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Summary: Buffy was not Giles' first Slayer.

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Chapter 5

Sleeper 5/5

Summery: Two slayers and one hellgod.


Tara walked along the street, picking at the cast on her hand. Willow was a few paces behind, worry on her face. The others followed her about a hundred yards further back.

Tara came around a corner, paused to gaze upward for a moment before continuing. The others followed, now all in a group. They all stopped walking and looked up.

“Shpadoinkle,” cried Xander.

“What is that?” asked Anya.

“The portal must open up there,” surmised Giles.

“Will, you're up,” said Buffy looking over at the redhead, who wore an apprehensive look.

“Need anything?” enquired Giles.

“Could use a little courage,” replied Willow weakly. Spike held out a small flask in front of the redhead's face. “The real kind.” Spike looked at her. She smiled at him. “But thanks.”

Spike nodded and put the flask away.

Tara entered the construction site, finally managing to pull the cast off her hand and toss it aside. She walked in muttering to herself, going over to a pile of bricks she picked one up. Glory’s other victims were doing various things with machinery and metal.

Suddenly a hand grabbed Tara's shoulder from behind and spun her around. “You. What are you doing here?” asked Glory angrily.

Willow appeared beside Glory and her girlfriend, a glint in her eye, “She's with me.” The redhead grabbed both Glory's and Tara's heads. All three screamed as blue lightning began to flicker around them. Bright blue light appeared to stream from Glory's head to Tara's. Suddenly a blast of power separated them. All three flying in different directions. Willow crashed into a pile of wood and slumped to the ground dazed.

Glory landed on her back on the concrete floor, sitting up as several minions ran over. “What the frickin' hell did that bitch do to me?”

The minions looked at each other, then at Glory. “You look fine. Truly,” one assured the hell god.

Glory clutched her head, “She made a little... she made a hole. Uh, I need a brain to eat.”

“Oh, take mine, oh groove-tastic one!” bowed one of the minions.

“I said a brain, you worthless dirt!” snapped Glory getting up. She put a hand to her forehead and began to walk, distractedly, as the minions followed her with concern. “Big day. I got places to be, big day. Need a brain.” She looked at Buffy directly in front of her and scoffed. “Suppose I could always use yours.”

“Okay then,” smiled Buffy a feral glint in her eye, her hands clasped behind her back. “Come and get it.”

Glory just stood staring at Buffy. Glory started to smile, then looked away frowning and moved her arms as if in pain.

“You don't seem very well,” Buffy pointed out innocently.

Glory removed her ceremonial robe and dropped it to the ground, “Your little witch bitch... gave me kind of a headache there. But if you think this is gonna last more than eight seconds...”

“I notice you're talking, whereas in your position, I would attack me,” interrupted Buffy arching her eyebrow.

“Oh, most sweaty-naughty-feelings-causing one, should we...” fawned one of the minions as he gathered up the robe.

“Go, guard the girl,” ordered Glory. “This is a... this is a, a...”

“Diversionary tactic?” finished the minion helpfully.

“Go. Guard!” snarled Glory.

The minions scurried away. Pulling a bunch of the hell god’s victims away from their work and gathered them around the base of the stairs leading up to the tower.

“It's strange,” observed Buffy. “You're not as blurry with speed as usual either.”

“The witch...”

“It's not her,” interrupted Buffy producing the Dagon sphere from behind her. “Might be this,” she stated.

Glory looked alarmed.

“I heard it's supposed to repel you. So my guess is... you probably shouldn't touch it, either,” smirked Buffy throwing it to her.

Glory caught it instinctively. The sphere lit up and seemed to warp the air around it when it touched her hand. Pain swept her face, dropping her hand to her side. Where she slowly crushed the sphere and the light went out as it crumbled. “You're gonna wish you...”

Buffy punched her in the face. Glory stumbled back and Buffy kicked her, then started punching her repeatedly.

The minions and victims gathered around the stairs muttering and looking around nervously as the fight continued. “Stand fast! Kill anyone who dares approach! This will be our day of glory!” cried one minion.

“Well punned,” complemented another.

“Well, it just called out to me,” said the first just before a bolt hit him in the chest and he fell back dead.

Spike smiled as he lowered the crossbow. Anya, Giles, and most of the members of the SGC appeared behind him. They stopped for a moment to assess the situation before rushing forward and beginning to attack the minions, unconsciously attempting to avoid injuring Glory’s innocent victims. Spike stayed behind loading his crossbow again and Janet started setting up an impromptu triage out of the way of most of the fighting.

