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The End of Azkaban 2nd Arc: Weeping the Whirlwind

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The End of Azkaban Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Second story arc of The End of Azkaban

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Storm Warning

Weeping the Whirlwind

Storm Warning

by Ryan

1. Willow and co. are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, UPN and WB.
2. All characters and places from the Harry Potter books are owned by J. K. Rowling, Bloomsbury paperbacks and WB.
3. No copyright infringements intended.
Summary: Set after three years after 'Grave' and three years after HP book 4.

Jessie's Pov.

I observe Willow free the slayer from the control of the demon's magic's.
I smile. The First's servants are by now running about, trying to work out what's happening. Bringers are simple fools. Though their master isn't.

The storm front is here! I can feel the winds of change. They are meta physical at the moment.

Soon, the First will manifest and the First will understand the folly of it's plans.

Okay, two off my list.

One more thing and the party starts. Note to self spend less time with Buffy.

Ah, time to delivery justice again, I smile. Cho Chang's been a very naughty girl.

Doesn't this Cho realise she's betrayed her friends, family and herself.

Willow's Pov/

I never thought a slayer could weigh this much. The girl's a heavy lump. Then I sense it. The creature missed me.

"I have a message for you, young Vengeance Angel. You're interfering in matters that don't concern you." The demon spoke with a snarl. "Return my master's property."

"Be gone!" I bellowed. "Leave now!" I commanded the wind to push the demon away.

"You can't win." The demon yelled fighting against the wind.

I throw a lightning bolt into the creature's chest. It pops like a balloon.

Hermione Pov

What the hell happened? It was bad enough I was imprisoned for casting a unforgivable I didn't cast.

Ginny was sentenced to death without a trial. This make my blood boil.

"What was that?" I felt something? It was a shift on the magical field that surrounds the planet.

"It was the Storm warning." A familiar from behind me speaks.

"You!" I spin around.

"10 points, Ms Granger." Snape stood there smiling.

"What do you want?" I'm challenging Professor Snape.

"Do you know who set you up?" He replies.

I say nothing since I don't know who set me up. Still, it's a good question.

"Cho Chang." He adds.

Jessie's Pov.

Justice is served. Cho Chang is now trapped inside her body. She's able understand what is going off around her.

The look of fear was in her eyes when she saw me waiting at the bottom of the staircase. Though, I didn't need to do a thing.

She fell. The nerve damage can not be fixed. Well, she shouldn't wear high heels unless she can walk in them.

"You think this will stop me little Angel." The First appeared before me.
"Leave," I hiss at the entity.

"Is that anyway to speak to an old friend." The First took on my appearance in life. "So one of my agents was incapacitated today. I have many others."

"Which will also suffer because of you." I fold my arms over my chest.

"I can't seem to care about that." The First grinned. "After all they chose to serve me, to gain power, to gain money, to gain the upper hand on their enemies. Not the best kind of people to start with."


2. Lighting the fire
3. Pain of the Innocents
4. Judgment Day
5. Love will always win
Epilogue: Justice, Mercy and Healing
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