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A New World

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Summary: A brave new Willow in a strange new world

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Rolanda HoochWormbaitFR1359,4230287,77319 Jun 0315 Dec 03No

New Attractions

Only a short chapter this time but I just wanted to get something out there and let everyone know I haven’t stopped writing. Unfortunately the chapters from here on may be few and far between as I’m practically living in the hospital these days. The world really is a freaky place, after the second time in 3 weeks that I was hit in the left side of the head by a golf ball I went and had a check-up and what should they find right where they both hit but a tumour. I mean I brushed the first hit off so the world smacks me again and luckily I finally took the hint because we caught the tumour fairly early.
So yeah, might be a wait between chapters, but I will be writing, just to keep busy and distracted mainly.
Once again thanks to everyone who sent reviews, it’s really good to know that people are not only reading this but enjoying it as well.
Disclaimer, etc, is as the previous parts.



That afternoon found Willow standing in Diagon Alley next to Madam Hooch, or Aerin as she insisted on being called, tossing a small bag of coins from hand to hand. Professor Dumbledore had insisted that she take it when he discovered that she had no money of her own, especially none of the odd wizard coins they used.

Though she was fairly certain that he had no idea of what she truly was she was beginning to suspect that the headmaster did know something, something she didn’t. Why else would he be going out of his way to accommodate her, even going so far as to give her a pouch of his own money with which to buy the supplies she would need for her schooling. She would have to keep an eye on him in the hopes of figuring out what he thought he knew.

“I should probably get a change of clothes while we’re here.” She said turning to the other woman. “I can’t keep walking around the school with this thing done up all the time.” Looking down at herself she plucked at the front of the robes that she had kept fully buttoned up since she had stolen them the night before.

“I was beginning to wonder about that, it’s not exactly cold today.” As Aerin’s eyes slowly travelled down and then back up the redhead’s body she gave her a lascivious grin. “So what is it, don’t tell me you have nothing on under there?” The slow smile she got in return was enough to make her knees go weak. It amazed her how whether Willow was being the timid, sweetly innocent seventeen year old she had presented to the other professors that morning, or the intelligent young woman with the sultry smile and laconic attitude she was in reality, she could exude such a sexual aura when she wanted.

Slowly, watching her with teasing glances out of the corners of her eyes Willow began to undo the buttons of the robes, right there in the middle of the thankfully fairly empty street. Aerin was torn between wanting to stop her from disrobing in public and a desire to see what was concealed beneath those enveloping folds of cloth, but all thought fled her mind and she let out a low moan as Willow undid the last button and shrugged the robes off of her slim shoulders. Dark purple lace graced the extremely low cut bodice of a black leather outfit that hugged her form so tightly that had she needed to breathe she would have been in serious trouble.

Catching her robes in one hand Willow draped them over her arm before raising her head to meet Aerin’s eyes with a challenging gaze. “You like?” She asked in that slow, sultry, almost bored tone of voice of hers that sent shivers running up and down the flying teacher’s spine.

Since becoming a vampire Willow had found herself drawn more and more towards strong, assertive, intelligent women. Men, even her lovely Xander, were just so predictable and easily manipulated but women, or at least the ones she found herself attracted to, were much more devious, with agendas and secrets of their own that couldn’t be read in their eyes and weren’t blurted out in response to a teasing touch and a promising smile. Even when they told you what was on their mind you had to believe that they may be lying or at least not revealing all the facts and she loved the challenge they presented. She had an extraordinary intellect of her own and when those around her posed no real mental challenge she quickly grew bored with them.

But the grey haired woman had intrigued her from the moment they had been introduced, the same instant attraction she had felt when she had walked into that library and come face to face with herself. Aerin obviously had secrets of her own, in fact all of the teachers and professors that she had met so far seemed to have secrets and mysteries to them. Had her heart been beating her pulse would have raced at the thought of unravelling them all, but most intriguing of all was the flying teacher now standing before her, she couldn’t wait to begin discovering all that there was to know about her.

“Ahem, yes well, I think you’re right it would hardly do to wear that around the school, not with all those teenage boys running about.” Blushing slightly Aerin tore her eyes from that bewitching bodice and raised them past a smirking, ever-so enchanting mouth to meet the piercing greens gaze of the young vampire, which she found watching her with a bold challenge in their depths. “Not to mention the girls?” She added, a slight teasing question in her voice.

“Hey, I like what I like.” Willow returned with a pout. Aerin blushed even more as she fought off an instant craving to bite that protruding lip.

Grinning at each other, both having some idea what the other was thinking, they turned and continued down the street, Willow as always enjoying the way people watched her as they passed, a hint of lust in the eyes of both the men and the women, while Aerin found herself slightly surprised to feel a tinge of jealousy as she also noticed the desire in those around them, the way practically everyone would stop and turn their heads to watch the leather clad redhead saunter down the road. It was intriguing to think that had she still been alive people would probably just see her as utterly cute rather than the knee meltingly sexy woman her vampirism brought out in her.

“Twinkle-eyes is paying so let’s shop.”

End of Part Five

The End?

You have reached the end of "A New World" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Dec 03.

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