Giles blocked a minion's staff while Anya beat another one over the head with her baseball bat.

Teal’c easily deflected the attack by another staff-welding minion with his own staff before skilfully sweeping its legs from under him and bringing the end of the staff down hard onto its face.

Jack kicked out sideways at a minion that had managed to knock Daniel over and had raised a knife to strike at his teammate. Jack quickly grabbed hold of Daniel’s arm and pulled him away from the fighting so that he would be able to get up, before turning to dive back into the fight.

As he turned, he saw one of the minions had been in the process of sneaking up on him. He glanced down at the body sprouting a bolt in its chest before looking over at a smirking Spike.

Buffy flipped Glory over and slammed her down onto a pile of bricks and tried to punch her but Glory rolled aside and Buffy ended up punching a half dozen bricks to dust. The Slayer tried to punch her again but Glory grabbed her arms and threw her across the construction site.

Willow sat up among broken pieces of wood trying to shake of the fuzziness from her head. She looked across to Buffy rushing back at Glory. With the sudden clearing of her mind, Willow looked over to her girlfriend. “Tara!” she cried crawling over to where the blonde lay unconscious in a pile of debris. “Tara?” she shook her.

Tara's eyes open slowly. She looked at Willow. “W-Willow?”

For a moment everything else dissolved away to leave just the two of them, “Tara?” the redhead smiled.

Tears filled Tara’s eyes, “Willow... I got so lost.”

Willow’s smile deepened as she cupped her girlfriend’s head, “I found you.” She kissed Tara all over her face, and then hugged her before pulling back and they both smiled happily. “I will always find you.”

Then Janet was at their side, “Let’s get her away from here, so I can check her over.”

Willow nodded at her fellow redhead and helped the Doctor pull Tara to her feet. They made their way over to where Spike still stood taking pot shots at the minions.

Glory stood up straight anger in her eyes. “You know what?” she sneered.

Buffy punched her several times before Glory grabbed her fist. “I'm feeling a little better. And now? I'm a little bored.”

“Oh, I'm sorry. ‘Cause you're about...” began Buffy but Glory kicked her in the face sending her hard into a wall where she slipped to the floor dazed.

Glory smiled in triumph as she moved to finish her off.

“Glory?” cried Sam suddenly appearing behind the hell god. As Glory turned, Sam hit her in the chest with Olaf's hammer. Glory flew across the yard, crashing into a wall not too far from where Buffy had begun to rise.

“You're not the brightest god in the heavens, are you?” asked Buffy wiping the blood coming from her nose. “I’m not the only Slayer,” she threw a quick smirk at Sam.

“Buffy! I'm up here,” Buffy heard Dawn call out. She looked up as Dawn screamed at the top of her lungs again. “Buffy.”

Buffy ran toward the tower, leaping over a pile of bricks.

Glory picked herself up, seeing Buffy running towards the stairs. “Oh no you don't!” she screamed running fast after the Slayer and reaching her before she could make the steps.

“Buffy! I'm up here,” screamed Dawn again.

Buffy and Glory started exchanging blows again, but Buffy’s concern over her sister, distracted her and Glory was again able to start getting the upper hand, sending her into some metal scaffolding.

Sam joined her sister Slayer, sweeping the hammer around and taking Glory’s legs from under her and bringing it down towards the hell god’s face but Glory was too quick and rolled to one side, Sam’s blow just putting a ten foot crack in the concrete ground.

Glory sprang to her feet, livid that for the second time in as many minutes, the other Slayer had prevented her from finishing off Buffy! She kicked the hammer out of Sam’s hand, sending it skipping across the ground and caught Sam with a follow-up right cross. Sam went with the blow, spinning completely around, back fisting the hell god across the face followed closely by a left cross. As Glory stumbled back a step, Sam kicked out with her foot but Glory caught it and spun her to the ground.

Glory stomped over to Sam intent on finishing her off when she suddenly found herself flying into a wall again. The hell god looked up from where she landed to see Buffy standing next to the other Slayer, who was rising again, as Buffy, absently swung the hammer, never taking her eyes from her opponent. “Really not your day is it?” smiled Buffy.

