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The End of Azkaban 2nd Arc: Weeping the Whirlwind

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The End of Azkaban Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Second story arc of The End of Azkaban

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Harry Potter > Willow-CenteredryanFR1532,058033,18010 Mar 078 Apr 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Lightning the Fire 2/2

See Chapter 1 for disclaimers

Willow's POV.

I'm awake. I think. I seem unable to move. I have no fear though.

Where am I?

Why is it so dark? I think it's dark I'm not sure if my eyes are working.

I can't sense my limbs, I'm not panicked though. Odd?

Am I floating? I have no sense of direction. I'm unable to tell up from down, right from left.

Where's my body gone? Do I have a body? Right now is this relative to me?

Is this the void between the planes?

No and a childish giggle. Odd the answer just came.

Is this the place Angels go when they die?

No again. Another giggle

"What are you doing here?" A voice echoes "You are not to be reborn. Ah, that's why your here!"

Who's there?

The Caretaker of Unborn Souls silly. An unspoken giggle.

I sense myself being lifted. It's a nice sensation.

"There you go." The voice again.

Something's happening. This is odd? Very odd? There are millions of voices and I can feel small hands.

"Where am I?" I ask finding my voice

"You are in the room where all the souls of children waiting to be born are kept." The answer comes. "You are here because you became an angel while still breathing. You are about to undergo your Angelic Birth."

"How?" I ask.

Images flood my mind in answer.

"Now Return!" It's an order. "And understand your place in the circle of life and death, young angel." A wind blows carrying me.

Everything goes black.

"Willow," I hear a voice. I can't tell who it is. "Don't give up."

I don't want to respond. I'm in pain especially my shoulder. "You must wake up!" It's commanding this time.

I open my eyes.

"Ms Summers," I groan seeing Joyce Summers she turns to someone I can't see.

"She's stable for now," then she fades out. Angelic fading.

Why do I feel so saw and weak? Oh yes, got my ass handed to me on a plate then I was in that odd place.

"Hermione?" I ask trying to rise. I don't have the strength.

"Captured," Jessie sighs.

"I must," I gather my energy. "I failed her," I state.

"Yes," he's sad.

"I over protected her," I sigh. "Too much protection not enough preparation. I let them depend on me too much. How long was I out?"

"Too long." Ginny enters the room holding a little girl in her arms. My senses say the infant is 12 months.

"15 months," I gasp.

"I've been out of it for 15 months?" My head hurts.

"It's civil war out there. Actually, I only found you a week ago." Jessie adds. "I was observing one of the many battles and you reappeared as the last of the defenders fell to a demon processed wizard."

Jessie POV

Now I have to tell her the rest. "You were glowing like a star. Then you spoke an Angelic Power Word."

"And?" She asks

"You cast out the demons and sent them from this realm." I stand at the foot of the bed. "You spoke the Word of Divine Justice. Any of the wizards that invited a demon in died on the spot or lost their powers."

I pause.

"You caused the demon to lose a tenth of his forces. While totally invisible to mortally eyes. Where did you learn that word?"

Willow's POV

"All I remember is being inside a place floating. There was a lot of children." I answer. "Something about my Angelic birth."

"You where still alive when you first became an angel?" Jesse asks. He seems a little shocked.

"Yeah," I answer and then yawned.

"You where in a chamber of !" He gasps he falls on his backside.

Jessie's POV

"Your where in the chamber of!" I collapse to the floor. No one can return to the chamber once born. The chamber can only be returned to if a soul didn't completely leave.

One who left a piece of their soul in the chamber are never truly born. Can never truly commit a sin. Can not truly die.

tbc in Pain of the Innocents

The End?

You have reached the end of "The End of Azkaban 2nd Arc: Weeping the Whirlwind" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Apr 07.

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