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SunnyDale Or Smallville-Not So Different After All

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Summary: Due to a magical backlash Xander is now fifteen. With the newly awoken slayers lusting after him the PTB decides to place him somewhere else. Spike goes with. SLASH!

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Smallville > Xander-CenteredLLNFR18717,53078536,07010 Mar 0729 Mar 07No


As Clark left the Beanery he told Pete good-bye and started toward the Kent farm. It was a nice fall night and he decided to enjoy it. He had plenty of time before curfew so there was no need for him to super-speed home.

Clark was at the edge of town when he saw Xander also walking down the road. He had been just about to call Xander's name when he noticed how slowly Xander was walking. Then suddenly, to Clark's surprise, Xander began to lowly and tunelessly whistle. Things then took a turn to the truly strange when Xander started to circle the last street lamp of the town's main street. Just flirting with the complete blackness of the night lying beyond the warm golden circle falling from it.

Clark wondered what the hell Xander was up to with his odd behavior when something or more accurately someone, rushed out of the shadows. Clark winced as both Xander and his attacker slammed into the ground, and then undeterred by the hard fall, tried to make mince-meat out of each other as they rolled in and out of the light of the lamp. Clark was too far away to get a good look at whatever, or whoever, that had attacked Xander and knew that his control over his abilities was too shaky to risk using them.

Clark saw Xander throw a punch at the thing, person, whatever, knocking it off him. He took the chance to kip to his feet and dart back under the streetlamp. The aggressor followed allowing Clark to see was a young looking boy, about their age, dressed in dark and out of fashion clothes and a black mid length leather jacket. In the soft yellow light of the street lamp he had what looked to be long hair that was dyed a dark green. When his came into view it was all Clark could do not to gasp aloud. His face was almost to pretty for words, beautiful, really, more attractive than Lex and Spike combined. Clark quickly shook off that thought, he didn't know where it came from, didn't really *want* to know. One thing was for sure, the green-haired guy wasn't someone Clark had ever seen before, and Clark was pretty sure he knew just about everyone in Smallville. Clark slowly moved closer to the two fighting, hoping to be able to help his friend if Xander needed it. Staying to the shadows though not really knowing why.

Now he was able to hear what the other was saying to Xander.

"...You and the Traitor were here." The green-haired man threw a punch at Xander's face but Xander deflected it with little effort.

"You should have stayed in Barcelona, Milo." Xander said in a tone that gave Clark the chills. Then he landed a blow to Milo's ribs, causing Milo to double over. When the Milo guy looked up his face was on longer beautiful, it was that of a monster. Yellow eyes glowing ferally, set under a frighteningly ridged brow and nose and a mouth filled with fangs that seem to glint in the low light.

Milo snarled through those alarming teeth, "After what you and those do-gooders are being hunted as we speak."

Xander smirked at Milo; "I've always been hunted, and by better than you..."

The monster, for Clark couldn't think of it as a person anymore, lunged at Xander grabbing his shoulders and throwing him against the side of a nearby building. Xander ducked when another punch was aimed at his head, and the monster howled when his fist hit the wall instead of Xander.

"Really, Milo, you would think what I did was bad..." Xander said taunting the monster. Why Xander felt the need to do so, Clark couldn't figure out, the thing was fast and strong and all of Clark's instincts were saying to get the hell away from it. But Xander seemed to enjoy making the thing mad.

"You! It was you! You killed my Sire!"

"Most of your kind would be glad about the new found freedom."

Milo froze and nodded, "Oh, I'm glad. But you see I wanted to be the one to dust the bitch."

Xander nodded understandingly, "Well, that would be a problem."

"And since I can't kill my Sire, her being dust and all, well I'll just have to settle for killing you..."

" could just leave," Xander told him but got a growl in retort, "yeah that's what I thought. Well come and get me."

"You're dead," hissed the creature.

Xander laughed, "And yet you're the walking corpse."

The ensuing fight was like something Clark had only ever seen in the movies. But faster, harder, louder and bloodier than any movie would ever attempt to show. It wasn't as pretty either. The two forms were locked together in what only could be called mortal combat, every move made counting toward a final out come. Hands flashing, feet whipping, elbows and knees gouging-it seemed to go on forever, endless. Finally, an opening was found as the creature grabbed at Xander's neck. Clark saw one of Xander's hands reach up through the gap in his opponent's defenses and as he touched the monster's chest Clark thought he heard something that sounded like a spring clicking. Clark wasn't sure but he thought he saw a flash of pale white wood come from the arm Xander had on the creature's chest right after he heard the sound. The Milo creature hissed and staggered back a few feet from Xander, his as it looked down. When Milo backed up Clark could see he hadn't been imagining things because there was something sticking out of Milo's chest, something made out of white wood, that looked remarkablely resembled a stake. To further add to the stake theory Clark had come to, Clark watched as before the monster could finish his last curse on Xander, he exploded into dust.