The two slayers split up as they approached Glory again. Using the instinct that allowed the two to fight as a true team, Buffy swung the hammer at Glory’s head, as the hell god ducked her face met Sam’s boot. As she staggered back, Buffy swung the hammer like a golf club sending her flying across the yard.

“I think you’re supposed to shout ‘fore’,” smirked Sam as they ran after the downed god.

As Buffy again went to hit the hell god with the hammer, Glory caught it and shoved Buffy into Sam sending both sliding across the floor. Buffy lost her hold on the hammer and Glory threw it away, “You lost your hammer, sweet cheeks. What are you gonna hit me with now?” she sneered as she watched the two blondes rise.

Buffy and Sam said nothing but just looked at the wall to Glory’s right.

Glory frowned and turned to look at the wall just as a wrecking ball crashed through it and into her. Its momentum carried it and the hell god crashing through a second wall and depositing her on the other side before swinging back.

“Whatever's handy,” replied Buffy before both slayers ran towards Glory as she staggered back into the yard, Buffy sweeping up the hammer as she passed it laying on the ground.

Xander shut down the engine and sat back looking satisfied for a moment. “The glorified bricklayer picks up a spare,” he smirked and climbed out of the cab.

Giles, Spike, Anya, and the three male members of SG-1 had been forced to take refuge behind some building materials. Their reluctance to hurt Glory’s victims being their undoing as they had been forced back.

“Has anyone noticed we're going backwards?” observed Anya.

Spike straightened up to peek over the top of a generator. A brick hit him in the forehead. He ducked down again, looking annoyed. “It's crossed my mind.”

Giles held his side as he tried to catch his breath, “As long as... Buffy and Samantha can keep Glory down... long enough, it doesn't matter...” He looked up at the tower, “There's only a few minutes left to start the ritual,” he commented.

Buffy hit Glory with the hammer as Sam punched her in the face. By this stage, Glory did not seem able to fight back, just standing there reeling each time either Slayer hit her.

Dawn could see her sister and an older woman fighting Glory below. Suddenly she felt the hair on her neck rise and looked towards the other end of the platform. “You! You can help me. Untie me. Please. Help me, she's coming,” she pleaded as she recognised Doc.

Doc walked forward, “Well, it seems she's running a bit late, is the thing. And, uh, if her Splendidness... can't be here in time to bleed you...”

A scared and anxious look came to Dawn’s eyes as she realized he was not on her side.

“Hey!” Doc whispered as he approached the teenager. He winked, “Kid. Wanna see a trick?”

Dawn tried shying away from him as he produced a large shiny knife, holding it up in front of his face a small smile on his lips.

Xander leapt over a fence and came to join the others still crouched behind their shelter, looking up at the tower. “How we doing?” he asked.

“So far it's a tie,” answered Jack a lopsided smirk on his face.

“We haven't got up to Dawn, but then neither has anyone else,” clarified Giles.

Spike was gazing up, “Someone's up there,” he declared.

“Okay, we gotta charge or something,” suggested Xander gripping his sword a little tighter.

“We tried that,” Anya pointed out.

‘Spike. Can you hear me?’ Willow’s voice cried in his mind.

Spike frowned, “Yeah, loud and clear.”

‘Is there someone up there with Dawn?’

“No, we couldn’t get by the minions,” explained Spike.

Xander exchanged a confused look with Jack before turning to the Vampire, “Are you talking to us?”

‘Get up there. Go now,’ cried Willow.

Spike peered out uncertainly. The victims and minions were still closely packed around the base of the tower. “Yeah, but...” he started to say hesitantly.

‘Go!’ shouted Willow. ‘To the end of the world, Spike,’ she reminded him.

Spike got up quickly and charged out from cover. Teal’c was the only one quick enough to follow the Vampire. The others stared at them in surprise. They watched as the crowd of minions and victims at the base of the tower suddenly parted like the Red Sea.

With a shout, Jack jumped up and led the rest back into battle with the minions.

Vampire and Jaffa reached the stairs and leapt up them without slowing. They reached the last level, ran up the ramp, and began to climb the ladder, Spike quickly out distancing Teal’c.

Doc produced a pocket watch and looked at it as Dawn watched him fearfully. “Well. What do you know? It's just about that time,” he said as Spike appeared on the other end of the platform.

“Spike!” cried Dawn in relief.

Doc whirled around as Spike strode slowly toward him.

“Doesn't a fella stay dead when you kill him?” commented Spike.

