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SunnyDale Or Smallville-Not So Different After All

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Summary: Due to a magical backlash Xander is now fifteen. With the newly awoken slayers lusting after him the PTB decides to place him somewhere else. Spike goes with. SLASH!

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Smallville > Xander-CenteredLLNFR18717,53078536,06310 Mar 0729 Mar 07No


The night had a hazy otherworldly feeling to it as he looked around.
The soft breeze blew through the cornstalks next to him, they seemed to go on as far as the eye could see, and farther still than that. The clouds passed by revealing the bright shining moon. Then she appeared with long dark hair, her fathomless dark eyes clouded by hurt and dressed in a long white dress. She was a ghost of the past.

"Destiny has finally taken hold of you," she whispered sadly.

"What do you mean," he asked entranced by the secrets in her dark eyes.

"Open your inner eye and see..."

He never knew it was closed...opening it he saw...


A small town being destroyed by the meteorites falling from the sky...


A beautiful brunette boy with bright pain-filled eyes, tied to a cross. Red paint smear across his chest, a glowing green rock hung around his neck.


A bald man with pain-filled bright blue eyes and wearing a pure white suit stood in the middle of a sunflower field, one hand encased in a black glove, as a rain of blood fell on him.


A beautiful sloe-eyed girl as she sat in the middle of a graveyard talking to a tombstone. The necklace she wore had a bright almost glowing green stone in it.


The brunette boy as he sat in the graveyard surrounded by headstones on his knees in the pouring rain, screaming in pain and rage.


A pretty blonde girl as she sat in front of a computer screen, staring at it in shock, before she began typing on the keyboard. Behind her on the wall were pictures, newspaper and magazine articles all about the town that had been hit with meteors.


A little yellow farmhouse, an older couple was standing on the porch. The woman had red hair and the man dark blond, and the love they had for each other so strong you could almost touch it.


A boy with skin the color of dark chocolate stood staring at the brunette boy and the young bald man unnoticed as they laughed with each other, feelings of rage and jealousy coming from him.


An older man with long hair that was reminiscent of a loin's mane glare at the bald young man before he started to smirk evilly at him.


The brunette boy was standing by a bridge looking depressed. The hand of fate hung over him poised to touch...


The young bald man was walking to a car with a disappointed look on his face. The hand of fate over him was poised to touch him as well...


A silver- blue porche...reckless speeding...a obstruction in the road...two pairs of eyes, one bright green, one bright blue...meeting over the whine of tortured turbines and the stressing of steel...The hand of fate came crashing down...


A bald man wearing a pure white suit, one hand encased in a black glove, on a finger of the glove there was a ring with a brightly glowing stone. He stood on top of a tall glass building, behind some sort of ray gun out of a comic book. The gun pointed toward a city. A brunette man obviously the older version of the brunette boy stood floating by the building he was wearing a bright blue suit with a red cape, a bright smear of red on his chest.


He didn't want to see any more. It physically it hurt to see it-something once so beautiful turned so ugly.

"Now you see, don't you," he opened his eyes and looked at the lush looking blonde with a peaceful look in her eyes wearing the same white dress of the other.

"See what?" he asked confused by the dream? The vision he saw?

"The past, the present, the future. Are all twisted and twined around each other, remove one and the others cease to be..."

"Why are you telling me this," he asked.

She frowned as she began to fade but when she spoke it was in a harsh cockney accent,

"Because you have to wake-up!"



Was the only warning he had as his eye snapped open, a cold rain of water came splashing down on him. Xander sat up sputtering he shook the water from his hair then wiped it from his face. He saw Spike standing in his doorway an empty bucket swing from one hand.

"I hate you," Xander growled darkly, but unfortunately since he looked like a wet kitten, Spike just sniggered.

Spike mockingly asked his 'charge', "You didn't want to be late for your first day of high school, did you?" Then walked out of the room.

'That vampire is enjoying way too much.' Thought Xander as he looked around the room seeing the half unpacked boxes of clothes and weapons. He shook his head and muttered, " No, we wouldn't want that, would we?"


Spike glanced at the sulking brunette sitting in the passenger side of the Desoto. Yes, he had the Desoto again it was one of the perks he had gotten while he had been at W&H. This Desoto wasn't the original of course, that one was at the bottom of the SunnyDale crater like so much else. No it was a tricked out version of his old beloved car and look like it just came off the showroom floor. He loved this car.

