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Summary: Xander finds out the Dawn was kidnapped, and decides to go after her, landing in Gotham. Warning blood, cussing, and some sex.

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DC Universe > Batman > Xander-CenteredHowlingFuryFR131696054,4127 Mar 077 Mar 07No

Setting: Post-Chosen. A few hours before the earthquake hits Gotham.
Summary: Xander finds out the Dawn was kidnapped, and decides to go after her, landing in Gotham. Warning blood, cussing, and some sex.
Disclaimer: I own nothing in this story but the plot, Claire, Matt and other OCs.
Rating: FR-21
Pairings: Read to find out
Aurthor's Note: Tara didn't die.


An eye opened to the bright light of the sun, it blinked as if to get rid of the light, "Someone turn out the sun."

"Mister are you okay," an inquisitive voice asked from ahead of him.

The man tipped his head back to look at a girl that was standing a few feet away from him, "Yeah, I think so."

"Ah, there's the little cunt," a voice said from behind the girl. The girl turned around and backed away from the voice.

The man groaned as he rolled over onto his front, lifted himself up, then stood all the way up, "I think you mean girl."

"Man, I meant what I said white boy," Chomp said as he pointed a knife at Alison, "You two take care the white boy, while I handle the uppity bitch."

"I don't think so," the man said as he felt three claws unsheath on both hands.

The three guys stopped at the sight of the claws coming out of the guy's fists, "Who the fuck are you!"

The man grinned and growled, "You can call me Wolverine."

"Well, they call me Chomper for a reason man," Chomp stated as he bared his metal like teeth.

The man looked at Chomp, "I see that, but can you heal faster than the normal human?"

Chomp shook his head, "Doesn't matter man, in the next few minutes you aren't going to care."

With a growl both man and teen charged at each other.

Wolverine slashed at the teen, only for the teen to dodge under his claws and come back up, only to bite down on his arm when it came back towards him. Wolverine winced slightly at the pain in his arm.

Chomper was startled when he found that he couldn't break the guys arm with one bite.

Wolverine moved his arm down so he could see the teens eyes, "My entire skeleton is covered with an unbreakable metal." Wolverine sheathed the claws on his right hand, and punched Chomp hard enough that he flew several feet with a chunk of his arm in his mouth.

Chomper sat up dazed as he spit out a mouthful flesh, looked up and saw the mans arm heal rapidly in front of his eyes.

"I think you and your friends should leave the girl alone and beat it," Wolverine said as he unsheathed his claws again.

The two other teens dropped the girls arms, ran over to their freind, help him up, and all three teens ran out of the alley.

The girl looked at the man strangely, "Thank you Mr. Wolverine."

Wolverine smiled, "Think you can keep a secret?"

Alison eagerly nodded her head, "Yeah, of course."

"My name's Logan," Logan said as he pulled back his mask.

Alison smiled shyly, "Thanks for telling me."

Logan smiled back and took a picture out of his pocket, "You're welcome, but if you could tell me who this is, I would be very grateful."

Alison looked at the picture, and all her blood drained out of her face, "T-That's the Joker. W-Why?"

"I believe he kidnapped one of my friends kid sister," Logan said as he put the picture back in his pocket, "Do you know where he is?"

"Yeah, he's in Arkham Asylum," Alison said as she looked back at Logan.

"Okay, another question, where am I," Logan asked as he looked around the alley.

Alison looked at Logan strangely, "What, you never heard of Gotham City?"

Logan looked at the girl, "Should I have?"

Alison just shook her head, "Well yeah, it's where Batman always beats the bad guys."

"Yeah, well he must have escaped because, he came and kidnapped Dawn, so now I'm going have to look for her." Logan stated as he turned and walked away.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Wolverine" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Mar 07.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking