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Lawyers, Detectives and The Slayer

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Summary: Joyce throws Buffy out of the house and Buffy runs to New York to her aunt. Buffy Serena Southerlyn

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Television > Law and Order: SVU
Television > Law and Order
freakyFR183560,23216143106,5796 Mar 0715 Mar 07Yes

Chapter One


A couple of people have suggested that I reformat this story, so here it is. I hope it make it easier to read. Thanks for the suggestions.

Title- Lawyers, Detectives and The Slayer.

Relationships- Buffy and Serena, Olivia and Alex.


Written by- freaky

Disclaimer- These characters are not mine Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Law and Order and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit belong to Dick Wolf.

- Set in non specific season five of Buffy.
- Nothing too specific for Law and Order except that Serena and Alex are around.

Summary- Joyce throws Buffy out of the house and Buffy runs to New York to her aunt.

- Buffy is going to be slightly out of character; basically she’s a bit more butch.
- Joyce never found out about the Slayer.
- Buffy dated Faith; while the Deputy Mayor was killed Faith didn’t go over to the dark side. Angel played for the devil and got them the information they needed to stop the Mayor.
- Buffy still lives with Joyce.
- No Dawn, so there will be no Glory.
- Casey Novak is Alex Cabot’s second chair for SVU.
- The year is 2006.
- The Law and Order gals’ birthdates have been taken from the actresses’ birthdates, though I did have to change the year of birth for Serena as she was a bit too old for what I had in mind.
- Oh and by the by I’ve made homosexual marriages legal in the States. Hope it becomes a reality sometime in the near future.
- Almost forgot, “…” is spoken, ‘…’ is thoughts.



Buffy made her way through to the Sunnydale Inn, where she knew Faith would be waiting for her. She knocked on the door lightly, still thinking through what had happened in last hour. Faith opened the door and was immediately crushed in a Buffy hug.

Faith manoeuvred Buffy into the room. “Buffy, what happened?”

Buffy was sobbing as she answered her soon to be ex-girlfriend, “Mom, she threw me out. I’m not to come back.”

Faith rubbed Buffy’s back, “Why?”

“Because of you, because of the Slayer, take your pick, both of those little facts have pissed her off to no end.”

Faith stilled, ‘That would be right, just as we’re about to break up, Joyce comes in and makes it worse.’ “What are you going to do?”

Buffy slowly pulled herself from Faith’s arms, “I’m moving to New York. Mom said I should go to my aunts that she can take care of me now.”

“And us?”

Buffy looked Faith dead in the eye, “I think we both know that us is and has been really over for a few months, if not about a year now.”

Faith could only nod, “What about Slaying?”

“Sunnydale’s your’s now.”

“The gang?”

Buffy shrugged her shoulders, “We’ve all been drifting for some time; I’m cutting all ties here Faith, though if you need me, I’m sure I’ll be informed.”

Faith kissed Buffy lightly on the head, “Well then, get going, and get a new life or at least a new city. Go kill demons in New York.”

Buffy smiled lightly and walked away from Faith, and kept walking till she left the entire town behind her.


Buffy walked into the Sixteenth Precinct and was met by a female detective. Olivia Benson had noticed the arrival of what she assumed was a late teenaged girl and walked over to her, putting on her help the victim face, “Hi, I’m Detective Olivia Benson, can I help you?”

Buffy looked at Detective Benson somewhat surprised, so this was the detective that Alex was constantly talking about, “I’m looking for Alex Cabot.” Oliva’s eyebrow rose slightly at that. She motioned to the chair at her desk and walked away to go grab Alex.

Olivia found Alex and Casey talking to Captain Don Cragen about one of their upcoming cases. She knocked lightly on the door and told Alex, “There’s someone here for you.” Alex excused herself and followed Olivia, Casey and Don following close behind.

Alex got one look at the young woman sitting at Olivia’s desk and was immediately running over to her, “Buffy.” Buffy was out of the chair and in Alex’s arms before she knew what hit her. Alex held Buffy tightly as Buffy’s tears started to flow.

