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Summary: Drabbles and ficlets written for the FFA or just for fun. Crossovers included but not limited to Stargate, Constantine, Supernatural, Anita Blake, Smallville, Torchwood, Dr. Who, Burn Notice, NCIS and Alias.

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Still I Rise (Buffy/Stargate)

Title: Still I Rise
Rating: FR15
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.
Synopsis: Buffy’s first introduction to a Prior colors her unimpressed.

Note: This is an insertion fic. I tend to write them when I have writers block…which is quite often.

Still I Rise

The blonde sighed and flicked her gaze to see two of her teammates bonding over a religious bad guy. A delicate shudder chased over her form as she recalled Caleb, the woman-hating prick. Buffy already needed a vacation and she had only been working for the SGC for three months.

Her eyes lightened as she recalled her first meeting with General Landry and trying to explain the reason she was so good at saving the world. Not because of her abilities but because of the people she surrounded herself with. He had nodded sagely and given her a quote that Buffy had then passed on to Giles.

“Associate yourself with men of good quality, if you value your reputation.” She had arched a brow and he had supplied that George Washington had said something along those lines once.

The little blonde had then been introduced to SG-1 and the eye candy that was Mitchell and Jackson. Her eyes flicked to the pair as they interrogated the Oreo guy and then smirked trying to remember to call the Ori that in front of the linguist.

She just knew that would make the line of his jaw flex as he’d exhaled, hard enough to make his nostrils flare ever so slightly and then Mitchell would proceed to give her a low five behind Jackson’s back.

Buffy listened to the Ori guy as he preached and panted, becoming increasingly bored but unwilling to leave the general vicinity in case he broke through super smart Sam’s doodad. The Slayer resigned herself to an afternoon of boring interrogation and moved to lounge beside the small circle of dirt.

Mitchell glanced down at her and raised a brow but was soon distracted by the Prior to pay her much attention. With a bored sigh she leaned back against one of the posts of the railing that surrounded the ring and pulled out an emery board from her pack.

With barely an acknowledgement of the threat needs-a-tan posed she stretched out her camo wearing legs, crossed them at the ankles and began to file her nails. Daniel glanced down at her and pinched the bridge of his nose as Cam called back to them that he was going grab something to eat.

“Bring me back something!”

“Got it!”

Buffy flicked her eyes upward and saw Daniel’s raised brow. “What?”

He frowned down at her and motioned his head toward the fuming Prior. Buffy shook her head, “Nu-huh, I’ll take no part in the Q and A.”

“Maybe you can annoy some answers out of him.”

“Bite me.”

Daniel closed his eyes and silently contemplated Jack’s demise for recruiting his newest teammate. With an affronted sigh he allowed himself to sit back against the post next to Buffy’s. Her presence on SG-1 had been the topic of much debate through all levels of the SGC but only Landry and Jack were privy to her files.

The little blonde had proven herself when she had managed to subdue Khalek the first time he tried to escape and the surveillance videos of the event had mysteriously disappeared and not even Colonel Carter had been able to bring them back. Not to mention the fact that he had called her the only challenge worthy of him.

Buffy had reacted to him much the same way she was reacting to the Ori—ignoring them—albeit there was no gum for her to snap at this enemy.


He glanced up from his internal thoughts to see the offered canteen. With a nod he accepted the peace offering and took a small pull. With his eyes ever vigilant on their enemy who appeared to be glaring at Buffy. Daniel’s brows drew downward and Buffy followed his gaze.

“There a problem, Casper?”

The Prior’s face thinned with his rage, “You are an abomination.”

Daniel stiffened and leaned forward. “I’m sorry?”

Buffy’s eyes narrowed and she spoke over Jackson. “Excuse me?”

“The unbelievers place thee on a pedestal up high. Worship a creature of ill breeding and filth.”

Buffy glanced to Daniel’s amazed face and winced, “Did he just insult my mom?”

“Alchemy of evil.”

Buffy flicked her gaze back to the Prior with a snort. “I’m evil? Please, you demolish civilizations ‘cause they won’t bow to your false godliness.”


Daniel rose and took a step forward, careful to stay just outside of the Prior's reach just to be on the safe side. “Why is she an abomination?”


Daniel glanced down at Buffy, “Sorry.”

The blonde rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest, all the while glaring at the Prior.

“They believe you their champion, their protector. You are nothing more than evil tool used by the unbelievers to spread their false truths.”

Buffy calmly replaced her emery board and shifted her weight onto her hands as she rose up from the compact dirt. Daniel couldn’t ignore the dangerous glint to her eyes as she narrowed them on the Prior.

The Slayer inclined her head as she spoke. “There has to be evil so that good can prove its purity over it.”

Daniel shifted, confused at a Buddhist proverb coming from this particular team member. The Prior turned his head to the side to watch the tree line around them.

“The evil lives inside of you, a blackness that wells up from the darkest of recesses.” The Prior turned to meet Buffy’s glare head on and she winced at the colorless irises. “The Ori would cleanse you of such darkness, you could walk through the fires of true purity.”

Daniel watched the sadness spread over Buffy’s features as she shook her head before answering. “The darkness in me is evil but it does not rule me. It can never rule me.”

She spun and left her pack along the railing, her back straight and proud as she left the center of the Sodan village. The Prior’s smile was slow and triumphant causing a flicker of unease in the pit of Daniel’s stomach.