“Look who's talking,” Doc pointed out.

“Come on, Doc. Let's you and me have a go.”

“I...” mused Doc tapping his knife against his hand, “Do have a prior appointment.”

“This won't take long,” assured Spike firmly.

“No, I-I don't imagine it will,” agreed Doc as Spike lunged forward. Doc sidestepped, grabbed Spike around the neck, and thrust his knife into the Vampire's back. Spike gasped in obvious pain.

Spike twisted them so that he was between Dawn and Doc, the knife came out and Doc lost his grip on it and it fell to the platform floor. “You don't come near the girl, Doc,” he growled.

“I don't smell a soul anywhere on you. Why do you even care?” asked Doc curiously.

“I made a promise to a lady.”

“Oh?” sighed Doc. Suddenly a long tongue appeared from his mouth, shooting out at Spike, who ducked aside. Doc dropped to his knees and pulled Spike's legs out from under him. Spike fell to the floor. Dawn watched anxiously as they grappled. Doc had managed to get the upper hand as they get to their feet, Doc held onto Spike, pinning his arms behind him. “Then I'll send the lady your regrets,” he said deliberately pushing Spike over the edge.

“No!” cried Dawn.

Spike fell to the ground, landing amid a pile of bricks.

Teal’c reached the platform just as Doc pushed Spike off the edge. Gripping the stout staff, the large Jaffa strode forward, realising that anything that could have so easily disposed of the Vampire needed to be regarded as a formidable opponent! “You will not touch Dawn Summers,” he stated.

Although she did not know who the large man was! It was obvious that he was here to help her. “Watch out for his tongue, it’s long,” Dawn warned.

Teal’c nodded to Dawn for the information without taking his eyes from the creature.

As Doc flicked is tongue out towards the Jaffa, Teal’c jumped to the side and brought his staff down on the side of it, which partly wrapped around the wood. As Doc withdrew his throbbing tongue back into his mouth, Teal’c was on him, slamming the end of the staff into his midsection then up into his chin before slamming into his side and sending him over the edge.

There was a moments silence before Teal’c turned his attention to Dawn who, even though she wore a look of relief still looked a little apprehensively at the large Jaffa. “W-who are you?” she asked as he approached her.

“I am a friend,” answered Teal’c solemnly. “My team and I came to help,” he explained as he took a knife from his belt and began sawing through the rope binding her.

“Did Riley send you?” Dawn asked as she allowed herself to relax a little.

“I know no Riley, Dawn Summers,” answered Teal’c as he cut away one rope and moved to the other.

“Then who? I doubt the Council would have sent anyone!”

“Indeed,” nodded Teal’c. “Of what I have learned of this Council they would not. No I and my team came at the behest of a Slayer like your sister.”

Dawn frowned in confusion, “You mean Faith’s here?” she exclaimed as she was finally freed.

“The Slayer of whom I speak is Major Carter.”

“Huh? Did something happen to Faith?” asked Dawn confused, “‘Cause there’s only two slayers.”

“No. I am told that like your sister, Major Carter also drowned but was revived by Rupert Giles. None of which is of importance at this time. I must make sure you are safe,” Teal’c explained guiding his charge off the platform to the relative safety of the tower, he was no engineer but it did not look at all safe. He glanced down at the fighting still going on down below, “I think it would be safer for you to remain up here with me until the battle is over,” he said firmly as they stepped off the platform and stood next to the ladder.

Dawn looked at the tall man, smiling with relief, “Thank you... ah you haven’t told me your name?” she asked as she held onto him tightly.

“I am Teal’c, Dawn Summers. And you are welcome,” nodded the Jaffa as he held the young teenager protectively while still remaining vigilant.

Buffy continued hitting Glory with the hammer as Sam seemed content to just land the occasional kick or punch. Glory had blood running out of her nose by now. She gave the slayers an anguished look as she took a step back. “You're just mortals. You couldn't understand my pain,” she cried.

“Then we'll just have to settle for causing it,” declared Buffy as she again swung the hammer at Glory’s face.

Glory spun to the side, recovering slower now and turned back to them. “You can't kill me.”

“You’d be surprised at how many times I’ve heard that,” smirked Sam.

“No...” smiled Buffy looking at Glory while idly hefting the hammer, “But my arm's not even tired yet and when it is. Sam can carry on for me.”

Buffy hit the hell god again who fell to her knees. She looked up at Buffy, gasping, on the verge of tears. “Stop it,” Glory begged.

