Buffy’s side.

“Call for help.” But the moment she said it she remembered that she’d left her cell phone at home because it’d been discharged. She closed her eyes and groaned.

“Buff, you do have your phone right?”

“Not exactly.”

“Buffy!” Dawn whined.

“Tell me about it. I guess you don’t have your phone?”

“I broke it, remember? You promised you’d buy me a new one when I got here.”


“Couldn’t agree more.”

Neither of them was very good at fixing things; during the times something had broken, they’d either gotten some magic to help, or had Xander fixing it. But as it was, they didn’t have either of those options, and it left them wondering what the hell they were going to do now. It was quickly getting dark and they didn’t see a car coming from either direction, making them lose hope by the second that someone would come that would help them, or at least let them borrow a phone so that they could call someone.

A half-hour passed slowly before they suddenly spotted a car coming from the opposite direction. Immediately jumping up Dawn started waving her hands at the car, discretion had never been her strong suit. Buffy sighed and got out of the car as well, coming to a halt next to the jumping up and down Dawn.

Despite it being dark, Buffy got a familiar feeling at the sight of the woman in the car. She searched her mind as to why for a moment but stopped the moment the threesome stepped out of the dark SUV. Immediately the younger man caught her attention, as he looked cute, in a Giles kind of way. And he seemed to feel very misplaced, while the older man just smirked.

Suddenly, though, the two men with the woman were no longer interesting to Buffy. Instead she stared shocked at the woman that had just gotten out of the car and was walking slowly towards her and Dawn.

“Elisabeth?” Sam’s voice was filled with questions as she stared at Buffy.

“I go by Buffy these days,” Buffy said finally. “Never expected to see you around here Sam.”

“The feelings mutual.”

“You two know each other?” The older man asked his eyes sharp as he looked from Sam to Buffy to Sam.

“Buffy?” Dawn’s voice was low, questioning as she looked at her tense sister, but her gaze immediately wandered to Sam who suddenly opened her mouth to answer the question.

“You could say that sir.” Sam replied, her voice shaky. “She’s my little sister.”

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