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SunnyDale Or Smallville-Not So Different After All

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Summary: Due to a magical backlash Xander is now fifteen. With the newly awoken slayers lusting after him the PTB decides to place him somewhere else. Spike goes with. SLASH!

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Chapter One

Title:SunnyDale Or Smallville-Not So Different After All.
Author: LLN
Fandom: Buffy/Smallville Crossover
Pairing: This is SLASH peoplle! X/S, Clark/Lex, others as they come.
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy: Joss does.
Do not own Smallville: Warner Bros & DC comics does.
Summary: Due to a magical backlash of power Xander Harris is now fifteen. To keep the newly awaken slayer form killing each other of him. The Powers That Be send him to Smallville to help stop a rising evil and to help the rising good to fight the evil. Yow know, same old, same old. Spike goes with.
Beta: Is the wonderfu Bumpkin!!!


The explosion was big, loud, of the magical kind and should not have happened.
Xander Harris groaned and rolled over on to his back in the spot where he had landed.
He could hear Faith taking baby slayer role call to make sure they were all right. This had been their first big Apocalypse. It was nights like this that Xander wished he had taken Giles up on his offer to look for Slayers in Africa. He sighed and looked up at the stars in the night sky and wondered dazedly if they were real or a product of the loud boom-boom. Then he heard Spike's voice join Faith's as she began to bitch.

" X, you better be alive. Cause if you're not B's going to kill me and Red- Well, I don't even want to think about what she'll do!"

" Heh, she would probably just turn you in to a frog." Said the silky cockney English accent followed by the flicking sound of a Zippo lighter.

" You were supposed to be watching his back, Billy." Faith sneered at Spike.

" Oh, believe me Slayer, I have been." Spike told her in his most smarmy tone.

And wasn't that a major cause of wigginess for Xander. Ever since the Blond Wonder had shown up at the Slayer House in Cleveland for no reason at all, well that anybody could tell he'd had been stalking Xander. The remarks, the looks, and the walking around without his shirt wherever he could whenever Xander was in the area. At first Xander thought he was imagining things but then Faith had said something about Spike being after him.

Slowly Xander sat up trying not to moan in pain, " Over here," he called to them. But frowned, his voice sounded odd.

' Must be the smoke from the explosion.' He thought.

Then he saw the looks Faith and Spike gave him when they came over to him. Faith looked concerned but Spike, well, Spike was losing a battle at holding back his sniggering. That was when he noticed the Slayers had began to whisper and giggle among themselves.

' Well, that *can't* be good.' Xander thought with dread.

Faith blinked as she took in the sight of X as he slowly stood up, some where along the explosion, he had lost a few inches of height, his clothes- those loud horrible things he wore- hung on his slightly smaller frame. Shaggy dark brown hair, some locks falling over the black patch, mostly obscuring it from view. He looked younger now, younger than her; in fact Xander now looked no older than her baby Slayers. Speaking of, as she began to her what some of them where saying she began to worry for his virtue.

" Wow, Can see now why the older Slayers and the witch are so protective of him," Danielle, a model tall blonde.

" Yeah," said Rachelle a petite brunette who was Danielle's twin sister and a witch in training who was studying with Willow.

" Definite hottie material." Said Noel a young slayer with chin length hair that was dyed a dark purple, who was eyeing Xander blatantly.

" You know I never noticed it before but he is a cutie." Said a girl with coffee colored skin and jet-black hair, Fressica.

" Thought you were in to girls?" asked Lalyala in her French accent, red hair falling down to her waist.

" So, he's still a cutie!"

' That can't be good,' thought Faith, 'funny sure, but not *good*.'

" What's wrong with me! I feel strange." Xander asked as he glared at Spike who was laughing so hard he had to sit down.

" Looks like you've been Teenified, X." Faith said over Spike's laughter.

Xander's eye went round then looked at the whispering and giggling groups of girls in horror.

Faith seeing the look of panic on Xander's face, quickly said, " I'm sure Red can fix it."

Xander gave her disbelieving look then began to curse loudly, his voice breaking midway over a few words.



Xander sat sulking in a chair in the library as the others were researching.

" You have to fix this, Wills, it's been two weeks!"

Willow frowned at her best friend, her hot teen version of him. She shook that thought away.

" Xan, it's easier to de-age some one or something than it is to age them."

" But...but magic! You need to find a cure! " Xander whined desperately.

" Oh, come on! It can't be that bad." Said Kennedy almost snidely. Not liking all of the attention everyone had been paying Xander lately. So he was now a teenager again, big deal. They were all acting like he had something fatal.

" Not that bad, " muttered Giles from the corner holding a book in one hand and a glass of brandy in the other. " Well, lets see, there had been twenty catfights, ten broken bones, five almost stakings, three hair tragedy's, two make-up horrors, and one wardrobe malfunction, and it's not that bad she says."