“You're a god,” Buffy pointed out as she continued hitting Glory with the hammer as she fell onto her back. “Make it stop.”

Buffy took a stance as if she were chopping logs, swinging the hammer down onto Glory repeatedly.

Glory laying there with blood covering half her face and morphed into Ben. Buffy managed stay her next swing. “I'm sorry,” he groaned.

“Tell her it's over. She missed her shot,” growled Buffy as Sam joined her. “She goes. She ever, ever comes near me and mine again...”

“We won't. I swear,” agreed Ben.

Buffy dropped the hammer, turned and with Sam by her side ran towards the tower, which the others had managed to clear of the minions. And with the loss of them and Glory’s distraction, the victims had started to wander around aimlessly.

Ben lay there, he coughed painfully and smiled weakly but still did not move. “I guess we're stuck with each other, huh baby?”

Giles walked over to Ben glancing at Jack for a moment before kneeling beside the injured man, “Can you move?” he asked as Jack came to stand next to them his face sombre.

“Need a-a minute. They could've killed me,” moaned Ben.

Giles sighed, “No they couldn't. Never. And sooner or later Glory will re-emerge, and... make Buffy and Samantha pay for that mercy. And the world with them. They even know that...” he explained reaching into his pocket, taking out his glasses. “And still they couldn't take a human life.”

Ben frowned in confusion as he listened.

“They’re heroes,” clarified Jack from above them.

Giles glanced up at the Colonel and they exchanged an understanding look. He put his glasses on, “They’re not like us.”

“Us?” asked Ben in confusion.

Giles suddenly reached down and put his hand over Ben's nose and mouth, holding them shut. Ben struggled weakly as Giles kept him still with the aid of Jack’s boot on the young man’s chest.

Having seen Buffy and Sam defeat Glory, Teal’c declared that it would now be safe for him and Dawn to climb down. He was steadying her down the last few steps of the ladder when the slayers joined them. Stepping to one side, he observed the reunion of the two sisters.

“Buffy,” cried Dawn as she hugged her sister tightly.

“Are you okay? Did anyone cut you anywhere?” asked Buffy beginning to check her sister for injuries.

“I’m fine, just a little rope burn on my wrists,” smiled Dawn in relief, “Teal’c saved me, he used a staff to push Doc off the platform and stood guard until all the fighting was over,” she gushed as she looked at the tall Jaffa with a look that told Sam that Dawn was crushing on her friend.

“You are most welcome Dawn Summers,” Teal’c said allowing a small smile onto his face as he bowed his head to her.

Buffy turned to regard the tall man for a moment. “Thank you for protecting my sister. If you ever need help, call and I’ll do all I can to be there for you,” she told him.

“I thank you Buffy Summers, I will remember your offer, even though it is unnecessary, protecting those that cannot do so themselves is its own reward,” Teal’c said just as solemnly. “I think we should now descend and allow Doctor Fraiser to examine Dawn Summers’ rope burns and any other injuries she may have sustained before my arrival.”

“Right,” agreed Buffy attempting to guide her sister towards the ramp but Dawn moved quickly to cling onto Teal’c who just raised his eyebrow.

With the relief at her sister’s safety, Buffy exchanged an amused look with Sam before leading the way off the tower.

At the bottom, they found numerous paramedics and police officers guiding Glory’s victims into waiting ambulances. Colonel O’Neill and Giles were talking to a middle-aged man that Buffy recognised as the police chief. He did not look happy as he gave both men an infuriated look before turning to give his officers their orders.

Then Janet was there, “Are you two injured?” she asked the two slayers.

“No, Janet, we’re fine. But could you check Dawn over,” asked Sam.

“Of course,” Janet smiled with relief turning to the teenager. “Do you want to sit down so I can see to your injuries?”

Dawn looked over to her sister, who nodded to let her know that it was safe, “Okay. Can Teal’c stay with me?” she asked.

Janet smiled knowingly at the teenager, “Of course dear,” she said as she gently guided her patient to sit on the lower steps of the tower.

Buffy and Sam wandered over to where Jack and Giles were talking to Daniel. Giles looked closely at the two women that he had come to think of as surrogate daughters, “Are you two alright?” he asked.

“We’re fine,” sighed Buffy. “Just tired.”

“Speak for yourself,” smirked Sam. “I feel like going to find some vamps.”

