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Stay With Me.

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This story is No. 10 in the series "The Seattle Slayers.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow has to fight to save Kennedy. Xover with the Shakespear's Sister music video for the Song 'Stay'.

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Miscellaneous > Music(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR1312,205021,2566 Mar 076 Mar 07Yes
A Seattle Slayers Story by Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or Shakespeares Sister.

Crossover: BtVS with the Shakespeares Sister music vid for the song ‘Stay’. This isn’t a song fic as such (even though I do use some of the words from the song) it’s more to do with the Video.

Spelling and Grammar: Written in glorious English, English! American idioms are used wherever possible. Spelling and grammar is English.

Timeline: This story is set in my Willow and Kennedy universe after the events described in ‘Wabbits! The Ultimate Plot Bunny.’

Words: Quite a lot!

Warnings: A little swearing is all.

Summary: Willow must fight to save Kennedy.


Note: This music-vid can be viewed by going on to ‘You-Tube’, typing ‘shakespears sister stay’ into the ‘Search’ box then selecting the file you want to watch. I normally watch the version that lasts 4mins 6secs.


Stay With Me.
By Dave Turner.

Willow moved silently around the ‘family room’ picking up discarded magazines and checking for carelessly abandoned weapons. It was so quiet in the house at this time of night; Ken was out on patrol with Tina and Sally. Shannon was doing a local patrol with new Slayer Alice; Tara was in her bed with Rupert the Bearbot watching over her.

Walking over to the French windows Willow looked out over the darkened garden. The night was cold and clear and her eye was caught by a shooting star as it flashed through the heavens, She made a wish, then looked down at her watch; almost midnight everyone would be coming home soon.

She started to make her way towards the kitchen; all the girls would want hot drinks and cookies when they got home. Willow would sit and listen to their tales of ‘daring do’, it was one of the little things you did when you were ‘mom’ to a bunch of young Slayers.

She could hear the sound of the SUV approaching the house. Willow’s brow creased with concern, whoever was driving was going way too fast even for a Slayer! There was a squeal of tires and breaks as the vehicle turned into the driveway and slid to a halt just inside the garage.

Willow rushed to open the back door, something was wrong, maybe one of the girls had been injured. Instead she was greeted by the sight of Tina and Sally pulling Kennedy’s limp body from the back of the SUV.

“OH MY GODDESS!” Cried Willow in despair, “What happened?” She rushed forward to help the girls.

“Demon!” Explained Tina breathlessly, “She hit it with her sword there was a bright flash and then there was blood everywhere!”

Kennedy was indeed covered in blood, but she did not seem to be cut anywhere that Willow could see.

“Take her up to our room,” She ordered, “Then phone Doc Zimmerman. I’ll get the First Aid box and be up in a minute.”

The two younger Slayers carried Kennedy into the house while Willow looked into the SUV. The back seat was indeed covered in Kennedy’s blood, and lying on the floor she could see Ken’s Katana. Willow reached in and took the weapon in her hand; she held it up to the light. The end of the sword was one fused and charred lump of metal. Whatever Kennedy had attacked, hand weapons were not going to be of much use against it.


Willow chased her concerned young Slayers out of her and Kennedy’s room. She hurried over to their bed where Kennedy lay. Willow felt for a pulse, she found one with no difficulty, it was strong and steady. Willow breathed a sigh of relief. Next she started to check for wounds, there were none apparent and the blood loss did not seem to be getting any worse.

Quickly Willow opened the First Aid Kit, she took out a pair of scissors and started to cut away Kennedy’s clothing. To her surprise she found that Kennedy was only bleeding from areas of exposed skin. Obviously the bleeding must be a result of the flash that the girls reported.

Within a few minutes Willow had cut off all of Kennedy’s clothes, she covered her lover’s naked body with a fresh sheet. Then taking a bowl she walked briskly into the bathroom and filled it with warm water. Coming back to the bed she sat down and started to wash the blood gently from Kennedy’s hands and face.

“You do this sort of thing just to worry me don’t you?” Willow asked her unconscious partner. “Slayers and their egos,” she muttered as she worked, “‘Oh I’ll just bash this demon with a sword,’” She mimicked, “You never think of the consequences, do you?” Kennedy remained mute. “That’s right just lie there and let me worry…” Willow sniffed as tears started to fill her eyes. “Don’t you ever do anything like this again!” She demanded as she wiped the blood from Kennedy’s hand.


Suddenly the room was filled with a bright light. Willow looked up and wiping the tears from her eyes she noticed that one wall of her bedroom seemed to have been removed and replaced by a wide staircase. The steps looked like they were made of marble and they were curtains hanging down at the sides were the banisters should be. Someone had obviously left a dry-ice machine running because there were clouds of white mist tumbling down the stairs and it was starting to fill the bedroom.

A few steps up from the bedroom floor stood a slim young woman of about Willow’s height. She wore a black jacket and trousers, her clothes were covered in hundreds of tiny mirrors which flashed and sparkled in the light. Her hair hung in long black ringlets down to her shoulders and framed a heavily made-up white, square face.

The woman wore very dark red lipstick and way too much black eyeliner. Her outfit was finished off by a wreath of what looked like gold coloured Christmas tinsel covered with little golden stars that she wore around her head.

Willow looked on in apprehension as the woman made her way down the stairs and into the room. What was particularly worrying to her was the way the woman walked unconcerned through some of her most powerful protection spells. Obviously magic was not going to be much use tonight.

“Who the hell are…” Began Willow only to be interrupted by the woman.

“You’d better hope and pray that you make it safe back to your own would.” She announced as she walked slowly towards where Kennedy lay.

