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Summary: Drabbles and ficlets written for the FFA or just for fun. Crossovers included but not limited to Stargate, Constantine, Supernatural, Anita Blake, Smallville, Torchwood, Dr. Who, Burn Notice, NCIS and Alias.

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Moments To Build On (Graham/Anita Blake)

Title :: Moments To Build On
Word Count :: 200
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and I am making no profit from the use of them.
Challenge :: 71 ‘a truth and a lie’ from tthdrabbles
FFA :: Graham Miller/Anita Blake

Moments To Build On

One moment he had been low to the ground with dense foliage surrounding Graham and moist soil beneath him as he focused the scope of his M-107 loaded with silver rounds on the leader of the pack of werewolves circling the set of young women tied to stakes in the ground.

The next moment his damp stomach was pressed against rock and he had a petite brunette glaring down at him. The goosebumps lifting the hair on his arms let Graham know the people surrounding him were more than just human and that the silver in his ammo might do him good here when the brunette—smaller then the Slayer—started off at the mouth.

He ignored the words, focused instead on the cold rage in her gaze as he pulled himself up and kept his hands firmly on the rifle. Blue eyes narrowed as a Browning suddenly filled her hand and she raised it, pointed square at his chest.

“Where the fuck did you come from?”

His lips quirked as he offered, in the calmest voice he could manage, “Not from around here, ma’am.” It was the truth and it wasn’t but for the moment ambiguity was Graham’s friend.

The End.
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