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Lawyers, Detectives and The Slayer

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Summary: Joyce throws Buffy out of the house and Buffy runs to New York to her aunt. Buffy Serena Southerlyn

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Television > Law and Order: SVU
Television > Law and Order
freakyFR183560,23216143106,5796 Mar 0715 Mar 07Yes

Chapter 2


The Sixteenth Precinct was in shock, their EADA had been raped when she was thirteen and had a child as a result of that. Said child had just shown up after being thrown out of her home. It was all a lot to take in.

Elliot looked around the room and could see the anger rising on everyone’s faces, “Damn, that was something I never thought I would see.”

Everyone nodded their heads murmuring their agreements.

Fin spoke up, “Looks like this squad just got another family member.”

Munch clasped his hand on Fin’s shoulder, “Indeed it has.”

Elliot spoke again, “Both of them are going to need some friendly ears in the next few months.”

Don was nodding along to what his detectives were saying, “Yes, let’s make sure Alex and her daughter have all the help they need. Buffy’s now family and I want us all to make sure she finds her way.”

Olivia was just numb, she didn’t know what to think, and she couldn’t believe that Alex hadn’t told her.

Alex got a cab home trying to think about what she should tell Buffy. She was also worried about what to do about Olivia. Alex went up to her apartment and let herself in. She found Buffy lying on the couch, half asleep. Alex pulled down a blanket and wrapped it around Buffy. Buffy looked up at Alex and smiled lightly as she moved so Alex could sit beside her. Alex looked at Buffy wondering how to start this conversation.

Buffy could see Alex’s struggling so she started, “Thanks for letting me stay, though I think you probably should have discussed it with your girlfriend first.”

Alex’s mouth dropped, “What…How?”

Buffy smirked, “I’m not stupid Alex, the way you talk about Olivia in your letters, the way she wanted to kill me when you hugged me. It was pretty obvious.”

Alex felt stupid, “You don’t mind?”

Buffy chuckled, “Wrong teenager to ask if they care that you have a girlfriend.”

Alex blushed feeling even more stupid, “Right, stupid question. The reason I had a spare set of keys was that I was going to ask Olivia to move in with me.”

“Cool. Don’t let me stop you. Give her a call and have her come over. I’ll head out and give you guys some privacy. I’ll go to an all ages club.”

Alex nodded her thanks and watched as Buffy moved off to get ready.

Alex made the quick call to Olivia, “Hey Liv, come over to my place when you finish work. See you soon, love you.”

When Alex hung up the phone she moved to the spare bedroom that was to become Buffy’s. She found Buffy dressed and ready to go.

She looked around the room and saw that Buffy only had the one small backpack, “I thought teenage girls had a lot of clothes?”

Buffy laughed, “Yes, well this teenager had to make a rather hasty exit. Can I ask you, how long have you and Oliva been together?”

“We’re just hitting the three year mark, how about you and your girl?”

“Two years for us, though the last year had been a struggle.”

Alex wondered if she should ask the next question, part of her was desperate to know the answer, while the other part wanted to live in denial.

Buffy beat her too it, “I’m a virgin Alex. Faith and I never did anything. Neither of us was ready and in the last year we began to realise that the love we have for each other is more of a sister love then anything else. So we are both quite happy that we waited.”

Alex smiled, Buffy could read her so well, “Go on, go out, Liv should be here soon. Oh and by the way, Olivia and I have tomorrow off work so we can go out and get you some new clothes and catch up.”

Buffy was excited about the idea of going shopping and getting to know Detective Benson better. She dropped a kiss on Alex’s check and quickly vacated the apartment.

Olivia had just gotten off the phone with Alex and she was glad she was going to get to see her girlfriend that night. She didn’t think she could wait much longer to find out more about this. Don was watching Olivia and like the rest of the unit, he knew about Olivia and Alex’s relationship and he also knew that this new information was nagging at her mind.

He moved over to Olivia’s desk, “Go to Alex. You two need to talk.”

Olivia smiled, “She just called me, I’ll head over now, thanks.” Olivia grabbed up her stuff and made her way to Alex’s.

Alex opened the door for Olivia and moved them to the couch. Alex immediately fell into a hug and cried lightly into Olivia’s arms. Olivia held Alex lightly waiting for Alex to start this conversation.

Alex cried for a while till she couldn’t anymore, “Ask what ever you want Olivia.”

Olivia took a deep breath, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I never told anyone, I was ashamed that I didn’t stand up to my parents. I was even more ashamed that I never went to get her when I was older. She’s my daughter and I should have been there for her.”

Olivia kissed Alex on the head, “Be there for her now. She needs you now.”

Alex hugs Olivia tightly again, “Thanks Liv.”

