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Don't Mess With Mandalorian's

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Mandalorian's". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: YAHF: What would happen if the soldier costume that Xander wore at Halloween was a little bit, different?

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredRebelgirlFR1369,11334230,5386 Mar 072 Aug 10No


Still own nothing. Joss Whedon owns Buffy, George Lucas owns Star Wars, Karen Traviss owns Ordo and Fi and Micheal Reaves and Steve Perry owns Barriss Offee.

1st November 1997


I spent all night going over my memories, both of what happened last night, and what I seem to have inherited thanks to that guy who sold me that damn costume. The good people of Sunnydale will repress what happened last night, god knows they've repressed every other weird thing that's happened, including anything that's ever gone down at the Bronze, and that's a good half of the weird things that have gone down in Sunnydale over the years.

But the memories! I now have clear memories of covert ops, black ops, operations in space, on planets that if I told people about, they'd try to have me committed faster than I could blink, or Willow could babble for that matter. It's mind blowing, and I've got to cope with it. At least I'm not alone. I've got Jesse, my brother in all but blood. Its actually quite ironic, of all the Null ARC's and Omega commandos for us to get possessed by, we get possessed by the two that are friends with one another, outside of the brother/clone bond that I can still feel from last night, and this is over and above the obvious affection that existed between us beforehand.

I'm heading over to Jesse's now, but now I've got to put up a front of Xanderism's for my family, not that my dad will pay that much attention. It makes me miss Kalbuir even more. I know that the memories are not real, but they feel it, so I'm just gonna go with it, but before I leave, I've got to find a safe place to put my guns. Can't have dad finding them, God only knows what he'd do with them.


It seems like a dream now, not knowing what real battle was really like. I know in my heart, that I'm not Fi, and that I haven't fought in the battles that he did, but try telling that to my head. I woke up screaming from the memories of the Battle of Geonosis, when he lost his original brothers, before he met Omega squad. I then had to put up with my dad screaming at me to shut my face. He's nearly as bad as Xan's old man, mine just stinks of vodka, rather than stale beer, nice! I'm finding myself missing Fi's Kalbuir all the more, as well as his brothers.

Aahh! Now I'm sounding like a psychotic person, referring to myself in the third person. Fi's part of me now, and it's up to me to cope with it. I wonder how Xander's coping with Ordo?

"Jesse! Xander's here! Get down here!" My mom is not a morning person. She doesn't drink like dad does, but she can't function without at least a carafe of coffee in her system. By the sounds of her, she's only had two cups so far.

"Coming mom!" I call down the stairs as I start to pull my t-shirt on at the same time as I grab my school-bag. "Su'cuy, vodika," I say to Xander, hoping that he's retained as much Mando'a as I have, knowing that I can say what I like, and mom won't take any notice.

"Kandosii, oya!" replied Xander with a wicked smirk. I phoned Willow, we're meeting the girls at the library before class. Gotta see Giles."

"I wonder how Buffy's coping with her bout of helplessness and hysteria from last night," I said with a snicker as we left the house.


The world tilted slightly on its axis when Xander and Jesse entered Sunnydale High. The beautiful people didn't know what to think, or how to act when they saw them. From a distance, nothing looked like it had changed, until you got closer, and saw the fact that both Jesse and Xander were constantly carrying out a threat assessment, and the look in their eyes was definitely not one that was normally seen in the eyes of a 17 year old school boy.

"Hey, G-Man, how ya doin'?" snarked Xander as he and Jesse pushed their way into the library. "Buff, still seeing demons in cars, or was that the cars themselves?" At that Jesse nearly collapsed with laughter. "Wills, loved your look last night, but the translucent thing didn't do anything for you, ya know. What's it like to walk through walls?" Xander asked with genuine curiosity at that point. "Hey, Dawn-Patrol, good to see ya, Queen C, to what do we owe the pleasure of your company this early in the morning?"

Buffy nearly snarled with anger at Xander. "It's OK for you two. You didn't become a simpering idiot for the night and nearly get killed."

"Undesii Buffy. What we became was soldiers. And we're having our own problems dealing with it," said Jesse. "And we did save your shebs, so a little gratitude to us, your sister and Cordelia might not go amiss, that and a little less attitude."

"Or we'll put you on your shebs. And you became a simpering idiot because you had to impress Angel with how pretty you could look in clothes from his time period, which granted you did look pretty, but its still your own fault. And how are our Generals this fine morning?" asked Xander, with flawless manners, turning to Cordelia and Dawn, putting Buffy out of his mind for the moment.

Dawn and Cordelia looked at one another. They hadn't yet been asked this. Everyone had been asking Buffy, ie. Willow and Giles, how she was coping. They had forgotten that both girls had also been possessed the previous night as well.

"I can't speak for Dawn, but Aayla Secura is still with me. I have her memories of training in the Jedi order, to fighting in the Clone Wars, and dying at the end of said war," replied Cordelia, "and I can also still feel the force." At that, Dawn started to nod in agreement.

"Same here. But I was possessed by Barriss Offee, who was a Jedi healer,"said Dawn with a careless shrug. "Which, who knows, it may yet turn out to be a useful skill, especially around this place."

"Great, so everyone gets a cool possession but me," huffs Buffy.

"I turned into a ghost, Buffy. Thats not exactly high up there in the cool factor," put in Willow, trying to cheer Buffy up.

"Yeah, but you manage to get to Giles before it was too late," said Xander. "Class beckons us on today. And Giles, no attempting to extract any of these memories from our minds. It could damage us very badly."

From the guilty look on Giles' face at that comment, it looked like that was going to be his next research project. Jesse just stood up to back up Xander's words at that point, with Dawn and Cordelia looking on. At that point the bell rang, and they had to leave for class.


buir (boo-EER) Mando'a: father
kandosii (kahn-DOH-see) Mando'a: nice one, wicked, well done, classy, noble
oya (OY-ah) Mando'a: let's go hunting, let's roll
shebs (shebs, s.); shebse (SHEB-say, pl.) Mando'a: backside, rear
su'cuy (soo-KOO-ee) Mando'a: hi
undessi (OO-DAY-see) Mando'a: calm down, take it easy

(Glossary taken from Karen Traviss' book Star Wars Republic Commando Triple Zero)
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