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10 Reasons Why Peter Petrelli Doesn't Paint

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Summary: Postulation: Mix Hiro's ability to transcend time and space with Isaac's seer abilities and what do you get? One confused Peter, a sardonic Claude and this collection of one-shots.

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Television > Heroes > GeneralLadyYuehFR13101,041014,4297 Mar 077 Mar 07Yes

Anachronism (Heroes/Doctor Who)

Disclaimer: Characters: Not mine. Rabid/Insane Bunny: Mine.

“What is it?”

Peter was scrutinizing his latest attempt with Isaac’s power with a perplexed expression.

“Kids these days. No culture. No history,” Claude remarked caustically, “It’s a Police Call Box like it says. They were used in the 60’s to call for help or detain criminals.”

“If they were used in the 60’s why the hell is it popping up in a painting of the future?” Peter shot back with as much sarcasm as he could manage.

“It means, genius, that you’re obviously not harnessing the painter’s power properly,” Claude criticized mockingly.

Peter frowned.

“All right emo boy; enough standing around and playin’ with your paints. Time for some actual practice.”

Peter groaned.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking