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Don't Mess With Mandalorian's

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Mandalorian's". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: YAHF: What would happen if the soldier costume that Xander wore at Halloween was a little bit, different?

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredRebelgirlFR1369,11334230,4656 Mar 072 Aug 10No

Aftermath 2

Aftermath 2

Disclaimers in previous chapters. Nothings mine. Still driving.

Dawn's POV

I don't know where Buffy gets off sometimes. She went dressed as a noblewoman on Halloween 'specifically' to impress Angel,and then whines when it backfires on her. I love my sister, but sometimes she does try your patience. I could see Giles getting ready to take her side in this whole fiasco, but Xander's right, we could end up as vegetables if he tries to take out the memories. He and Jesse seem so different. Like they've been soldiers their entire lives, 'and' their speaking a different language. I wonder what it is. I don't recognise it, so it's not dead or demonic, or anything that Barriss knew either. I'll ask them, and Xander for a date for that matter. I wonder how Cordy's doing. She's awfully quiet, and that's not like her. She keeps looking at Jesse a lot too. I wonder why? We need to get a handle on this Jedi stuff too, maybe meet up at lunchtime away from the others and talk it through.

Cordelia's POV

It's not just us, I know it's not. I saw another Mandalorian last night, but he wasn't a clone, but there was also another clone out there. We need to find them. I don't know if this has penetrated the braincells of Buffy under all of the bleach, or if the bleach has eroded her thought processes, but they might not know how the Hellmouth works, and if we don't know who they are, it could cause havoc. I have to admit to myself though, Jesse looks good with self confidence. Oh God! What 'has' this Jedi done to me?

Before I knew where I stood, everything's upside down. I know about the Hellmouth, I CAN'T not help out now. Aayla wouldn't have it any other way, and I can still feel her inside me. My love of fashion hasn't been diminished, but being popular means nothing to me now. It mustn't if I'm looking at Jesse McNally and admitting to myself that he looks good with self confidence. Willow's not going to accept this, or the way that Dawn's looking at Xander at the moment at the moment. It's got all the makings of a disaster, or a Greek tragedy.

Willow's POV

Poor Buffy. I can remember how helpless I felt, it must be even worse for her 'because' she's the Slayer. To think a cars a demon, not to mention Jesse and Xander, and to be saved by you little sister. And Spike, we can't forget Spike. And Cordelia becoming a warrior, thats wrong. Another thing thats wrong is the way I've seen her looking at Jesse. She publicly humiliates him for years, and now she starts looking at him like she's interested in him. Its not right. I would've thought he'd've had enough of bloodsucking bitches after his close call with Darla just before the Harvest, but no, he still keeps following her about. And Xander's mine, not Dawn's. And Oh my God! I'm turning into Cordelia!

Buffy's POV

Everyone seems so different from last night, it like they've all bonded over shared experiences that Willow and I can't possibly understand. And Giles has sided with them! It's so not fair! He's 'my' Watcher, he should be on my side, not theirs. At least Angel seems to be on my side, I wonder what he'll make of the new versions of Xander and Jesse. I'm not sure I like it. I can't browbeat these new versions. They're more - intimidating, I think is the correct word. It should be interesting to see how Larry interacts with Xander now. Can't wait for the fireworks.

Giles' POV

My boys are so different now, and Cordelia and Dawn defy description. There's a calmness about the two, especially Dawn, that wasn't there before. It seems to have left a positive affect on all four of them, for all that it was a blasted Chaos spell. Damn Ethan. When I get my hands on him, I'll definitely go all Ripper again. I wonder what the bad side is, and I know there's got to be one. There always is. And Buffy's sulking isn't helping at all. In retrospect, I'm glad Xander backed me down over the memory spell, I think it would kill a part of me if it went wrong. Now I've just got to hide the results of last night from that pillock, Travers.

General POV

The Scooby gang went about the rest of their school day as if nothing major had happened to them, although several teachers were rather disconcerted when Xander and Jesse actually started paying attention in class, and Cordelia's cronies were thinking that maybe she was sick because she wasn't being her normal cutting self. But the biggest shock for Xander and Jesse came in the form of Larry.

"Harris, McNally, did something strange happen to you last night?" Larry asked Jesse and Xander, looking as if he was struggling with himself. Jesse and Xander just looked at one another.

"Strange in what way?" asked Xander, "in case you hadn't noticed, Sunnydale isn't like other towns."

Whilst all this was going on, Cordelia was watching Larry, and had seen in him the same duality that she was seeing in Dawn, Jesse, Xander and herself, and to a certain extent, Buffy and Willow too.

'I wonder what Larry went as last night?' thought Cordelia to herself, as she walked over to them. "Larry, what did you dress up as last night?" she asked as she stood next to Jesse.

"Er, Boba Fett," said Larry startled at this line of conversation.

"Ok," said Cordelia, "next question, where did you get your costume? Was it a shop called Ethan's by any chance?"

Larry just nodded at that question, so then Cordelia asked with a rather sly look on her face, "got any interesting memories, or, artifacts from last night?"

Larry's bearing abruptly changed to one of a more military bearing as he again nodded.

"Kandossi," said Jesse, with a shit eating grin.

"Come, ner vod, we have much to talk about," said Xander looking much the same. "After you General," he said to Cordelia. And the four of them left the library, much to the surprise of nearly everyone present.

Larry's POV

It was certainly an eyeopener, going to the library with Cordelia, Xander and Jesse. I learnt what's really going on. Man, can that English dude use long words. Xander had to translate a lot of it out of stuffy. And there was some quality entertainment too. Little Dawn Summers asked Xander for a date, the look on his face, Jesse nearly busted a gut he was laughing so hard. The Cordelia decided to shut 'him' up by planting one on him, and I mean planting one on him. Then 'I' nearly busted a gut. Mr Giles nearly cleaned his glasses out of existence at that point. But as fun as its been, I've got the feeling that its gonna get really dangerous as well, and really quickly.

I just hope us Mando boys are up to it.
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