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Just A 26th Century Girl

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Summary: He’d meant it to give her a second chance, trying to take care of his girl from beyond the grave, but even The Mayor couldn’t have known what was waiting for Faith.

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Firefly > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)VesicaFR1515481182,3506 Mar 076 Mar 07Yes
Still Grrr Prompt: 001 – New Season
Fic-For-All Pairing: Faith, Serenity
Word Count: 500
Disclaimer: Just a bit of mucking about in other people’s sandboxes.
Summary: He’d meant it to give her a second chance, trying to take care of his girl from beyond the grave, but even The Mayor couldn’t have known what was waiting for Faith.

Author’s Notes: AU during “This Year’s Girl”. I’ve had this idea for AGES. Glad I finally got a chance to write it. Also, I adore that line in Season 7 about the scythe, when Faith says “Feels like mine, that must mean it’s yours”. It is such a quintessential Faith line and I thought she deserved to have something that’s hers, right?

Faith’s first thought was that the future stunk - literally.

She’d appeared with a bang, time groaning as it was twisted and reformed, and she nearly gagged at the stench – the perfume of fuel, acres of manure and the unwashed masses combining into a particularly nauseating combination.

Her second thought was that the future was batshit insane.

It was “Star Wars” meets “Unforgiven ” meets Chinatown - on crack.

She’d been cautious at first, but there didn’t seem to be a single vamp here. Maybe they’d all been destroyed with Earth That Was?

Of course, she still had all the perks of being a Slayer which helped a bit with job hunting.

Most men took one look at her and suggested a position flat on her back. Maybe if anyone around here ever bathed, she’d have considered that route. She’d declined more than few offers, reinforcing her disinterest with her fists when needed.

It only took her six “reinforcements” before someone wised up and offered her a job as hired muscle. One job lead to the next and the next and she’d been steadily working her way up the ladder of sad little crime lords.

Her current soon-to-be-ex employer was a smarmy little twerp named Badger.

By Big Bad standards, he was a joke and lately she’d been thinking maybe the criminal element wasn’t the best company to start a new life with.

So when he’d ordered her to beat the snot out of some understandably annoyed space pirates, she’d cheerfully told him to go fuck himself.

After a nice face full of fist, for emphasis because her Mandarin still wasn’t the best, she had herself a job working for said pirates.

She’d been a little wary about shipping out on a spaceship, but the minute she’d stepped into Serenity her senses lit up. It wasn’t vamps or demons, as she’d first thought, but the ship itself – reaching out, speaking to her.

She found she couldn’t stop touching Serenity – wandering barefoot just to feel the metal under her feet, dragging her fingertips across the hallway walls, stroking the railings.

She’d snuck into the engine room once and just sprawled face down on the floor, arms outstretched, hugging the deck and letting the energy of Serenity thrum inside her.

Six months ago, when she’d woken up to find the whole world changed and The Mayor dead, she’d thought it was the end of everything.

Sure he’d promised to take care of her always, but she certainly didn’t expect any man to actually keep his word.

It was a surprise, then, to find the package containing his taped goodbye, some coins, a magical doohickey and all the intel his minions could gather on life far beyond the 21st century.

He’d intend it to give her a second chance, but Serenity was so much more than that.

This ship – worn and weary as she was – whispered to Faith by day, sang to her by night, crooning over and over again that she was home.


The End

You have reached the end of "Just A 26th Century Girl". This story is complete.

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