Buffy tried to speak to Alex but couldn’t get anything through her tears, ‘And I thought I was bad at Faith’s.’

Alex soothed her fingers through Buffy’s hair waiting for Buffy to tell her what was going on. Buffy could feel the eyes of the precinct on her and it only managed to make her cry harder. Buffy lost her hold on her legs and allowed Alex to lower her to the floor. She ended up with her head in Alex’s lap, crying till she fell asleep.

With Buffy asleep, Alex moved her eyes over Fin and Elliot, silently asking them to help her get Buffy up to the crib. Fin helped Elliot get Buffy upstairs, and then waited with the rest of the squad for Alex’s explanation.

“She’s my niece, Buffy Summers. She’s nineteen years old and I have absolutely no idea what is going on.” Alex was about to make her way downstairs and call Joyce to find out what was going on, when they heard Buffy call Alex’s name.

“Hey sweetie, what’s going on? What brought you to New York in such a wreck?”

Buffy whipped at her eyes and sat up; she spotted the SVU team and knew that they would find out anyway, “Mom threw me out of the house. So I packed and came to you.”

Alex sat and waited for the further explanation.

“She found out that I’m gay and hit the roof. My girlfriend and I were already on the outs so we broke up and she encouraged me to come to you.”

Alex was shocked that Joyce would do this, she had no idea that she was homophobic, “Listen to me, you can stay here, with me for as long as you like.”

Alex pulled a set of keys from her pocket and handed them over to Buffy, “You know where I live, head there and I’ll be home about six.”

Buffy hugged Alex tightly, “Thank you.” Alex ran her fingers lightly over Buffy’s check and sent her on her way.

When Buffy walked through the Precincts doors, Alex kicked a box that had been left up in the crib, “Son of a bitch.”

The entire squad was surprised by the Executive Assistant District Attorneys language and actions.

Olivia moved over to Alex and laid her hand on Alex’s shoulder, “Are you going to be okay.”

Alex shrugged Olivia’s hand off and moved to one of the phones downstairs, “Joyce, Buffy showed up, what the fuck is going on?”

The squad looked on as Alex became more and more angry as the phone call continued, she finally just slammed the phone back down, “Stupid homophobic bitch.”

Olivia moved into hitting range and went to ask what was happening when Alex spoke, “My sister just told me that she didn’t want some disgusting lesbian freak living in her house and said it was my turn to deal with her.” No one really knew quite what to say to that.

George Huang had been watching Alex very closely for the entire time and finally asked, “When are you going to tell her?”

It took the squad a few minutes to realize what it was the FBI profiler was saying. When it finally did filter through the squad was looking at Alex waiting for explanations. Don quickly closed up shop and moved them into his office.

Alex sat in Don’s chair and looked at her hands as she started her story, “I was thirteen years old and there was a guy moving through the mansion district raping girls under the age of fifteen. He caught me coming home from school, killed my driver and raped me in the car. We found out I was pregnant a month or so later. My parents wouldn’t have me have an abortion, but they wouldn’t let me keep her either. My sister Joyce was the family shame. She left for California and became a struggling artist; she then married what my parents considered a complete deadbeat. I felt if I couldn’t keep my baby then she should go to someone I knew. Joyce and Hank took Buffy in, though I actually have custody. They never found the guy who raped me and fifteen other girls. He took off I guess and has never been caught.”

Casey was the first to speak, “Is that why you took SVU?”

“No, Branch thought it would be good for me and that I would do a good job.”

Olivia moved over to Alex more, “When are you going to tell her?”

Alex shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know. I need time to get used to all of this and so does she. I don’t want to push another shock into her system.”

Don spoke next, “I remember that case, and now that you mention it I’m surprised that I don’t remember you. We never found the guy because one of the fathers killed him. The father got five to ten if I remember correctly. Look go home Alex, Casey and I can finish up here, get home to your daughter.”

Alex nodded her thanks and walked out of the Precinct, her shoulders slumped.
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