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Summary: Drabbles and ficlets written for the FFA or just for fun. Crossovers included but not limited to Stargate, Constantine, Supernatural, Anita Blake, Smallville, Torchwood, Dr. Who, Burn Notice, NCIS and Alias.

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Forced Holiday (Buffy/Stargate)

Title: Forced Holiday
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.
Rating: FR13
Synopsis: Daniel needs a vacation and Buffy is just the woman to force him into one.

Author’s Note: These takes place further on in the Hollow’verse without giving away any plot. Previously posted on the Worlds of Possibilities list.

Forced Holiday:

She watched the jellyfish expands its luminous body and compress its bulk, propelling the saltwater over the thin membrane. A smaller one bumped and slid along its top to puff its own way through the tank housing them. With an amused look sent over her shoulder she took a sip of her banana dacari and relished the cool air-conditioned atmosphere of the Atlantis resort located on the small Paradise Island of the Bahamas.

“This is complete gibberish!”

Rolling her eyes she turned to find Daniel studying the far wall and with all of his impressive intellect. Clearing her throat she had him spinning to find his girlfriend watching him with a smile.

Daniel stepped forward. “Buffy, the information that Willow found about the obscure dialect on the walls possibly being from real manuscripts is…is completely…” His eyes narrowed as her grin spread. “You made it up!”


He blinked, stunned by her easy admission. “You lied to us…”

“Not us, you.”


She shook her head and moved up to place herself directly in front of him. Buffy angled her neck and met his blue gaze head on. “General Hammond and your teammates all agreed you needed a little vacation after the whole Osiris thing. So we…”

“Lied to me.”

She glared at him. “Made it so that you would take a vacation.”

“But you said this was joint endeavor by our mutual parties.”

“I.E. a paid vacation.”


“Fully paid, as in the Watchers Council is footing the bill for the entire trip.”

Daniel sighed as Buffy intertwine her fingers with his and began to lead him through the angled corridors of Atlantis’ open-air aquarium. His gaze traveled over her bare shoulders and the slight blush that was being raised by the Caribbean sun. She had gone to great lengths to get him away for a week.

They strolled in an easy silence before a nagging question raised its head in his mind. “How did you keep Jack quiet?”

An impish grin was flashed his way. “I promised to take you fishing.” At his horrified expression, she amended. “You don’t have to actually fish but I have to teach you the difference between live bait and a lure.”

Daniel simply stared at her. “You really like to fish?” His was voice doubtful.

“Its calming.”

“With Jack?”

“He’s calming.”


“And kinda hot.”

Buffy hid her amusement as her arm was jerked back by Daniel’s sudden stop in movement. “Excuse me?”

She shrugged. “What? I like older men.” She sent him a wink. “You know that.”

Daniel’s frown stayed firmly in place even as she rose on tiptoe to brush a feather light kiss across his lips. She continued the delicate torture, with weightless sweeps of her mouth until her smile stretched as he lost their battle of wills and pressed his mouth firmly over hers. He swallowed her giggle and pulled her warm body closer and was promptly hit in the side by a woman pushing a stroller.


Daniel blushed and Buffy sent the woman and toddler a beaming smile. “No harm done.” She watched them move further into the aquarium and raised her dacari for Daniel to take a sip. He complied and began to pull her down the corridor again.

“Lets ditch the educational fun and go to the beach.” She could already feel the brown sugar sand between her toes.

Daniel put on a resolve face that would have made Willow proud. “I like educational fun.”

“I like my new bikini.”

He visibly winced, but held strong. “I’ve already seen you in a bikini.”

She raised a brow. “The beaches here are topless.”

Buffy smiled as she watched the slight bob of his Adam’s apple as he swallowed. “I’ve already seen you topless.”

Her amusement doubled and she took a small sip of her dacari. She held the frozen concoction of banana and rum in her mouth for a few moments before pressing her chest to Daniel’s and whispering against his neck.

Buffy didn’t know if it was her words or her cool breath along his skin, but he was suddenly pulling her toward the exit. She laughed and allowed herself to be lead back into one of the resort’s main lobbies before she gently tugged at the hand he held.

“But the beach.” He ignored her.

Daniel knew she was allowing herself to lead back to their room. He didn’t stand a chance against her physically, but the look he sent at her over his shoulder as they waited for the elevator to reach them was warm enough to make Buffy melt. She smiled at him and casually took another sip of her dacari as they waited causing his eyes to narrow.

She flinched slightly as they entered the mirrored deathtrap, but her unease was quickly forgotten as Daniel trapped them in the far corner and slanted his mouth over hers. His tongue lapped at her lower lip and she opened with a muffled groan and pulled his head down further. The kiss ignited the flames that were always between them, sparked the fire low in her belly and filled her veins with warmth.

Daniel groaned as she opened slowly, like a Tiger Lily and just as unique. Her taste, her scent intoxicated him. He reached up and pulled at the small elastic band holding all of her golden hair up in an impossible bun. It fell down around her shoulders and his fingers shifted through it as his tongue traced the roof of her mouth. She made a mewling sound in the recess of her throat and lift his shirt to press her hands into his back and arched her body along his chest.

The soft ding of the elevator brought him back to only a slightly muddled mind and Daniel pulled back to find Buffy’s smile gone and a hooded look replaced it. Her dacari decorated the elevator floor and some drops had made their way onto their legs. He hadn’t felt a thing.

Daniel pulled her through the opening and toward their room at the end of the hall, ignoring the knowing smile of the few people loitering in the hallway and their shared looks of amusement with one another as the door closed.

The End.
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