“Yeah well you weren’t swinging a troll hammer half the night plus sunrise,” snorted Buffy.

“You told Glory you weren’t tired less than fifteen minutes ago,” Sam pointed out.

“That was while the adrenaline was still pumping,” retorted Buffy her shoulders slouching. She looked around at all the people that had not been there while the fight was going on, “What’s with all the uniforms?”

“When the fighting was over, Doctor Fraiser called for medical assistance. Glory’s victims appear to be recovering from the illness she inflicted on them,” explained Giles.

“And the cops?” asked Buffy looking suspiciously at the two that were helping guide one of the victims out of the yard.

“They turned up with the paramedics,” answered Daniel.

“Giles, they’re not gonna want to question us are they?” asked Buffy the worry on her face.

“Nah, I showed the chief, my security clearance and told him everything here is now under national security. He didn’t take it very well,” smirked Jack.

Sam noticed two medics wheeling away someone in a body bag from where they had finally defeated Glory. She looked back at her CO, her suspicions growing, “Sir, who’s in the body bag?”

Both Jack and Giles gave the two slayers sad looks, “It had to be done Carter,” explained Jack quietly.

Sam’s eyes went wide, “Sir, that’s murder.”

“Samantha,” said Giles gently remembering the teenager that he had help guide into the woman that now stood before him. “I knew that if it came down to it, neither of you could do what was required, if indeed Ben reappeared. And I would not have wanted you too. If Ben had lived, it would have only been a matter of time before Glory re-emerged and took retribution on us all. Colonel O’Neill and I did what was required.” He looked around at the quickly emptying yard, “I think if everyone is able, we should leave.”

“Yeah,” nodded Buffy. “Let’s round everyone up. We’ll go back to my house.”

“Okay,” agreed Jack. He spotted Spike curled up in a corner away from the sun, “What about him?” he gestured.

“We’ll need our van sir,” replied Sam. “If we bring it into the yard he can stay in the back.”

“Fine, why don’t you and Danny go get it,” suggested Jack.

“On it sir,” Sam replied as she and Daniel hurried away.

Buffy and Jack crossed over to where Janet was applying the bandages to Dawn’s wrists. “How’s she doing Doc?” asked the Colonel looking down at the teenager.

“She should be fine, Colonel, but I’d like to give her a full examination to be sure,” said Janet.

“We’re going back to my house, if my sister is okay to move? You can do it there,” explained Buffy.

“As I said she should be fine,” nodded Janet. “Is there something I could do to help Spike?” she asked glancing over at the badly injured vampire.

Buffy looked over to the Vampire, “Clean him up a little at home I guess but he’ll need blood to recover. I’ll send Xander and Anya to get some pigs blood and bring it over.”

It was only a few more minutes after Xander and Anya left that Sam and Daniel returned with the black van. Opening the side door, Spike ran over and dived in out of the sun. They dumped the various scattered weapons in the back and all squeezed in and with Jack once more in the driving seat, with Dawn being the only injured member of the group sitting next to him, giving directions, they moved off.


Dawn, now wearing jeans and a shirt, led Janet and her sister down the stairs and into the living room where the others had gathered. She immediately went to Teal’c, who sat rather stiffly in the hard backed chair. “Can I get you anything Teal’c?” she asked.

“No Dawn Summers, I require nothing at this time,” he replied bowing his head slightly.

“Are you sure? Tara has been teaching me how to make pancakes.”

“No, I require no sustenance at this time, thank you.”

“You’re not from around here are you,” Dawn giggled.

“No, I am not, Dawn Summers.”

A moment passed while Dawn waited for him to elaborate, “So are you going to tell me where you do come from?” she asked.

“He’s not allowed to tell us Dawn,” explained Buffy coming over to them. “It’s all very Initiatively.”

Daniel glanced over at Jack for a moment, “I think they should be told. It’s obvious they can all keep a secret... And if any of our ‘friends’ ever turned up here, they would know to contact us.”

Jack looked around at the Scooby Gang and sighed, “Okay but no one outside this room can be told, especially this Watchers Council,” he said looking at Giles.

“Hey. The Council are not always good with the information sharing, so why should we,” stated Xander.

Giles nodded to Jack, “As Xander so eloquently put it. We would not feel inclined to pass anything you tell us on to them.”

“So that’s a yes, you’ll keep it secret,” clarified Jack.

