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Summary: Drabbles and ficlets written for the FFA or just for fun. Crossovers included but not limited to Stargate, Constantine, Supernatural, Anita Blake, Smallville, Torchwood, Dr. Who, Burn Notice, NCIS and Alias.

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To be Strong (Buffy/Faith/Stargate)

Title: To be Strong
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters or the locations used in this pieced of fiction. No profit is being made.
Spoilers: All of BTVS and Stargate SG-1 season 1-9

Synopsis: When the Ancients’ treasures appeared in Glastonbury Tor, it brought with it two very powerful weapons.

To be Strong

Rome, Italy: 7:32 a.m.

The sun’s hazy morning light seeped through the small window above the shower in the apartment that Buffy Summers shared with her younger sister. The Slayer bobbed her head along to the personalized CD Andrew had made for her 25th birthday as Buffy ready herself for her first day back to college. A nervous tingle that had started in her stomach last night made its way slowly into her throat this morning and she tried in vain to swallow it down.

With a flip of her wrist she flicked her now blown dry hair back and finished the last few artful sweeps with the brush. She pushed back the frown she saw on her face, turned off the CD player and left the bathroom behind to head back to her room. As she passed Dawn’s door she gave it a sharp rap and reminded her sister, that she too had to rise and shine for school.

There was a disgruntled snort from the other side and the not so subtle sound of her sister falling out of bed. Buffy felt a smirk tug at her lips and embraced the amusement that followed as she slipped into her bedroom. Humming to herself as she let the terry cloth robe slip from her form to be hung on the back of the closet door.

She padded nude across her room to the vanity and opened the top drawer. With her back to the rising sun held at bay by thick curtains, she pulled on a pair of boy cut bottoms and as Buffy hooked the last clasp of her bra she vanished within a flash of light.


Cleveland, Ohio: 1:32 a.m.

There was sickening crunch as the vampire’s nose broke and he stumbled back from Faith’s right hook. The prominent ridges along his brow darkened as he pulled them down into a frown and hissed another threat. The brunette rolled her eyes and ducked under his swing to bodily slam him into the alley’s wall.

The brick behind him shuddered and bent inward with the force behind her form and she grinned as she continued to pummel the idiot. He growled at her and Faith arched a brow as she stepped back to pull the stake stashed at her lower back.

The vamp winced and his saffron eyes darted back and forth searching for an easy exit. With a dejected shrug of his shoulders he leapt at her and she sidestepped the lunge to shove the wood through his back and into the rough tissue of his heart.

“Son of a...” His last comment was never finished as he rolled his eyes and disintegrated into ash.

Faith grinned as she absently brushed the last of his body from her pants and turned to leave the garbage-strewn alley. Her boots fell silently across the asphalt as she replaced her stake and vanished within a flash of light.


Somerset, England: 7:33 a.m.

“Worth it.”

Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell’s voice carried across the Ancient’s outpost now filled with treasures beyond most people’s wildest dreams. He stiffened and spun at the sound of two very distinct female voices saying exactly the same thing.

“What the fuck!”

He felt his mouth drop open at the sight of the prettier than most women standing just behind the stone slab now housing the sword he had defeated the holographic knight with. His gaze was drawn to a curvy brunette, in calfskin pants that left little to the imagination and a red tank top. He flicked his eyes to the blonde and did a small double take as he realized she was in nothing more than matching underthings. He noted absently that they were a pretty violet color.

“Hey buddy, eyes!”

The blonde’s arms came up to cross over her breasts and Cameron cleared his throat. His blue eyes quickly swung up to met her angry green ones. They both turned at the amused snort from her companion.



The brunette swept her gaze across her sister Slayer and smirked. “Like the new look. Victoria’s Secret?”

The blonde shrugged. “Semi-annual sale.”

“Nice.” After the odd exchange, they nodded to one another and turned toward the Col. more than a little annoyed. “Who the hell are you and where the hell are we?”

He blinked and struggled to think of good answers for the brunette apparently called Faith’s questions. He winced as they both, in unison cocked their heads to the side and pushed their weight to one leg all the while glaring at him.

The blonde cleared her throat and his gaze was drawn back to hers. His head jerked up as he tried to maintain eye contact and he watched as a shudder of cold caused the blonde to wrap her arms more tightly across her chest. The manners his mother had ingrained into him since childhood took effect and Mitchell slid the sleeves of his jacket from his shoulders and offered the military issue to the small blonde.

She sent him a grateful smile that made her eyes more approachable and he felt an answering warmth fill his. Buffy huddled in the cotton jacket and swept her gaze around the large cave filled to the ceiling with gold and other treasures. Wary of pirates she asked Faith’s questions once more.

“Who are you and where are we?”

He may as well go for the truth. “Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Somerset, England.” Well, partial truth.

“England?” Faith stepped around the pedestal and moved down into the riches surrounding them. She absently trailed a hand through one of the chests.

Buffy frowned at her sister in arms as she fiddled with the gold coins. “How did we get here?”

Mitchell winced. “Would you believe, I have no idea?”

Faith snorted and picked up a chalice, spinning the gem covered cup she watched the muted lighting bring the stones to life. A static charge crawled its way across her skin and she stiffened as a loud thrumming filled the room. She turned to watch several rings lower from the ceiling and with a flash of light three people appeared with in the rings as they raised upward out of sight.

Buffy winced as two men and one woman stared at her and Faith stunned. The larger of the two men raised his machine gun looking weapon and pointed it at them.

