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The End of Azkaban 2nd Arc: Weeping the Whirlwind

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The End of Azkaban Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Second story arc of The End of Azkaban

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Harry Potter > Willow-CenteredryanFR1532,058033,19410 Mar 078 Apr 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Lighting the Fire 1/2

For Disclaimers see Chapter 1

Jessie's POV

I return to Willow's base camp. Something isn't right. Something is very wrong. I sense blinding rage and the echo of the First. I've got to defuse the situation.

It's Hermione. It isn't good. It's very bad.

Hermione POV

Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! I am in a rage. I'm leaving to deal with that bitch!
Cho Chang must die.

Money, check

Sword, check.

Wand, check.

"Neither, Willow or myself can protect you, if you follow this course." It's a male voice. I've heard Willow in conversation with him before.

"I don't care, that bitch must die!" I hiss.

"That is not for you to decide." This time the voice is firmer. I turn to face him. He's an angel like Willow.

"Snape's dead," he continues. "And Cho is now a prisoner in her own body."

"I'm still going to kill her!" I feel like screaming.

"That would make you no better than her," he remains calm. So flipping calm.

I turn to leave. "Think about this Hermione Granger, Snape is dead. Six months in his grave. So who did you speak with?" He calls out to me while I leave the room.

Jessie's POV

Dam! Why wouldn't she listen? I start to follow. I'm stopped. Why? I hang my head. I forgot one important lesson or never had it.

Freedom of Choice. I sigh.

I can't interfere. Hermione's lit the fire. I hope she's strong enough.

I hope Willow forgives me. I can't interfere with the choices these people make. Willow can still influence them. I generate a message marker.

It's time to retire from the field for a time.

Willow's POV

One sleeping Slayer in room. No sharp or breakable objects. I better check on the others. I extend my senses.

Wait, where's Hermione?

A marker from Jessie. What! The First got to her.

"Heaven have Mercy!" I gasp. "Hermione's walking into a trap."

Hermione's POV

The houses in the background pass by. I'm in London. Not far from St Mungo's. Not far from Cho.

So why does the thought of running her though leave me without a sense of satisfaction? Why does it turn my stomach? Was it something Willow's friend said?

"Shit!" I whisper. He was warning me of a trap. I hope it's not too late, I've not been spotted yet? I press the stop button. If I get on a bus going the other way. . .?

Something's wrong. Where are the other passengers? I try to stand, my legs I can't move them.

"You disappoint me Ms Granger." It's Snape. No, this isn't Snape.

"Thinking of escape my dear." The current Minister of Magic appears. "Forget it!"

My pulse races. The temperature of the bus just dropped to freezing. I lose the ability to move my arms.

"This time Willow wouldn't be able to save you." He grabs my chin. I scream!

Willow's POV.

Hermione! I've found the bus she's on. She's changed her mind. What!

She's the bait . . .

For me!

I get less than second to evade a blast of energy. I smell burnt feathers. Too close. I raise my energy shield.

Demons below me firing. My shield holds for now! I can't take much more. They're blocking me calling upon the elements to recharge myself.

I hear a yell from behind me.

"Shit!" I take a hit, my shield shatters and the force smashes me into the ground. My wings are broken. Can't fly. Can't port. Too drained to go invisible. Can't travel though the ground.

10 low level demons are closing on me. Gotta, time this right, my sword sweep just right or else am in for a lot of punishment.

I sweep out with my sword. Down they go.

"Arrgggghhhh!" I scream. A demon arrow in my wing! In my ankle!

Then he appears. "Well, little angel you've lost." He draws his sword. "Time you went into the beyond and never returned to this plane."
His blade is black and cackles with his dark power. I meet his blade with mine. I bare defect his attack.

He smiles. "Still got a little strength left."

I don't reply. It would waste what little strength I have left. I gather my strength and strike not at him but his blade. It's his power channel. My sword shatters braking his blade. I collapse my energy spent.

"Nice move, but wrong target." He laughs. "Meet my current power centre." A woman walks up to him and then stood beside him. "I believe you know Hermione."

"You bastard." I snarl.

He lifts a hand.

I would scream if time allowed.

Hermione POV.

I'm trapped. I can't control my body. He's put a demon inside of me.

I can't help!

Can't warn you!

I can see. Nooooo!!

I weep in my mental prison. Willow's fallen. He's won.

He smiles at me. I feel sick. He's happy.

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