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Summary: Drabbles and ficlets written for the FFA or just for fun. Crossovers included but not limited to Stargate, Constantine, Supernatural, Anita Blake, Smallville, Torchwood, Dr. Who, Burn Notice, NCIS and Alias.

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24 Notes (BTVS/Stargate)

Title: 24 Notes
Challenge: #55 Music
Word Count: 200
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.

24 Notes

Long after the bugle’s call faded and the nation’s flag had been folded, she remained huddled against the brisk chill of Iowa in January, staring at the polished marker. Her frame dwarfed by Maj. Miller and Lt. Finn, who held her husband’s neatly folded flag proudly to her chest. Samantha’s head lowered and she gently touched the blonde’s shoulder, stepped back from the frontlines to mourn in private.

Square toed heels brought her through the lightly falling snow and she stopped before SG-1, met Mitchell’s concerned stare head on and struggled to remain impassive. Struggled not to blame his team for Riley’s death at the hands of the Ori, “That’s her.”

Mitchell’s gaze slid past her to Miller and the arm he casually draped over the blonde’s thin shoulders. Cam ignored the flash of accusation in the soldier’s gaze and moved aside.

Samantha shut down, ignored them as she continued in her retreat and Daniel stepped forward, away from his team that had designated him front man for this mission of recruitment. He hated the fact that they weren’t allowing this woman to grieve, to mourn but the universe was at war and for the moment they haven’t the time.

The End.

Author's Note: 24 notes make up the melody of Taps.
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