" Are you implying that it's my fault, G-man," Xander asked standing up and beginning to pace around, " Cause you know I've been on my best behavior. I haven't done anything to lead any of them on."

" Of course not, and do not call me by that horrid nickname, you haven't used it in years. Please refrain from doing so now again." Giles told him.

" It's only 'cause I forgot how much it annoyed you," said Xander with a laugh.

A book slammed shut cutting Xander laugh short, " You didn't have to do anything, it's just because you here," said Buffy with a slight glare, " A cute young, their age guy, was all the excuse they needed."

Xander sighed heavily, " Gee, thanks Buff! Good to know it's all cause they all think I'm a pretty piece of meat. It would have been nice to be liked because of my personality."

There came a snort from a dark corner, " What personality, Whelp?"

Xander glared in the direction the snort cam from, " Don't start with me."

" Start anything I want to, mate."

Spike was leaning against the wall when Xander walked over to him. " Do you want a piece of me?" The boy asked him. Spike smirked and pushed off the wall getting in to Xander's space he said,

" Yeah, I do, pet."

Xander was the one who snorted then, " Guess you'll have to wait in line then," he told the vampire before turning and walking out of the room.

Spike frowned, " Did he just..."

The shouts of 'no' from everyone else in the room almost deafened him.

" He's now a hormonal teenager, nothing he says can be taken seriously." Said Giles.



The two Oracles of The Powers That Be stood watching the ensuing chaos. It looked like something out of a Girls Gone Wild video gone wrong!

The riots....

The screaming....

The almost dismemberments....

The hair pulling??!

" Sister, this is insanity." Said the Male

" Yes, Brother, something must be done."

" Before the newly awoken ones kill each other," muttered the Male.

" But what?" wondered the Female.

" He must be sent away from the Slayers."

" That's obvious. But where?"

The Female looked thoughtful for a moment, " Kansas."

The Male blinked, " *THERE*?" he said incredulously.

The Female nodded, " I think he would do well there, and he's now the prefect age to fit in."

" Fine, " the Male said with a slight frown, " but he does not go alone."

The Female smirked, " Of course not."

The Male's eyes widened as he caught a whisper of the female's thought of who would go with the boy.

" Sister! Now that *is* insanity!"



Buffy's eyes widened as she overheard what Dawn wanted to do with, and to, Xander. Dawn had been after the teenified Xander hot and heavy. It wasn't a surprise that Dawn's Xander crush had come back so quickly it had been how ruthless she had been in her pursuit of him. Dawn had been rivaling Spike in the sultry looks, the come ons and the walking around in revealing clothes. In fact Xander's attention did seem to be torn between flirting with Spike overtly, and flirting with Dawn blatantly. The last thing Buffy wanted to walk in on was Xander making out with one or the other or both. And if some of Dawn's remarks were anything to go by she wouldn't mind sharing Xander with Spike.

' Maybe it's time to take Dawn back to Italy.' Thought Buffy.


Spike had never been so amused in his unlife! Watching the Whelp run and hide from a bunch of teenage girls. True they could rip the boy apart if they ever caught him, but the boy was proving to be a cagey bastard. Even with all the hints Spike would give the baby slayers, they still couldn't find Xander. The Slayer House was not that big, it should have been a cakewalk for the slayers to find him. The boy was getting help from somewhere, the Bit if he wasn't mistaken. It was fun to watch the boy run scared from the slayers pursuit of him, to watch the boy consider the Bit's, but strangely the boy would only snort or smirk at Spike's pursuit of him. He's said it before and he'd say it again,

" You're an odd one, pet."


Robin Wood sighed as he tried to pull two slayers off of each other. He just wanted sanity to return to his house, but he knew as long as that bothersome boy was still in residence he was going to get it. The irony was that just three weeks ago he would have thought of Harris as an ally, but not now. No, now the young slayers seem to think this younger version of Xander was a cross between the latest boy band member and a movie star-only worse because they could actually get their hands on him. Well, if they could catch him that is, and Harris by far had the best instincts at avoiding he had ever seen.

Faith hadn't been helping, no; she seemed to enjoy sending the younger girls in to rages with remarks about steering Harris around the curves.
He wondered why teaching Harris to drive would upset them so much. Robin got thrown into a wall by one of the girls then they went back fighting each other. One hundred and fifty slayer lived in this house and only one Harris...the odds were not good.

" Give me peace!" muttered Robin as he stood up and went back to the fray.


Dawn watched Xander and Spike sparing out of the corner of her eye. The rest of her attentions were on the baby slayers. None of her plots had worked and she would be damned if one of theirs' did. In fact, it looked like it might be Spike who got him- if it wasn't for the fact that Xander wasn't gay. Dawn knew that much, she had seen Xander's past girlfriends and crushes and they all were females. Not that, Dawn didn't think the sight of a sweaty Xander and Spike doing naughty thing to each other made a bad picture, just it was unlikely. No matter how much Xander did flirt with Spike. If anyone who wasn't her got Xander she would rather it was Spike. But she wanted it to be her, although she wouldn't mind sharing under the right circumstances. Now she was thinking like Anya, that wasn't such a bad thing. The filling to a Xander and Spike sandwich...