“Colonel Mitchell?”

Faith threw the cup back into the chest and raised her hands as the gun was swung her way. Buffy followed the brunette’s actions as the weapon was moved back toward her. Mitchell stepped forward to try and defuse the situation.

“Teal’c its alright…I think.”

The blonde watched the Jaffa raise a brow and the man beside him clear his throat. “Uh, hello?”

Faith raised a brow at the spectacled hottie and offered him her most lust filled smile. “Hey.”

Buffy rolled her eyes but gave Faith points for taste. “Hi.”

Mitchell watched Dr. Daniel Jackson send him a questioning look and he shrugged. “I put the sword in the stone, the treasure appeared and brought them with it.”

Daniel cleared his throat and turned back to the two women who still held their arms in the air. He glanced to Teal’c and motioned him to lower his P-90. The other man frowned, but complied.

He stepped forward and spoke to the two Slayers. “Please, lower your hands.”

Buffy slowly did as she was asked and watched the pretty woman who had appeared with the men separate and begin to sift through the treasure around them. She gave a triumphant cry and placed a glittering tiara on the crown of her head.

“How do I look?”

Faith flicked her doe eyes over the woman’s leather loving outfit. “Like Barbie does bondage.”

Daniel snorted as the raven-haired woman pouted. “Who’s Barbie?”

Buffy arched a brow at Faith’s retort. “Someone’s been reading Anita Blake again.”

The other Slayer rolled her eyes, “Gotta pass the time somehow while the mini’s are at school. ‘Sides she kicks ass.” She blinked and frowned, “Well before she started screwin’ just about…”

Daniel shifted forward and drew their attention to him. “I’m Dr. Daniel Jackson.”


Daniel frowned at the brunette. “Yes, doctor.”

She snorted and opened her mouth, but the insult that would have come out was interrupted by Buffy. “Faith, try to be civil.”

She smirked at her counterpart. “That’s your role, twinkie.”

Buffy glared at her as she walked around the pedestal and toward the group. “Can you tell us how we got here?”

Mitchell inclined his head, “Can you tell us who you are?”

The Slayers glanced at one another before shrugging in unison and answering.



Daniel stepped toward them. “Last names?”

They spoke together, “Summers.”

The Lt. Colonel flicked his gaze between them, cataloging their differences in one sweep. His voice was doubtful as he asked, “Sisters?”

Buffy glanced at Faith again, “Sure.”

The brunette nodded. “As good an explanation as any.”

The blonde turned her gaze to the man with the machine gun. “And you are?”

He raised his brow and gave her a small nod, “Teal’c.”

She widened her eyes in surprise at the name and turned toward the dominatrix. The dark haired woman smiled at her with false cheer. “Vala, Vala Mal Doran.”

“O-kay.” And people thought her name was eccentric.

Faith sighed at the pleasant chitchat and moved back up toward the stone pedestal she and Buffy had arrived behind. Her gaze was locked on the sword embedded in the center. She admired the smooth line of the blade and its soft glint in the green lighting around it.

Her hand rose up as if drawn by the weapon and as her fingers traced the hilt, a steady pulse of warmth flowed up her arm. She wrapped her hand around the leather grip and it felt at home in her grasp, like the Scythe.

“Don’t touch that!”

She turned with her hand still clasping the sword to see Daniel moving toward her. Buffy beat him to Faith and she reached out to pull her wrist from the sword. As her hand wrapped around her fellow Slayer’s, Buffy’s fingers brushed the blue stone adorning the sword’s hilt. In the moment both of them made contact with the sword an electrical pulse flowed up their limbs to settle in their chest. With a small tug Buffy pulled Faith’s hand free and they both stumbled back a step from the pedestal.

The cavern around them groaned and Vala winced as it began to shake as it had before when the roof was giving a wonderful try at squishing them. She breathed a small sigh as the ceiling remained in the upright position, but her eyes widened as the holograph of Merlin reappeared. The men in her little group moved forward and Vala used the distraction to place several small gold coins in the bodice of her top.

The hologram seemed to study each of them before focusing on the two women who had appeared with the treasure. “Welcome children of Argante, the chosen and forgers of the path of righteousness. Those that have proven their knowledge and truth of spirit shall now guide your linage in its quest for harmony. You think you know what you are, what is to come. You have not even begun.”

Buffy stiffened, his words echoed Tara’s from so many years before as the holograph held out his staff and gently rapped it against the ground. Its echo spread through the cavern and the circular tip flared with light. The sound caused the light to swell and sweep through the room. As it struck Buffy and Faith, they were thrown from the pedestal and rolled down the steps to fall in an intertwined heap at the bottom.

Merlin flickered and faded back into the shadows of the cavern as Mitchell rushed forward to the two unconscious women. He knelt at their side with Teal’c beside him. They extracted the two women from each other’s limbs and rolled them to their backs.

Staring down into their ashen faces the Colonel looked up to meet Daniel’s gaze. “Well, crap.”

Vala moved up beside the linguist and studied the collapsed women. “Children of Argante?”

Daniel glanced at her. “Argante is an alteration of the name Morgen Le Fay.”

Mitchell shook his head. “Morgen Le Fay?”

Vala’s brows drew downward. “She was an Ancient?”

The linguist sighed. “Apparently.”

The thief’s head cocked to the side as she studied the Slayers. “And they’re descendants of this Ancient?”



The End.

Author's Note: This may eventually turn into a series but not until more of my WIP's are finished.
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