She waved her arms about rather like one of those Hindu multi-armed gods that Willow had seen in books.

“You’d better hope and pray that you’ll wake one day in your own world.” Continued the woman who had by now made it to the bed and was leaning across it to take hold of Kennedy’s hand.

“Coz when you sleep at night they don’t hear your cries in your own world.” The woman clutched hold of Kennedy’s hand and ran her other hand up the sleeping Slayers arm to caress her head. “Only time will tell if you can break the spell back in your own world.” She announced giving Willow the most evil grin she had ever seen.

Out of the blue Willow found her voice.

“Get away from her, you bitch!” She snarled.

Willow launched herself across the bed and grabbed hold of the woman’s hair and pulled. The woman gave a startled cry and rolled over onto her back with Willow on top of her. Arms and legs flailed as the two women struggled on the floor. Willow pulled at the woman’s hair and tried to bang her head against the floor. Unfortunately the carpet prevented Willow from doing any serious damage. The woman twisted under Willow and managed to roll out from under the angry witch.

Regaining her feet she made a grab for Kennedy’s arm only to be dragged back by Willow hanging on to the waist band of her trousers and pulling with all her strength. The woman in black staggered back and fell over Willow’s recumbent form. She landed with a thud then scrambled to her hands and knees.

Willow pulled herself upright by hanging onto the side of the bed and aimed a kick at the woman kneeling in front of her. She missed the first time and tried again. This time the black haired woman caught hold of Willow’s foot and pulled. Willow fell forward only to meet the woman’s fist as it came in the other direction.

The fist hit Willow inexpertly on the side of the face; however there was enough force in the blow to knock Willow back across the bed. Immediately the woman made a lunge for Kennedy’s arm again. Grabbing hold of her by the wrist once more she started to drag Kennedy’s unresisting body towards the staircase.

Clearing her head with a quick shake Willow realised what was happening and dived for Kennedy’s free arm. For a moment or two Willow and the woman played tug ‘o’ war with Kennedy’s body. The woman let go of Kennedy’s hand and launched herself, with a snarl, across the bed at Willow.

Willow kept her shoulder low and ducked under the woman’s attack. She felt her shoulder make contact with the woman’s stomach; she gave a grunt and drove forward with all the strength in her legs. She heaved upwards and the woman shot over her back to land heavily on the floor. As quick as lightening Willow turned and planted a hefty kick to her opponent’s midriff. The woman made a loud ‘woof’ like sound as all the air was forced from her lungs.

“Okay! Okay!” Gasped the woman as she painfully got to her hands and knees, “You win!”

Taking a few deep breaths she climbed to her feet and pulled her clothes straight. She looked at Willow who stood panting but defiant before her, and rolled her eyes. Then tossing her head and with hands on hips the woman made her way slowly back to the staircase.

“An’ don’t come back!” Called Willow to the retreating woman’s back.

The woman started to climb the stairs with an exaggerated sway of the hips, she cast a casual wave over her shoulder as the wall closed behind her and the room returned to normal. It was only then that Willow noticed the frantic banging on the bedroom door. She opened the door to find several heavily armed slayers who were about to break it down.


The Death Angel made her way up the staircase having closed the portal to the real world behind her.

“YOU FAILED!” Shrieked the Grey Robed entirety that materialised beside her.

“Oh piss off.” Said the Death Angel as she rubbed at a bruised elbow, “And you lied, you said it was her time, and it so obviously wasn’t.”

“But! But…” The entirety almost buzzed with rage and frustration.

“Look!” The Death Angel cried turning towards the Grey Robe, “You do NOT want me angry at you. You may not be truly alive so I can’t take you but I can make your existence a misery, do you want that?”

The Grey Robe retreated from the Death Angel.

“Now piss-off an’ leave me alone, I’m going to soak in a warm bath for a century or two.” She rubbed at the small of her back, “I’m getting too old for this.” She muttered.

With that the Death Angel and the staircase disappeared and the Grey Robe found himself standing surrounded by nothingness. He cursed under his breath and vanished back to his own realm. There was, after all, more than one way to skin a Slayer.


Doc Zimmerman pronounced Kennedy healthy and recommended a couple of day’s bed rest. Willow only knew of one way to keep her Slayer in bed for two whole days, and she was quite sure that the Doctor would not approve of her methods…and it would not be very restful anyway.

She thanked the Doctor and had one of the girl’s escort him home, then she went back up to the bedroom; she undressed and slipped between the sheets next to Kennedy. Ken’s eye’s opened and she smiled over at Willow as they snuggled up together.

“You know,” said Kennedy sleepily, “I had the weirdest dream.”

“You can tell me all about it in the morning.” Smiled Willow.

She kissed Kennedy lightly on the lips and held her in her arms as the two women drifted off to sleep.


STAY - 22/02/1992
8 weeks at #1 - 16 weeks on chart
Shakespeare’s Sister.

If this world is wearing thin
And you're thinking of escape
I'll go anywhere with you
Just wrap me up in chains
But if you try to go alone
Don't think I'll understand

Stay with me
Stay with me

In the silence of your room
In the darkness of your dreams
You must only think of me
There can be no in between
When your pride is on the floor
I'll make you beg for more

Stay with me
Stay with me

You'd better hope and pray
That you make it safe
Back to your own world
You'd better hope and pray
That you'll wake one day
In your own world
Coz when you sleep at night
They don't hear your cries
In your own world
Only time will tell
If you can break the spell
Back in your own world

Stay with me
Stay with me
Stay, stay with me
Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay
Stay with me

The End

You have reached the end of "Stay With Me.". This story is complete.

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