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Red to the rescue

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Summary: 500 years in the future a immortal Willow who just have lead the humanity in the battle against evil is offered a chance for a new life in another world and the only thing she has do to is to save a important guy with pointy ears.

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Lord of the Rings > Willow-CenteredDorisFR1544,46421913,7476 Mar 078 Nov 07No

The Beginning

I own nothing and if I did I wouldn't be a poor librarian.

Chapter 1

Her clothes was soaked to the skin with rain and the blood of her enemies and her own soldiers. She stared out over the battlefield where they fought for the survival of good and humanity.

They had won but had payed a horrible price to do it. Almost all her soldiers where dead, dying or wounded and half of those who where wounded would probably die before sunrise.

She sighed and closed her eyes, a bitter smile swept across her face before it faded away.

It was ironic that the place where she was born and raised had served as the last battlefield in the final battle between good and evil. She wondered what would happen to her now, she was a immortal witch and that probably made her to much like the things that they just fought in the eyes of the humans that she had lead to victory. The world no longer had places where creatures like her would be safe.

She held no illusions about what might happen to her now that the battle was over, the humans would find something they could blame her for and then they would lock her away and probably use her for experiments.

No even now after they won over evil she had no trust or faith in humans.

She lifted her face and felt the rain wash over her face and knew that she should disappear in to the night before someone of the mortals remembered her but she was to tired to care.

"Well this is getting boring, you are brooding again. What is it with you hero types and brooding, can't you find something funnier to do like bowling?" A familiar voice said behind her.

"Hello Whistler! We do it because we know that it irritates you." She said sarcastically and turned around to glare at him. She blinked and stared at his clothes, he still dressed like a pimp from the 1970.

"Ouch, I can really feel the love there Red." He said.

"So what do the Powers want now?" She asked suspiciously.

"Well you did what they wanted you to do but now they don't really know what to do with you or the fact that you no longer has a place in the world of humans." Whistler said.

"Can't they kill me and let me go to whatever afterlife people like me goes to when we die?" She asked softly.

"If it was that simple they probably would have done that but when you tried to end the world and later on called the slayers your magic become tightly bound to your flesh and soul which made you really hard to kill and these last 500 years your powers has grown to the level of a powerful demigod which makes pretty much un-killable. Plus the Powers wants to reward you for all the work you have done and not punish you so they wants me to give you an offer." Whistler explained to her.

She sighed and closed her eyes to calm her self.

"What's their offer and what will I have to do to get it?" Willow asked when she felt calmer.

"They want to send you to another dimension." He answered.

"And I ask again. What will I have to do to get there?" She asked and lifted one eyebrow.

"You will have to save this guy on the side of light and keep an eye on things and help where you can." Whistler babbled at her. She stared at him trying to process the fact that he had babbled at her.

"Uh Red you still with me?" He said nervously waiting for the blast he was sure would come.

"Yeah I am still here and I will do it." She answered.

"You will?" Whistler said surprised.

Willow smirked smugly at him and he glared at her.

"So no rants about how you want peace and how you have deserved it?" He asked sarcastically.

"Nope no rants, I have fought demons for over 500 years and absolute peace seems boring and would probably make me go insane. Plus they don't demand that I lead any armies only that I help where I can." She said.

"True. Well lets get you ready to meet with the Valar so they can explain a bit more about what they want you to do." Whistler said cheerfully.

"And who are the Valar?" Willow asked.

"They are the ones that look after the world you are being sent to and they are your new bosses." Whistler explained to her.

"Oh ok, Valar are that worlds Powers." She said. "Anything else I should know like what am I allowed to bring with me?"

"You can bring medivalweapons like swords, daggers and crossbows. Any modern weapons like guns you have to leave here." He answered.

She sighed and took out her guns and dropped them to the ground.

"Well thats that. I am ready to go so beam me up Scotty." She said with a smirk.

He just glared at her and whispered a word and she started to glow. When the glow faded she was gone.

"Good luck Red." He murmured and disappeared.

End of chapter 1

Hope you all liked it so far.
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