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Willow Rosenberg: Vampire Lover

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Buffy Summers: Vampire Hunter". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow is back from the Anitaverse. What will the gang think of her new companion?

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Willow Rosenberg: Vampire Lover

Title: Willow Rosenberg: Vampire Lover?

Author: Heather Sinclair

Email: Heather

Rating: R, perhaps NC-17 in a later chapter

Pairing: Canon Pairings and W/Asher

Spoilers: BTVS Season 7, Anita Blake - NIC, BS:VH II Decisions to Be Made.

Summery: Willow is back from the Anitaverse. What will the gang thing of her new companion?

Disclaimer: This story, and any content relating to "Buffy the
Vampire Slayer and Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter" are not authorized by Fox, Joss Weadon, Laurell K. Hamilton, or The Berkley Publishing Group. I own my computer ... Can I have AB and Buffy instead?

Authors Notes: To understand what the heck is going on, you might want to read the BS:VH series I and II at

Chapter 1

I felt the firm body of Asher cradling me in his arms after the dimensional jaunt we had participated in was finally through. From the looks of the surrounding area we were successful in our arrival; mere inches in front of the Magic Box's front door.

I breathed a sigh of relief and Asher took his cue to release me from his protective grip.

Asher is a vampire from an alternate universe akin to my own. A place where the supernatural is commonplace and coincidently the same place the original Buffy Summers arrived after her death defying leap into a trans-dimensional portal that was opened by Glorificas over a year ago.

I am not exactly sure why Asher is with me. He says we are linked, through a mark that I gave him accidentally, a few days ago. Oh, I forgot to tell you. I also found out I am a necromancer.

Don't get all nervous. I'm still a good girl, sorta, but now I have a companion of sorts in Asher. While making contact with my blood I released a power I didn't know I had, linking Asher and myself, metaphysically. He's gonna have to fill me in a bit more as to the ramifications of that mark, so I can't answer all of the questions as of yet.

"We are in your world, mon saule?"

Mon saule, it's French for my willow tree. Cute huh?

I turned to face my new companion. He was not much taller than I was, maybe 5'9 or 5'10. His head turned to the sky in search of a non-existent sun as it was early evening. I could tell by the amount of people coming and going.

Don't worry we weren't noticed by any passers-by. Something about the spell either makes everyone look away or those that are quite stubborn don't really understand what they see as we appeared out of nowhere. I'm told it's kinda like catching something out of the corner of your eye and dismissing it as an aberration.

"We're here." I agreed. "Welcome to Sunnydale."

He reached up and removed his blackout helmet and pulled his hair out from the protective confines of the thick leather jacket. It wasn't quite sundown when we had left the other world, thus the outfit. Vamps still couldn't be in direct contact to the suns rays in both worlds, and it had seemed he was even uncomfortable with the extreme cloud cover we had left only moments ago.

I was still amazed at the color of his hair. Metallic gold just wasn't a real hair color in this world and it was going to attract a lot of attention, not to mention the length. In all of its glory it reached almost to his waist. It accentuated the paleness of his skin and the ice blue of his eyes. He was a Harlequin Romance cover if I had ever seen one.

I turned back to the Magic Box and noticed it was still in a shambles after my wigging-out scene last May. The windows were boarded up and no light shone from the seams. Nobody home.

"How quaint."

I looked back at Asher. His eyebrow was raised. I guess Sunnydale is small-time for him after living in a big city for a while.

"We have to find the gang and let them know I'm back."

He nodded and followed me through the streets of Sunnydale to Buffy's house. He got more than a few looks of interest which he did not return. I just grabbed his hand and took it in mine. Might as well let everyone know he was with me. After all, I was still dressed normally and didn't stick out in a crowd ... well now I did.

We cut through Restfield Cemetery to shorten our trip by several blocks.

"This is quite a large cemetery for such a small town, mon saule."

I nodded. "It's one of thirteen." I waited to gauge his reaction. "We live on a hellmouth."

He didn't seem to get the reference.

"It's a center of mystical convergence. Demons are drawn to its energies."

The explanation seemed to be enough for him.

"But be careful. Vampires rise almost nightly around here."

He chuckled. "Indeed?"

I nodded. "They aren't like you, Asher. The vampires of this world are animated by sub-demons. They take on the memories of their hosts, but they have no souls. They are evil."

He smiled at the revelation. "Do not concern yourself with my safety, mon saule, I am more than a match for any fledgling."

Of that I had no doubt.

We exited the cemetery without incident and approached Rodello Drive where at one time I was a welcome friend. I was still scared about meeting the gang. Scared that they hadn't forgiven me. Scared that I would find my bags packed and waiting for me on the front porch.

"You are ... what is the word ... apprehensive?"

I wasn't that hard to read.

"I hurt my friends a few months ago. They might not be in the mood to see me."

"Hurt, how?" He asked, gripping my hand reassuringly.

"I tried to destroy the world, Asher."

His eyes widened a little at that.

"I was not aware that you possessed such power."

I laughed in my nervous way. "I called nearly every dead body in St. Louis with a paper cut and you don't think I am powerful enough?"

He shrugged.

I looked ahead and stopped abruptly. Asher stopped just as fast and scanned the area.

"I sense no danger, Willow."

I shook my head. "It's not that. There's Buffy's house."

He resumed walking, pulling me ahead gently. "Then we must announce ourselves to the protector of Sunnydale, must we not?"

I looked at him strangely.

"She is for all accounts the Master of Sunnydale, oui?"

I nodded. I guess that was about as correct as any other title out there.

"Then it is our duty and obligation to announce the presence of two masters in their own right. To do else is an affront to proper politics and otherwise ... rude."

That made me smile. I decided to draw on his rational and have it give me courage for the next few minutes.

The air of Fall was receding and I knew Winter was not far behind. The trees had shed their leaves and the grass was that lime colored other than green it always turns when the cold was approaching.

I tell you this because I noticed everything else about the area except what I should have noticed from the moment we stepped on the sidewalk in front of the house.

All of the windows were gone, shattered and blown across the lawn. There was a flickering of light inside. It could have been candles or a shorted lamp. I couldn't tell. The only thing I knew was something was definitely wrong.


We both tensed.

"I sense it too, Willow."

I ran to the front door. It was dead-bolted and I didn't have my key. Asher saw the dilemma and flattened his hand on top of the lock. I was about to tell him he wouldn't be able to bust it down that easily when he actually did just that. The frame around the lock exploded in splintered wood and the door swung open to a darkened house.

Asher nodded to the left as if he knew something was in the living room. I prepared a protection spell in my head as I stepped across the threshold.

"Buffy? Dawn?"

A strangled cry came from the back of the living room. "Willow?"

It was Dawn, sitting on the floor amongst the carnage of scattered furniture, papers, picture frames and various other objects that gave the house a look as if a tornado had landed.

I rushed to her side and noticed the blood dripping from a cut on her face.

"Dawnie, are you okay."

She nodded her head, but I knew it was a brave act.

"What happened? Where's Buffy?"

Her voice cracked in anguish. "Willow, I saw mom. She was here."

I shook my head trying to clear out what I had just heard. "What?"
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