Daniel sighed, “Yes Jack that’s what he said.”

“Right then,” smirked Jack. “No Dawn, Teal’c is not from around here. He is from a planet called Chulak...”

“A-A planet! You mean Teal’c is an alien?” cried Dawn wide eyed as she looked back to the Jaffa. “Wow!”

“So it’s official, all Summers women are attracted to the weird,” laughed Xander getting twin scowls from the two in question. “So how did you get here,” he asked trying to ignore the Summers’. “Did your spaceship crash or something?”

“No,” replied Teal’c. “I came here through the Chaapa-ai.”

“What?” cried Giles. “You’re using the Chaapa-ai?”

“You know about the Stargate?” asked Jack sitting up. “How?”

“It was buried on the orders of the Council over three and a half thousand years ago at what is now called Giza,” explained Giles. “You have no idea how dangerous it is...”

“Oh I think we do,” interrupted Jack. “We have been fighting the Goa’uld and their Jaffa for almost five years now.”

“Jaffa?” queried Willow.

“Jaffa, like Teal’c here, have been the Goa’uld’s foot soldiers for generations. They also act as incubators for their young,” explained Sam. She glanced at the other Slayer, “That’s what you can sense. He carries a young Goa’uld in his stomach pouch.”

“Can’t it be removed?” asked Buffy.

“No,” spoke up Janet. “Without it, Teal’c would die within hours. It now acts as his immune system.”

“Does it hurt?” asked Dawn sadly.

“No Dawn Summers, it does not hurt. And one day, I hope to see my people free from the yoke of the false gods that have forced them into worshipping them.”

“We could help,” said Dawn enthusiastically.

“I thank you for the offer Dawn Summers, but everything is being done that can be done,” Teal’c replied solemnly bowing his head to her.

“Oh,” pouted Dawn before brightening, “Can I see it? Your Goa’uld.”

“Dawn,” chastised Buffy.

“Please,” whined Dawn.

Teal’c looked to his team. Jack shrugged, “Up to you T,” he told his friend.

“It might give them an idea of what to look for!” added Daniel.

“I do not wish to alarm you, Dawn Summers,” said Teal’c.

“I won’t be scared. I’ve seen lots of gross demons,” Dawn explained, seeing every ones looks she rolled her eyes. “I’ve been kidnapped like a dozen times since we moved to Sunnydale. I’ve spent time hanging out with Spike and Clem, Glory sent that giant demon snake thing to find me, then there was Doc, and Harmony... Oh and those demons that attacked us at the Magic Box when Tara’s father wanted to take her away...”

“Okay, so you’ve seen lots of demons,” conceded Buffy not sure she liked the idea of exposing her younger sister to her life!

“Please,” pouted Dawn turning the full effect onto the Jaffa.

“As you wish, Dawn Summers,” nodded Teal’c as he unbuttoned his shirt and exposed the crossed incision in his lower body.

“Ouch,” cried Xander from where he sat with Anya. “That must have hurt!”

Wide eyed, Dawn slowly reached out a finger toward the Jaffa’s pouch, “Dawn,” warned Buffy protectively just as something began to push its way out.

Dawn jumped a little as the head came fully out, a strange hiss emitting from its mouth, “Does he have a name?” she asked a little awed.

Sam chuckled, “Colonel O’Neill named it junior,” she told them.

“It reminds me of Alien, where the creature exploded out of that guy’s chest,” whispered Xander. “It’s not gonna jump into one of us, is it?”

“No Xander,” smiled Janet. “It will be at least another twenty years before it is mature enough to take a host.”

“Okay, please get it to go back in... It’s giving me the wiggins,” said Buffy going a little stiff as if fighting the urge to kill it.

As the symbiote retreated within the Jaffa, Teal’c buttoned his shirt back up.

“Now, did someone say something about pancakes?” smiled Jack.

Tara smiled and attempted to rise from her place next to her girlfriend. “You young lady stay where you are,” exclaimed Janet sternly as she rose. “You are in no condition to cook everyone breakfast. I’ll help Dawn make everyone something.”

Tara just nodded and whispered into Willow’s ear, “She’s scary.”

Willow just nodded as she watched the other redhead and teenager vanish into the kitchen.

“Just be grateful she isn’t threatening us with needles,” chuckled Sam having no difficulty hearing the other blonde.

“God Carter, don’t even say that in jest,” shuddered Jack.

