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Willow Rosenberg: Vampire Lover

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Buffy Summers: Vampire Hunter". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow is back from the Anitaverse. What will the gang think of her new companion?

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: AsherHeatherSinFR1546,16712513,82218 Jun 0318 Jun 03No

Chapter 4

Chapter 4


My lungs burned for oxygen. During the transference, transition, whatever it was, somewhere along the line I had forgotten how to breathe. For the longest time just our connection was enough then a cool breeze passed through me and the memories started flowing; more of mine this time to Asher.

The shock of the melding threw us apart yet we stayed together ... in other areas. My legs were locked behind his back and I wasn't ever going to let go if it felt this good. Maybe Buffy can bring me a sandwich every now and then. And apparently my blood is like vampire Viagra, 'cause he showed no signs of going anywhere anytime soon.

But he seemed to have other ideas. His hands pulled my legs apart without any trouble except for my pleading moan. He was across the room and leaning against the wall staring at me with something like fear in his eyes.


He tried to compose himself but I could see he had mixed feelings on the matter. I knew I wasn't anything to be scared of and slid off the bed to the floor on my hands and knees. The room wasn't that big and only took me a few seconds to near his magnificent form. He still had not said anything so I took matters into my own hands and slowly stroked his length.

I looked up and met his eyes. "Again?"

He looked undecided, and I was puzzled. "Asher, did I do something wrong?"

Finally he spoke. "Non. It is my fault as much as it is yours, chéri."

This startled me and I stood. "What happened?"

He closed his eyes and opened them again. "You have given me the second mark."

I still wasn't sure what all of this marking business was about. "I didn't."

"Oui, you did. I can feel the pulling of your body and mind even now."

I smirked a little and squeezed him in my hand. "Are you sure it isn't something else you feel me tugging on."

Why in the heck did I say that? Bad girl, bad Willow! But the badness didn't stop there. My leg slid up along his thigh urging him to take hold of me. The only thing I was interested in was continuing our impromptu afternoon delight. Well midnight delight, anyway. I urged him with my eyes and he gave in, lifting me and turning my back to the wall.

I sighed when he reentered me. It was much easier this time and not as uncomfortably tight as before. Instead he slid fully in one stroke deep into me. My hands went back against the wall, clutching for something to brace against and only finding bare wall.

Asher's face eased against mine and his lips slipped to my ear. "Your friend is still waiting for you just on the other side of this door. Do you want to continue?"

My body screamed yes, but the good little Willow angel was sitting on my shoulder scolding me. I gave him one last squeeze shook my head. "No, I'll be a good girl."

He softly chuckled. "Oui, chéri."

My legs were shaky for the ten or so minutes it took for me to get cleaned up and dressed. Asher's eyes followed me around the room until I stood in front of the floor length mirror trying in vain to straighten my hair. Before I knew it he was beside me holding the brush in his hands. I didn't even see him move.

"Allow me."


The three of us sat at the dining room table sipping on iced tea ... well Buffy and I were sipping. Asher was playing, with my leg specifically and other parts of my body that were in his reach in general. His touch comforted me in ways that I can't explain.

Before my arrival in St. Louis I was depressed to say the least. Sure, I had worked with the doctors and the coven to get past the last few months. However, in the time I have spent with Asher since I've been back I've never been more serene. Something wasn't right in the way that I've accepted my misery. Maybe it had something to do with the marks he kept talking about.


My eyes tracked back to Buffy, starring at me like I was a love struck teenager or something. Yanno that total lack of understanding that most parents have when their child falls in love for the first time. Except I wasn't her child and this was not the first time I had fallen in love.

Did I just think that? Love?

I've barely known Asher for a few days and now I'm in love. Something is definitely wrong.

"Ma Saule?"

I looked back at Asher and followed the twist of his head down the pale skin if his neck and the flowing gold hair trailing over his shoulders. That same hair I had grasped when we...


My back arched and I grabbed Asher's wrist, shutting my eyes as intense pleasure washed over me. It was as if I had just ...

"Willow? Are you okay?" Buffy was hovering.

Asher held his hand up. "She will be fine, young mistress. It is but a side effect of our passion."

I couldn't catch my breath. It was just like ... well, just like earlier. When we were, yanno.

Skeptical disbelief took over Buffy's features. "Uh, right."

Asher was amused. "It is an aftereffect of the power I possess."

"Power?" Now Buffy was cautious.

Asher nodded. "Oui, each Master Vampire of my world possesses certain powers. Mine is sexual in nature."

I gulped. H'oh boy.

Buffy was still skeptical. "So you're some kind of super orgasm vampire guy."

Asher chuckled which sent his warm velvet laughter down my spine. Now at any other time that would have been peachy, but I was a little too sensitive at the moment and it almost sent me over the edge again.

Buffy shivered. "What the heck was that?"

She got a little taste of what I just felt.

"Asher." My voice was low and husky.



I could feel the remnants of the night slipping away to the warm death of the morning sun.

"You must go now, chéri. With the sun I must sleep and I am not entirely sure the experience will please you."

The Master of Sunnydale made modest bedding arrangements for me in her basement. It was not the most elegant of abodes, however at such short notice it would suffice. I had no doubt that Willow would watch over my day's rest and let no harm befall my body.

"I'll go when you fall asleep," she answered.

I could only nod and lay my lips on hers. "Until tonight, ma saule."

I laid down and waited the last remaining seconds before the sun crested the horizon, with my eyes upon my precious Willow.

And I waited...

And waited.

Something seemed odd about the situation I was in. I could feel the rising of the sun and yet I did not feel the pain of my soul passing and the resulting obliviousness that usually follows.

Willow gazed upon her watch and returned her eyes to mine. "No sleepy time?"

"Non, c'est impossible! "

Forgotten was every thought save one. The sun!

My hand slid down Willow's until her hand was in mine. We rose as one and ascended the basement staircase leading to the cuisine. There I twisted the doorknob, pushing the door slowly open and I stood at the entryway trying to perceive the unperceivable; I was awake at dawn.

I significant amount of natural light streamed into the breakfast room. I could not help but approach and extend my free hand near it's warmth. As I thought, I could feel the skin of my hand heat in response. I was not immune to the full effects of the sun, but I was now able to walk, shielded, under the morning sky again.

"Holy twisted tornados, Batman!" Came a voice from the front of the house. "Buffy, Dawn?"

I was still in shock from this newest revelation, however Willow was not.

"Xander!" She ran from the room.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Willow Rosenberg: Vampire Lover" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Jun 03.

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