' Yes, that could have been an Anya thought.' Wondered Dawn.


There was a flash of lightning, a rumble of thunder and when the smoke cleared the Oracles of The Powers That Be stood surround by Buffy holding a crossbow, Faith had a sword, and Dawn had a pair of sliver sai. Willow had a ball of light in her hand; Kennedy had a stake, and Robin a quarterstaff. Spike had his game face on, Xander was holding his favorite battle-axe, and Giles had a glass of scotch.

The Oracles looked at each other.

" Perhaps entrance number four wasn't the best thing to go with." Said the Female.

" With this bunch, you think?" said the Male sarcastically.


"You want what?" Xander asked the two beings, who seemed to be more color blind than Xander, 'cause midnight black skin with sliver swirls did not go with that shade of blue. Xander never knew that there *was* a shade of blue that *ugly* but there obviously was.

" We want you to be our Agent," said the Female.

" A great evil is rising..."

" As well as a young champion to face it..."

" It is a prophecy written so long ago that none of the higher beings still believe it." Said the Male.

" Prophecy, huh, I hate those things." Xander muttered.

" But lately there have been signs of it coming true."

" So, what is this prophecy about?" asked Buffy. The Oracles gave her a dismissive look but answered the question.

" It is about Numan and Ziget, two halves of the same whole..."

"...One to save the world... "

" One to destroy it..."

" Ying to yang..."

"...Black and white..."

"Peanut butter and jelly..." Xander chimed in, " We get it, they're soul mates. Do you know who they are?"

The Oracles shook their heads.

" No names or anything?"

More head shaking, Xander sighed, " Of course you don't. Do you know what powers they will have?"

" It is said Numan will be able to shoot fire from his eyes and be as strong as ten men." Said the Female.

" And the Ziggy dude?"

The Oracles frowned, " Nothing except that he is suppose to turn against Numan."

" Why?" asked Xander.

The Oracles look confused.

" Why does the Ziggy dude turn against the Newmen guy."

Neighter of the Oracles answer.

" Let me guess, that wasn't written in the prophecy, right," he asked, " I hate prophecies," Xander grumped. Then perked up, nothing could keep him down for long, and began to pepper the Oracles with questions, " we know who is what? Like which one Newman guy or the Ziggy dude, will be going all-evil? Am I going alone, and hey, do we even know where they're at?" At the confused looks the two higher beings gave him he clarified, " Where they are at...err, location?" The confusion cleared the frowns they wore didn't.

" Yes, we do know where they are to rise at. As for whom is whom, we can't see that." Said the Male. The female oracle took over from her sibling to answer what was left.

" And no, you will not be going alone. We..." she stopped at the Male's glare at her, " I have chosen a guardian for you."

" Lady, I'm almost twenty-four- I don't need one."

" Perhaps, but you are in a fifteen- year- old body."

" Who?"

" The souled vampire, of course."

" No, and I repeat, hell no! I'm not getting stuck with Angel!" Xander shouted.

The Female blinked, " We meant the extra..."

Xander frowned, " Spike, " then shook is head, " So, where exactly is it that you want to send me?"


Xander sat staring at the table after the Oracles had left. He had wanted to think about this.

" Smallville..." he muttered to himself.

" Think of it this way, Whelp, at least you'll fit in now, seeing as how you've been reduced of late..."

Xander glares at the vampire. The vampire in question tries for an innocent look that wouldn't fool a five year old.

" You forget who's going to be my oh,- so,- illustrious guardian if I do this, Bleach For Brains?" Xander then shaking his head he said, " Not gonna do this, I'm so not Agent or Champion material. They can't make me, you know, free will and all that. Not gonna do it." He finished by crossing his arms over his chest with a slight pout.

" It's not that bad, Xander." Said Willow.

" No, you wouldn't think that. But it's not you that will have to go back to high school!"

" Think of it this way, you might learn something." Said Buffy supportively, not that she wanted Xander to go off and be a champion or agent of the PTB's.

Xander looked confused, " You mean something besides killing demons?"

" That's the general ideal of high school, I think." Said Faith who was going to miss the chaos that Xander had been causing with the baby slayers.

" There is no fate worst than high school. I'm not going to do it and that's final." Xander said in a hard voice.

" Alright then," said Giles giving him understanding look, as the others shot Giles disbelieving looks, " instead of saving the world, you can stay here. And be...what is it Faith calls you...ah, yes, you can be the 'BoyToy' to this generation of Slayers."

There were a couple of moments of silence as that sank in to Xander's head.

Then, " Right, when do I leave again?" Xander asked.
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