“Rupert, you said the Watchers Council were responsible for burying the Stargate. You wouldn’t be able to provide me with the details, would you?” asked Daniel.

“I’m not sure! I may have some details back at my condominium. If you like we could go and look?” replied Giles.

“No Daniel,” interrupted Jack.

“But Jack...”

“No. We have a plane to catch in three hours. Hammond wants a full briefing,” explained Jack. He looked around the Sunnydale group, “Don’t worry, we won’t tell him who the Key is. You have my word. If Daniel goes off looking at mouldy old books, I’ll never get him back to the base.”

Daniel sighed as he looked at his fellow scholar, “Maybe you could email copies to me.”

“E-mail?” frowned Giles.

Willow giggled, “Send them via computer.” She looked at Daniel, “Giles is a total technophobe. I’ll get him to give them to me and I’ll scan them for him.”

“Okay,” smiled Daniel.


After a large breakfast, the Sunnydale group, with the exception of Anya and Spike, insisted on accompanying the members of the SGC to the gates of the military base, just outside town, where they said their final farewells.

They stood in various groups, Sam stood with Buffy and Giles, while Daniel, Teal’c, and Janet stood with Willow, Tara, and Dawn. And Jack chatted with Xander.

“Hey kid. You ever think about putting those Special Forces skills of yours to use?” asked Jack as they stood away from the others looking out over the military base on the other side of the high fence.

“I do... here in dear old Sunnyhell. I can’t leave my girls,” Xander answered quietly. “They’re my team.”

Jack just nodded his understanding. “Well if you change your mind, or just want a guy to complain too, give me a call,” he said handing the younger man a card.

“You got it Jack... Maybe you could drop me an email once in a while to let me know you and your team are okay?”

“You betcha,” smiled Jack.

“So you should take one if you get a headache,” explained Janet offering Tara a small bottle of pills, “They’re a very mild painkiller, you should avoid taking anything stronger but if you have any other symptoms you should get it checked out by your doctor.”

“Thank you,” replied Tara accepting the bottle.

“Will you email me and tell me what you’re doing?” Dawn asked Teal’c looking up at the tall Jaffa.

“If you wish, Dawn Summers. I will not be allowed to tell you everything though,” he explained.

“That’s okay. I just want to know you’re safe,” Dawn replied shyly. The two witches exchanged an amused look with Janet.

“You ever need me, call,” said Buffy looking to the other Slayer.

“Okay. And... I think you should go see Faith,” replied Sam. “You may find she’s changed! After Giles told me what happened to her, I started checking up on her.”

“I’ll think about it!” mused Buffy not meeting Sam’s eyes.

“And if you ever... you know, just wanna talk to someone that knows what its like, Giles has my number. If I’m on a mission, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.”

“Okay,” nodded Buffy. “I think Jack is about finished trying to talk Xander into joining up,” she chuckled, both slayers having eavesdropped on their conversation.

“Yeah,” smiled Sam before hugging her fellow Slayer. “Take care.”

“I will and... thank you,” Buffy said as they parted.

“Now was that so hard,” smirked Sam.

“Hell yeah,” nodded Buffy chuckling.

Lastly, Sam turned to her former Watcher pulling the Englishman into an embrace, “Don’t be such a stranger, Giles. Come visit me. Hell bring everyone to Colorado for a party sometime.”

“I’ll try, Samantha. Be well,” smiled Giles as they separated and rejoined the others.

“Well kiddies, we better be going,” announced Jack. “We’ll keep in touch,” he said as he shook every ones hand before turning and leading this people through the gates.


The blonde stood just outside the fence surrounding the Sunnydale military base. A smile appeared on her face as the C-130 lifted off. Still smiling she vanished in a small flash of light, which even if anyone had been near, would not have been seen. Only when she wished could mortals see her!

She reappeared within the room of her Chosen, calling almost lovingly into his mind, “Caleb, it is time. The Watcher has roused the Sleeper.”

Caleb rolled over and sat up in shock at a young woman standing within his cell. Females were not allowed within the grounds of the monastery. “Wh-who are you?” he asked fear in his voice.

“Your salvation,” the blonde replied pushing her insubstantial hand into his chest and seemly caressing his heart.

Caleb arched his back as power flowed into him and he let out an inhuman scream.

The end.

A/N: I have left this open for a sequel based around season seven of Buffy but at this time, I have no plans to write it.

The End

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