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Lawyers, Detectives and The Slayer

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Summary: Joyce throws Buffy out of the house and Buffy runs to New York to her aunt. Buffy Serena Southerlyn

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Television > Law and Order: SVU
Television > Law and Order
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Chapter 3


Olivia and Alex awoke to the sound of a phone ringing.

Alex fumbled for her phone and was praying that this wasn’t what she thought it was, “Cabot. No, no. You’ve got to be kidding me. Casey, no I’m not angry with you, I’m pissed off about the whole thing though. If I have to be there, then I will be. Branch is calling for me to be there. Okay, okay. Just so you know; Olivia will be killing you in the near future. See you soon.”

Olivia kissed Alex’s shoulder, “So much for a day off, huh.”

Alex turned in Olivia’s arms and kissed her lightly, “Looks like it. I’m sorry, but it also looks like you will be shopping with Buffy today…I know; you and Buffy can go pack up your apartment and I don’t know, bond or something. We’ll have to talk tonight.”

Alex regretfully got out of bed and headed towards the shower. Olivia watched Alex’s naked form disappear behind the door and pulled herself out of bed to make Alex some breakfast.

When Alex was washed, dressed and fed, thanks to Olivia, she went into Buffy’s room, looking to wake her up. What she found was something that had her seeing red.

Alex withdrew to Olivia, “I need you to see something.”

Olivia followed Alex, worried about what she was about to see. Alex gently opened the door and Olivia peered inside. Olivia saw what made Alex so angry and was fast approaching the same state. Buffy was wearing a small t-shirt and panties, but that wasn’t what drew the couple’s attention. It was Buffy’s beaten black and blue back, arms and legs and Olivia knew that if she could see the front, Buffy was sure to have been beaten around there as well.

Olivia backed away from the door and lightly shut it. She then knocked on the door, “Buffy, time to get up. Alex has been called into work.”

Buffy grumbled from the other side of the door, “I’m up, I’m up.”

Olivia then pulled Alex away from the door and talked to her in the kitchen, “I don’t know what to tell you, it looks to me as though someone really went to town on her. But she isn’t a minor so I can’t do anything. She has to come to me. All I can say is try to get her to talk to you about it. I’ll try to gage her reaction today. You need to go to work and focus on this case.”

At that moment Buffy came into the kitchen, dressed in pants and a long sleeved shirt and took a cup of coffee from the detective.

She kissed Alex lightly on the cheek and sat down, “So bummer about you having to go to work. Though this does give me and Olivia the chance to get to know each other.”

Alex smiled, glad that her daughter wanted to know Olivia. Though she couldn’t help but wonder if that would stay after she found out that Alex was her mother. Alex shook her head and kissed Buffy on the cheek and kissed Olivia lightly on her way out.

Buffy smiled brightly as her aunt left the detective and the apartment. Olivia noticed the smile and couldn’t help but blush.

Buffy laughed and went to grab her bag, “Come on Detective, we have shopping to do and a ‘getting to know you’ scene to get through.”

Olivia groaned lightly as she ran to quickly get dressed, “You also have been drafted to help me move my stuff over here. I don’t think Alex wants to go back to my place.”

Buffy laughed, “That much of a dump?”

“No, that much of a bachelor pad though. Alex only came back to mine once and she was so quick to leave the next morning.”

Buffy smirked, “Don’t worry Detective; you won’t be able to scare me away. I don’t scare so easily.”

Buffy’s smiled faded just briefly, but Olivia caught it. It was enough to have Olivia thinking that Buffy had been abused, badly.

Olivia took Buffy into the nearest mall and Buffy went to town. To Olivia’s surprise, Buffy wasn’t that much into the girly-girly clothes. Buffy was buying an excessive amount of pants and shirts, siding more on the side of leather then anything else. She looked to die for, but just a bit more butch than she thought the blonde would go for.

Buffy caught Olivia’s look and smiled, “More butch then you thought, huh?”

Olivia blushed at her thoughts being so obvious to the younger woman, “Sorry, but I can’t help but see a lot of Alex in you and she is very much the femme.”

Buffy laughed out loud at that remark, “I suppose I can forgive you your assumptions. Alex and I do look a lot a like and we act quite a lot alike as well.”

Olivia was slightly desperate to make Buffy feel as embarrassed as her that she next asked, “So were you the butch of your relationship?”

Unfortunately it backfired as Buffy was not in anyway fazed, “Faith and I were both the ‘butch’ as you would say, just one of the reasons why we fell apart. Faith was desperate to be the dominate, but it isn’t in my nature to be submissive, so we were constantly fighting for dominance. Oh and Detective, you need to try a little bit harder.”

Olivia groaned, “You know, I think I’m going to like you.” Buffy could only chuckle as she led Olivia to the food court.

Buffy dragged Olivia around the mall for about three hours and Olivia was grateful that Buffy didn’t keep her out for the entire day. With the shopping done, they ran it home then went over to Olivia’s. In less than two hours they were able to pack up Olivia’s apartment and have it all moved into Alex’s. Olivia found out an interesting piece of information regarding Buffy. She was strong, very strong. Olivia didn’t know what to make of Buffy. She was for one totally unique. She was strong and obviously used to making decisions, of being in charge. She was also sad, the type of sad that Olivia had seen on so many young women’s faces. It was the face of someone who had to grow up way to fast. Yet according to Alex’s conversation, Buffy was a virgin and Alex was convinced that Buffy wasn’t lying. So what was it that haunted Buffy so? Olivia was desperate to crack this.

Alex arrived home at six with Chinese take-away in tow. The three sat down and ate. Alex watched amused as her daughter and lover both devoured the meal. She also could see that the two of them had indeed bonded and hoped that Olivia could shed some light on what was happening with Buffy.

Alex had tried to talk to Joyce again today, but all she got was, “You can ask that freak of a daughter of yours what is going on. I no longer give a shit.”

Alex sighed lightly, at Olivia and Buffy’s look of concern she said, “Just a tough case.”

Buffy shrugged and went back to devouring, she knew she would have to get something else to eat after patrolling, speaking of which, it was time to go. Buffy quickly finished and announced that she was heading back to the club again tonight. Alex smiled and nodded that that was no problem.

When Buffy was gone Alex immediately looked to Olivia waiting for what she thought. “I don’t know what to tell you Alex. I saw sadness creep into her eyes several times, but she wasn’t going to talk to me. I can tell you that she is strong, emotionally and physically. She’s a little more butch then I though and she is used to calling the shots, but other then that, I can’t tell you much.”

Alex sighed; she was tempted to have the detectives look into Buffy’s past.

Olivia was quick to nicks that idea in the butt, “You do that, she will find out and any trust you manage to create gets shot to hell and it will be almost impossible to repair.”

Alex sighed again; she hated it when Olivia was right. The pair watched a movie late into the night; Olivia ended it when she had to carry Alex to the bedroom to sleep.
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