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Summary: What if Sam and Dean went to the Bronze and came across the Queen C Cordelia.

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Supernatural > Cordelia-CenteredDJFrostFR1533,2580133,5347 Mar 0713 Jun 11Yes

Chapter One


Disclaimer: don’t own BtVS nor Supernatural

Timeline: Set in between seasons 3 and 4 of Buffy and I haven’t really decided for Supernatural but the boys are hunting without the dad.

Summary: What if Sam and Dean went to the Bronze and came across the Queen C Cordelia.

A/N: So this is my first try at anything Buffy, Supernatural or a crossover so please bear with me. I’ve only seen the second season of Supernatural but I got this idea in my head and I just had to try it out. So read on and enjoy!


Sunnydale California: A small, quiet town to the casual tourist; It had a Starbucks and a club, churches and cemeteries, and normal people going about their normal lives without a care in the world. But these two visitors were not your normal tourists.

Sam & Dean Winchester: Hunters of the Supernatural. They started hunting with their father, John Winchester, when a demon killed their mother. They want revenge.

They heard through the hunter grape vine that Sunnydale was a breeding ground for the supernatural yet no one dared to enter. After doing some research the Winchester boys discovered that in the last year the amount of deaths went down drastically and there was no explanation except for the occasional mention of a girl. They dismissed it immediately thinking that the falling death rate and a mere girl could have no connection and went to discover for themselves what secrets Sunnydale held.

“So what’s this place called again?” Sam looked up from the paper he was reading. They had just checked in at a rundown hotel on the ‘bad side of town’ and were now heading to the local club.

“Um, the Bronze.” He turned his attention back to the paper. "Hey, look at this. In the past week alone 10 people have died and 4 declared missing with no investigations looking into them." They stopped under a street so they both could look at the paper. “Most of the victims had two small puncture wounds on their neck. They have been linked to gang activity.”

“Looks like we got some vampires.” Dean said as they crossed the street towards a building that had loud music and people flowing in and out.

The Bronze: The place in Sunnydale to hang out if you want a good time. Just a club to the normal eye but to hunters it’s a place to gather information and a perfect feeding ground for vampires.

“You would think the people would notice something with this many people showing up dead or missing?”

“From what I read on the history of this town it happens all the time. These suckers don’t seem all that interested in keeping a low profile.” Sam looked at his brother with a slight smirk.

“You looked up the history?”

“Hey, I’ve looked up stuff before.” Dean protested. “I’ve been thinking about coming to this town for a while just never got the chance. I hear the hottie community’s real nice.” Sam snorted. The showed their ID’s to the bouncer who waved them in with barley a glance.

The Winchester brothers stood just inside the opening getting a look at the club. Surprisingly most of the occupants seemed to be high school aged. There was a band playing on stage with people dancing to their music. There was a pool table where Dean decided he could make the day’s earnings, and a bunch of people just hanging out.

“Come on,” Sam said motioning towards the corner where an open table was. Before they were even halfway there, a girl stepped in front of them. Well, stepped in front of Dean. The girl was tall and had long, chocolate brown hair. She wore an ultra tight dress that hung mid thigh, and her collar lay just low enough to make every guy in the club look. Sam shook his head, the hottie community.

“Hello salty goodness.” The girl said, looking him over and the smile she gave said that she liked what she saw. “Dance with me.” Dean just smiled and shrugged helplessly at Sam as the mystery girl pulled him to the dance floor.

“So what’s your name princess?” Dean asked after a few minutes on the dance floor with the breathtaking brunette. He was enjoying the dance but from the irritated looks he was getting from Sammy told him that he should start asking some questions. Man, he hated mixing business with pleasure.

The brunette looked up into his eyes. “You can call me Cordelia.”

“So Cordelia, can I buy you a drink?”

“I’d love a cappuccino.” Dean inwardly frowned. This was a first. How young was this girl anyway?

“A cappuccino? Not a beer or a margarita or something?” Cordelia gave him a disgusted look.

“Like, ew. Only morons who are total wannabe’s drink to try and elevate their coolness, it doesn’t work.” She finished off her sentence by smiling sweetly at him.

“Two cappuccino’s it is.” Dean headed over to the bar wondering slightly if he was going to regret talking to this girl. He got their drinks and headed over to the table she had occupied.

“Nice place you guys got here.”

“Yeah,” Cordelia agreed after taking a sip of her drink. “The Bronze is the only place to go if you’re anybody. Actually it’s almost the only place to go period and except for the occasional kid showing up dead and hostile takeovers it’s the best. Mm, this cappuccino is excellent.”

Dean could do nothing but stare at her. Dead kid, hostile takeovers? It almost sounded like that was a common occurrence here. Not a comforting thought. “Um, so is this like, common here?”

“Like, only almost every day. So did you just move here?” The Winchester was trying hard to cover his shock but this was just weird. He wondered slightly how stupid someone would have to be not to notice anything strange going on. He guessed he was about to find.

“So do you think there’s anything, I don’t know, strange about the killings?”

“Strange how?” Cordelia was now looking at him suspiciously. Dang it.

“Um, just weird stuff, extensive blood loss, maybe two little pokes in the neck.”

“Did I do something wrong in the past life?” Cordelia now giving him and extremely irritated look.

“Uh, wha..”

“Sure I hung with the freaks for a while but they were saving the world and I had a date then I ended up dating one of them who eventually cheated on me.”


“Now all the attractive guys just can’t wait to join the stupid Scoobie gang and become stupid slayerettes. Just go, stake your vampires and hang with the slayer but just so you know, your not her type.” After her rant Cordelia picked up her purse and headed for the door leaving a speechless Dean watch her tall form leave the building.


A/N: OK so likes, dislikes. I planned on making this just a oneshot but if I get enough reviews I’ll try to continue it. So please read&review.
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