“So am I staying or going and where is Buffy?”

“Liv, the keys I gave Buffy were a spare I got for you. I was going to ask you if you wanted to move in.”

Olivia could only smile brightly as she nodded that she would love to move in.

“And as for where Buffy is she went off to the club down the road.”

Olivia raised an eyebrow, surprised that Alex was letting her go out on her own.

“What, she’s nineteen. She would kill me if I tried to follow or try to stop her. I have no delusions about that.”

Olivia smiled again, “I suppose, what say you and I head for bed and we’ll talk to her tomorrow.”

Alex smiled and nodded her head, drawing Olivia to her; well she supposed now their bed.

Buffy bypassed the club and moved through to the nearest cemetery. She moved through several, killing over thirty vampires and about five demons. All in all it was a very successful patrol. Buffy also hit a demon bar she had been told about and voiced her presence. The demon community was surprised to see a Slayer in their bar, in their town. But they weren’t stupid; they kept well away from her, all of them thinking about relocating.

Buffy sat down and had a beer with the demons, letting them know that as long as they weren’t going around killing innocents, she would let them live. She wasn’t going to kill them if they were just trying to live.

“Just because you guys aren’t human, doesn’t mean that I’m gonna cut your head off. You have to earn it, deserve it. If you earn my trust, if you don’t kill the innocents, I’ll leave you alone. If you’re lucky, I might even become your friend. Keep clean and we will all be happy. I don’t want to have to kill you. Only you will force my hand. Spread the word. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is in town and I am here to stay.”

The demons couldn’t believe their luck, a Slayer that didn’t have a kill first policy, a Slayer that would leave them alone, as long as they abided by her rules and they would.

Buffy walked out of the bar and headed to the club that Alex had suggested when she felt a presence she hadn’t felt in almost three years. Whistler stepped out of the shadows and approached the Slayer, weary, knowing what she could do.

“Whistler, it’s been awhile. Haven’t seen you since you told me that it was Angel’s blood that opened Acathla. Got to say, really hate you bastards for making me kill Angel.”

Whistler sighed, “We never saw it coming. You and him, becoming friends, Spike and Dru, him asking you to kill him. None of it was anything we expected and for that, I am sorry. But that’s not why I’m here.”

Buffy’s eyebrow lifted challenging him to get to the point.

“Right, well we just wanted to let you know that you are free. Your destiny is your own. No more Slayer prophecies. It is through Faith that the line will continue. You have been through more than any other so we are letting you go.

“You are still the Slayer and will be till the day you die, it will just be your choice now. Your powers will change and grow as you get older, I’m sure you have noticed that you have been getting stronger with each passing year and that will continue.

“We honestly do not know what will happen, what changes you will go through. You are the oldest Slayer on record, so we just have absolutely no idea what will happen with you. We will tap you through dreams so you know what is going on and you can chose to help if you want. I won’t lie to you, there will be apocalypses coming through and your presence here may draw some forces, but I think you are about to get a whole new family. A family that I think will be better equipped to deal with all of this.”

Buffy started walking again, forcing Whistler to hurry to keep up. Whistler noticed the glint in Buffy’s eyes and knew that she was pleased with what he was saying.

“I’m also here to say the gang, meaning Willow and Xander are causing quite the uproar back home. They are both blaming Faith of course, but I think you knew that that would happen.”

Buffy snorted, “I always knew they hated Faith. They could barely be civil towards her when I was around, but you know I saw them when they thought I wasn’t around, why do you think I made my way to New York so easily. I’ve been feeling that they are being too affected by all of this. They are being corrupted. Tara and Anya are okay, but the two of them grew up with all of this.”

“Exactly. Human kind just can’t handle it. Only a rare type can. These Special Victim Detectives, they are special, unique. They have seen the worst that humanity has to offer. A few demons just might make them feel a bit better about their world. I’m not saying fully embrace them, but don’t rule it out. They will stand up to the darkness a lot better; they already are immersed in a different type of darkness.”

Buffy smiled, she had gotten that feeling from them as soon as she walked into the precinct, “What are you going to do about the gang?”

“Willow, Xander and Giles, while we want to, we can’t wipe their memory of you. The cost would be too much. So instead we are just going to alter their thought process just enough so that they won’t want to come looking for you. Willow, her power will be bound. Anya and Tara will be free, they aren’t a problem. They are beginning to see how untrustworthy the others are. In fact I’m going to suggest they either stay close to Faith or go to Soul Boy.”

Buffy smiled and nodded her thanks, glad that the Powers were doing this. Whistler stopped following the Slayer and smiled as well, she was a favourite and he was pleased that she was being given her own choice. He knew that she would continue to make them proud.
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