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Summary: Drabbles and ficlets written for the FFA or just for fun. Crossovers included but not limited to Stargate, Constantine, Supernatural, Anita Blake, Smallville, Torchwood, Dr. Who, Burn Notice, NCIS and Alias.

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I Don't Love You (Faith/Supernatural)

Title: I Don’t Love You
Word Count: 100
Rating: FR15 (for language)
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and I’m making no profit from the use of them.
Pairing: Faith/Dean

I Don’t Love You

Ask any sane person and they’ll tell you love is a fickle bitch in heat that’ll let you mount and ride but if you slip—if even only for a moment—she’ll tear you up, then down.

Faith knew this, believed this but she found her gaze straying toward the light eyed hunter as he bent over a pool table and earned their beer money for the next week.

Did she like him?

He wasn’t hard to look at.

Did she screw him?

See previous answer.

Did she love?


But they were gonna fuck ‘til something better came along.

The End.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking