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Lawyers, Detectives and The Slayer

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Summary: Joyce throws Buffy out of the house and Buffy runs to New York to her aunt. Buffy Serena Southerlyn

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Television > Law and Order: SVU
Television > Law and Order
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Chapter 35


The years rolled on and on. Ianna took her first step, said her first word, went to school for the first time, had her first date everything. Buffy and Serena had a great life. There were problems, of course, but for the most part they were happy, deliriously so.

Ianna never got involved with the demon world, much to the delight of her parents. She found a nice woman and got married. It was one of the greatest days of Buffy’s life, watching her daughter get married.

Buffy kept slaying, never stopping in all the years. She killed millions of demons and stopped seventy-three apocalypses. Buffy finally died at age forty-six during an apocalypse. It was the end, not even the Powers felt that it could be stopped. In the end Buffy realised that there was only one option, her death.

A gateway to hell had been opened, she said goodbye to her family and went charging into it. Buffy cut open her chest and allowed the blood to flow into the portal. The effect was immediate and unexpected, the red of the forty-six year old Slayers blood flowed into the portal, turning it from black to white. An enormous flare flashed from the portal and Buffy herself and flowed around the entire world, destroying every Hellmouth and killing every demon who had evil in its heart. She saved the entire world, changed it even.

The funeral was massive, it seemed to Buffy’s family that the world wasn’t as ignorant as they seemed. The entire world stood in silence as the greatest Slayer to ever live was put rest. Serena was fifty-six, Ianna was twenty-five and they couldn’t believe the amount of people that had come to the funeral.

Serena, Ianna, Alex, Olivia, Elliot, Munch, Fin, Cragen, Casey, George, Talarank and his daughters all stood at the front for the funeral. It was everything Buffy would have wanted. Even though Buffy did indeed die before all of them, her family were glad that she made it to her forties.

It was another five years before Serena joined Buffy at age sixty-one. Alex and Olivia weren’t far behind; neither were the rest of the squad. Ianna, her wife and child stood at the last of her families graves. The entire family had been buried next to each other, in chronological order.

Ianna looked over them, walking from the last, Casey, right up to the first, her father Buffy. The world had been changed because of her father. There was even a statue of Buffy in New York and London. Ianna knew that the reason Buffy had been so successful was because of her family, the people who were buried next to her. Ianna smiled once more before she turned and walked away, happy that her family was together once more.


AN: Well that's it, I hope you enjoyed it. I probably won’t be posting anything new any time soon. I have several stories that I'm writing and as I've said before, I like to finish before I post. So anyway, thanks for reading and reviewing, I had fun with this story and hope to post again sometime in the future. (Knowing how long this one took me it could be another year yet.) Anyway, thanks again and goodbye for now.


The End

You have reached the end of "Lawyers, Detectives and The Slayer". This story is complete.

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