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Summary: Drabbles and ficlets written for the FFA or just for fun. Crossovers included but not limited to Stargate, Constantine, Supernatural, Anita Blake, Smallville, Torchwood, Dr. Who, Burn Notice, NCIS and Alias.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

An Asset (Buffy/Burn Notice)

Title :: An Asset
Word Count :: 200
FFA :: Buffy/Michael Westen
Disclaimer :: Burn Notice and all related characters are copyright Matt Nix, Fox Television Studios & The USA Network. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.

An Asset

Buffy Summers.

She’s what we, in the spy game, call an asset or a pain in the ass depending on her mood. I’ve learned fruity drinks and pretty compliments ease the way better then death threats and bodily harm. Of course where Buffy’s concerned the bodily harm wouldn’t be done to her, but to you—if you’re stupid enough to try something.

Unfortunately, Sam was stupid enough.

“You break him. You buy him.” I watch familiar green eyes narrow and shift from Sam’s pained face to mine and I offer her a tired smile as I step forward, hands held loose and empty at my sides. Her gaze flicks over me and the corner of her mouth curves inward as she eases back on her three inch heels and lets Sam up off the ground.


The use of an old cover ID tightens the skin around my eyes and my head cocks as I correct, “It’s Michael, actually.” I take another hesitant step forward. “Michael Westen.”

Her lashes dip, mouth following the downward movement and next thing I know, half my face is numb and I’m looking up at the sky.

Like I said, it depends on her mood.

The end.
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