Spike sighed; the boy was making it harder than it had to be. Sure he was unhappy being away from the cartoon gang an all. But surely his company wasn't that bad. They had been getting along well since Xander got mojoed into a teen and turned into the equivalent of catnip to the young newly awakened slayers. Spike had taken to watching out for the boy, teaching to fight and other stuff. The blond vampire grinned, and a right proper fledge the boy had been becoming too- he had ran rings around the baby slayers when it came to fighting, surprising them and helpfully keeping Xander from getting hurt.

"Really, pet, I don't see what the big deal is. Most of your lot would give their soul to be young again."

The boy glared, Spike was beginning to wonder if that was the only expression Xander had.

"Newsflash Blondie, only people who are old wish that, not some who is barely in their twenties!"

Spike sighed and lit a cigarette, with the exhale of smoke he said, "You're just being difficult."

"Difficult!" the boy almost screeched. Xander had been spending way too much time with those bints, he had mastered hitting the tone of voice only teenage girls and dog whistles could make.

"Yes, difficult, you have a second chance..."

"I don't want a second chance! I was thankful just to get through the first time!"

Spike just smirked, " Look, schools' up ahead."

Xander crossed his arms over his chest, " There is no way I'm getting out of this car," he said belligerently.


Chloe Sullivan and Pete Ross, sitting on a short wall, watched as Clark Kent made his way across the quad to where Lana Lang stood.

"Ten bucks says he doesn't make it with in ten feet of her." Said Chloe with a slight smirk.

Pete shook his head, " I say five, and make it twenty."

Chloe looked thoughtful for a moment then grinned, "Deal," as they shook hands on it.

They watched as Clark got within six feet of the pretty brunette girl, he paled and stopped, she wore a pretty necklace with a green stone in it. Clark did an about-face and started back toward his friends. Never seeing the frown the girl got then lost as Whitney Fordman, her blond quarterback boyfriend put an arm around her shoulders.

When Clark got to them he said, "You both owe me twenty bucks, I got within six feet," he said proudly. His friends looked at him in confusion, Clark seeing the confusion rolled his eyes, "You guy's make the same bet every Monday," he told them. Pete was the first to recover.

"Clark, man, you can't bet against yourself that just wrong!"

"It's cheating." Said Chloe.

"And you still lost, man." Pete said grinning.

Clark blinked owlishly at them, "Who says I lost?"

"Cause you're here with us, instead of her." Said Chloe.

Clark thought about that for a moment then sighed despondently, "Can we talk about something else."

The other two smiled understandingly, then Chloe blinked and said, "New guy."

"What?" asked the two boys in confusion as Clark sat down between his two friends.

"There's a new guy transferring here from California." She told them.

"Why?" asked Pete.

"Well, rumor has it..." Chloe started.

"The guys not even here yet and there are rumors?" Clark cut in.

Chloe glared at him, "Can I continue," she asked and when Clark nodded she began to list students and how they knew each other ending with, "And Shelly who works in the office was the transcripts. They said he burned down his old high school." Chloe then noticed the other two's dazed and awed expressions. "Guys?"

"You are a very scary girl." Pete told her as Clark nodded in agreement.

The scary girl in question frowned and was about to speak when a black Desoto came screeching, smoke coming from the tires to a halt in the Smallville High parking lot. Suddenly the passenger side opened, a backpack came sailing out and hit the ground, a brunette boy followed soon after. A pale hand reached and closed the passenger door from the inside. The car screeched away as suddenly as it appeared. The brunet stood up and dusted off his blue jeans and black leather jacket, colorfully cursing the driver of the car. He then seemed to notice the students staring at him.

"What?! You never seen anyone thrown from a car before," he shouted, they still stared, the boy reached up to make sure his eye patch was still in place. Then muttered loudly to himself, "Now to find where's the principal's office is at?"

"You go into the main hall and turn left..."Xander turned at the unsolicited advice from a girl sitting on a short wall with two boys. Xander felt a pang at the remarkable parallel to his first stint in High School-only he had been one of the three then.

"Really?" He asked.

"Yeah," said Chloe.

" It says principal in big black letters." Said Clark.

"Can't miss it." Said Pete.

"Thanks." Xander said simply as he began walking in the direction of the principal's office.

Clark looked at Chloe then at Pete.

"Do you think that's the transfer student?" He asked them.

""Transfer student."" They agreed.
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