Xander leaned against the lamppost heavily, panting for breath. Clark then heard the sound of someone applauding, he saw Xander turn toward the sound. Pale blond hair came into view, then a long black duster. Then Xander slowly straighten up and sighed with an unreadable look on his face. "How long were you watching?" Xander asked Spike irately.

"Long enough to see we need to up your training regime, Whelp."

Xander glared, "You could have helped!"

Spike rolled his eyes at Xander, "Now why would I do that?"

"Oh, I don't know...cause there'd be a lot of really pissed off women after you if I died?"

Spike just snorted at that before walking off into the night. Xander just sighed heavily and followed, all the while muttering very not nice things about the blond in the duster.

Clark frowned. He wondered just *what* the hell it was that he just saw. And after seeing it just *why* Spike and Xander were in Smallville at all. And in the end made him question just *who* in the hell Xander Harris really was.


As Xander wandered the school grounds he could hear the sounds of the pep rally.
'That is one ritual I will never understand.' Xander thought as he reached the parking lot, all that school spirit was making him nauseous.

Xander was about to just go home. This whole pep rally thing was a bust, he couldn't find Clark or Chloe, even if he thought he had seen Pete on the football field earlier. Xander then thought he saw one of the members of the football team and wondered why he wasn't at the pep rally. When the player walked under a parking lot light Xander saw it was Trevor, the one if Xander remembered right, was who Coach Walt had hit last night. Trevor looked to be on his way to his car, but then Xander saw Coach Walt as he stepped out of the shadows near Trevor with an angry look on his face. The older man reached out and grabbed Trevor's arm and did something, making him scream. Xander stayed to the shadows as he made his way closer to the other two so he could hear their conversation. As Xander got closer he could smell burnt flesh, which surprisingly do not smell as bad as most demon remains.

"Talking to the newspaper girl, Trevor, I thought you were smarter than that!" Coach Walt sneered at the boy, who was now on his knees from the pain the Coach was inflicting on him.

"Coach, I didn't tell her anything!" Trevor denied, " She was at the field last night..."

That was all Xander hung around to hear. He left silently, because from what he saw on Coach Walt's face, he knew the coach would be going after Chloe. Xander took off running, he had to get to the Torch office before he did.


Xander burst though the Torch's office door, panting hard.

Chloe, who was working on a computer, looked up and
frowned, "Xander?"

"C'mon, we gotta go!"

"Go where?" Chloe asked confused. Xander walked towards her, still breathing hard from his sprint from the parking lot to the Torch office.

"Trouble's coming--big trouble. Let's not be here when it get's here."

"Xander, you're not making sense!"

"Just trust me, okay!" Xander said grabbing Chloe's arm and started pulling her toward the door. Chloe saw how worried Xander was and decided to humor him.

"Alright, just let me grab my coat." Chloe said pulling away from him and going back to the computer. As Chloe picked up her coat from the back of her chair, the computer burst into flames.

"Not good," Xander said turning. He looked through the Torch's open office door and he could see Coach Walt standing there in the stairwell, through the small window of the fire door, with his eyes closed. Chloe screamed, Xander turned back to the computer; the desk was now engulfed in flames. The flames seemed to follow Chloe wherever she went in the room. Xander had to dodge a flame that tried to separate them.

'Just what I need,' thought Xander, 'a pyro-kinetic.' "Like my life isn't complicated enough. I thought I left stuff like this in Cleveland!" He muttered aloud.

"Oh, god!" Xander heard Chloe say. He grabbed Chloe by the shoulders and turned her to face him.

"Do. Not. Panic." He tells Chloe who blinks at the tone then nods at him. Xander looks around the room and sees the window across the room.

'To far away,' he thinks as he pulls Chloe back toward the door, as wall of flames erupted from the floor two feet in front them.

"Window it is," he muttered rethinking his plan, "Chloe see if you can get to the window, call for help...anything!"

Chloe stood there looking kind of shocked, "Oh, god!"

"NOW CHLOE!" Xander shouted at he breaking her out of the state she almost fell into. Chloe goes over to the window and tries to open it but can't.

"It won't open!" Chloe said in a shrilly voice.

"Break it then." Xander said looking around for something to put out the fire. Chloe picked up a nearby chair and threw it at the window with all the strength causing one of the legs to shatter the window. She then began to scream for help and jump up and down waving.

Just when Xander began to wonder if they were in fact going to burn to death he heard Chloe's name shouted from the doorway. The fire that had been raging out of control died as suddenly as it had begun. Chloe ran and threw herself into Clark's arms. Clark, it seemed, had a hero's sense of timing Xander thought wryly.

The End?

You have reached the end of "SunnyDale Or Smallville-Not So Different After All" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Mar 07.

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