“Whoa, daddy! You’ve got yourself a wicked omelet.”

Buffy shot Mitchell an amused glanced from her perch along the railing, “You’re gonna have to make me that, one of these days.”

He sent her his best come hither smile as he drawled. “Well, it is a meal best served in the morning. I could…”

“Come over this Sunday before noon and prepare it?”

The quick shot down was rewarded with wink and a grin as he called out to his CO. “General, we were just exchanging recipes.”

“And propositioning teammates.”

Mitchell’s smile spread, “Summers? Nah, she’s more of a mascot.”

The blonde sighed and hopped down from the weathered wood. “Hey, sir.”

“Any progress?”

“No, sir. The man doesn’t even have a descent pie crust, though Summers did recommend a nice butter dough.”

Hank suppressed the smile at his subordinates’ antics as he turned to the Prior and gave it a go. Buffy leaned back against the railing followed by Cam and Daniel to either side of her. She ignored the slightly protective vibe she was getting from them. They had been uppity ever since Casper had gotten in a few good verbal jabs.

Buffy wasn’t helpless and they knew this for a fact, but she couldn’t quell their big brother type attitudes. Sometimes it sucked being the youngest team member and a tiny female. Sam had at least a good four inches on her, plus the whole superior intellect.

Her and Daniel were like two peas in the smart pod, making them more than a little intimidating when they got on a brainiac role. Teal’c maybe more than a few decades her senior but he was one hell of a sparing partner, too bad the other team members weren’t allowed to watch. Maybe it’d stop their constant need to over protect. She shrugged, at least her and Mitchell could bond over pop culture and quips.

A shadow flickered across the sun and Buffy glanced up with a frown. Orlin was speaking rather hypnotically to the Prior and for a moment she thought he had actually reached him, but a wash of power made the hairs on her arms stand on end.


She shouted before the Prior had realized his advantage. With a wave of his hand the three members of SG-1 slammed back through the railing and landed several feet from the circle. The Slayer arched in mid air to land on her feet, her left ankle giving a pop in protest as Cam and Daniel collapsed in a heap around her.

Ignoring the pointed guns she rushed the Prior who now had someone she respected on his knees. A stifled gasp escaped Landry and Buffy vaulted the broke ruins of the railing to land beside the pair.

“And on that day, all will rejoice, when the Ori come and lay them low.”

Buffy’s hand lashed out shattering the bones of the wrist holding the General. Who fell back gasping as Buffy placed herself directly before the Prior and grasped his throat as effortlessly as he had Landry’s.

“Release me, abomination.”

His colorless eyes flared as the Prior cradled his broken wrist to his chest and Buffy felt the first stirrings of power as he prepared to smite her. His power rolled over her skin, pulling it tight but failed to shove her back as he had so effortlessly just moments before.

The predator unfurled from the shadows of her mind, eased upward to stir beneath the surface of her consciousness and the Prior’s eyes widened at the evil before him. The hand holding his neck flexed closing his windpipe and ceasing his ability to breath, pulling one last strangled sound from bleached lips.

“Where are your gods now?”

The emotionless question was paired with the cracking of the Prior’s vertebra as the Slayer snapped his neck. His body fell, eyes open and forever sightless as his robes became sullied by the dirt around them. She stared down at the once human form, panic at her actions flickered across her consciousness and she suppressed it—buried it deep—far beneath her spark of humanity. She’d pay for that act of cruelty later, when the universe wasn’t dying.

Orlin stepped around the Prior’s still form and gently touched Buffy’s arm, his aged eyes becoming the only familiar part in the child’s face. “You should not be ashamed.”

Her face remained void of emotion as she gave a hesitant nod and turned back to where Daniel was helping the General to stand. Landry’s gaze met hers and he nodded, “Thank you.”

The blonde shrugged and watched the members of SG-2 take their CO back toward the Stargate. The older man walked without any aid, his head high and stride direct.

Mitchell strolled toward her, his face carefully neutral. “The Prior knocked us pretty hard.” Buffy nodded. Cam frowned. “And yet you landed on your feet and kept your head enough to attack.”

She shrugged.

It was Daniel’s turn to frown as he asked, “Care to tell us how you did that?”

The Slayer sighed and raised her head to meet their gazes, both an intense blue and more than a little annoyed. “Just know that if you knock me down, I’ll rise.”

Mitchell raised a brow at the side step, but accepted it with a small smirk. “That is until you die ‘cause the dead don’t usually get back up.”

Daniel shook his head. “Stick around.”

Without thinking Buffy added, “You might learn something.”

The blonde and the linguist paused confused by each other’s answers. She blinked at him and promised herself to read all his files the very next chance she got.

Mitchell’s brows drew down but he shrugged and followed the pair back toward the gate. With a casual air he swung his arm up and across Summers’ shoulders. Daniel looked down as Buffy pulled him to her other side, wrapping her arm around his waist with sisterly affection.

The linguist glanced over her head to catch Cam’s eye. The Col. gave a slight incline in acknowledgement, Summers was hiding something. Something big. Probably something they’d hate but at the moment it didn’t matter. She was a teammate and that made her family. They protected family, even if that person could break a Prior’s neck with one hand.

Mitchell allowed the companionable silence to draw out a few minutes before breaking it with a smirk, “So Summers, with all this comradery flying around. Wanna tell me and Jackson how exactly you opened a can of whup’ass on ol’Khalek?”

She laughed.

The End.
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