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A New World

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Summary: A brave new Willow in a strange new world

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Rolanda HoochWormbaitFR1359,4230287,77319 Jun 0315 Dec 03No

A New World


Author: Wormbait

Rating: 18

Disclaimer: I own nothing, even the computer that I wrote it on is not mine, nor was the time actually, but I’m sure my boss won’t mind.

Pairings: Undecided as yet, am open to suggestions.

Spoilers: There are no Buffy spoilers really, and I’m sure you’ll discover what episode it follows on from. As for H Potter having never read the books this takes place after the second movie

Note: Feedback would be appreciated as this is only my second attempt at writing anything and some indication of whether it’s any good would be nice.



The slim redhead walked slowly through the late night London streets trying to figure out what had just happened. She ignored the stares and comments about her clothing, they were no threat, in fact even in her preoccupied state she still found them flattering, not that she would let on as she didn’t want to encourage any of the drunken men staggering from one pub to another.

This was so obviously not her England so how did she get here. That was the million dollar question. As far as she knew the watcher had performed the spell correctly, even casting it directly from the spell book. She had then felt that same gut wrenching dizziness which left her on her knees, the only problem was the destination was all wrong.

Just as she was thinking that she would need to find somewhere to stay she saw a strange sight, a very old looking inn nestled among the clean modern buildings, its walls marred by age, the sign in front barely legible. Shrugging her slender shoulders she opened the door and stepped through, thinking that if the windows were as grimy as they looked the rooms should be nice and dark and she could get a good rest.

She was not surprised so much by the old style and feel of the inside as the exterior had prepared her for that, no it was the people inside that caused her to look twice although she managed to keep the shock off her face. Several men and women sat around the large smoke filled room dressed either in rags or stately robes talking animatedly amongst themselves. As she moved across to an empty table at the back she overheard many comments that could only be referring to magical deeds, like transfigurations, charms and quite a few references to wands.

While she had some experience with using magic herself she didn’t understand half of what they were saying, although she could understand that there were probably many different forms of magic and after all hadn’t she already encountered many things that were different here than they were back where she came from…. And did people really use wands?

Just as she was about to take a seat and was remembering that she didn’t actually have any money on her the back door of the inn, which she had purposely chosen a table near just in case, burst open and three men in black robes and masks rushed in waving long thin stakes in their hands.

The other patrons of the inn immediately leapt to their feet yelling incoherently, some reaching for stakes of their own. In all the noise she couldn’t hear what the three newcomers said as they pointed their sticks but the results were instant as a woman in dark green robes at the nearest table fell to the floor screaming and convulsing while another two robed men clutched at their throats as if they couldn’t breathe. Their faces turned a shocking shade of purple before they collapsed lifelessly to the ground.

Magic! And…. Wands?

Before she even new what she was doing she had concentrated on the nearest of the masked men, gathering her will as she hadn’t done in years. There was a second of stunned silence in the room when one of the attackers shot upwards crushing his skull upon the ceiling and then dropped back to the floor in a heap. Then one of the black-robes turned to her, guessing that she was somehow responsible.

“SUFICATIO” The large man yelled, pointing his wand at her with a meaty hand that made the wand seem even more fragile and inconsequential.

She felt a vacuum form around her face holding away the air but unfortunately for him it didn’t stop her from reaching up and grasping hold of his head. With a jerk of her shoulders she snapped his neck. The last of the black-robes stared at her in shock as his large companion with a wrestler’s physique crumpled at the feet of the tiny young redhead before being struck from all sides by a dozen spells and curses.

As she felt the air once more wash over her face she turned around to see the other patrons recomposing themselves. While some ran to aid their downed companions another opened the front door to look around, he was about to step outside when he gave a curse and jumped back, slamming the door and dropping a huge beam across it.

“There be more of ‘em out there.” He said, moving back over to where the others were gathered near the redhead.

“Quickly, into the alley.” Cried the innkeeper, pulling open the back door and stepping through without even stopping to think that there may have been more of them out there. As the others followed him out, some of them carrying the wounded, she listened for sounds of conflict but hearing none merged with the crowd that flowed outside. Once out there she looked around in confusion, they were in a dead end, sitting ducks once the masked men managed to get through the front door. Then the innkeeper moved up to the back wall and pulling out a wand of his own he tapped it seemingly randomly on the wall while the others waited expectantly.

Just as she was considering going up the side of the inn there was a grinding noise and the bricks that the keeper had touched began to swing aside, the hole growing rapidly until there was an opening large enough to step through, which they all proceeded to do.

When it came her time to pass through she was amazed to see a scene that looked like it was from some medieval village, with robed figures moving amongst ancient looking shops. They all came running over with curiosity that swiftly turned to shock when the innkeeper called for help and then explained what had happened.

While everyone was occupied she quietly slipped away into the shadows and then moved away as quickly as she could while remaining unseen. With so many magic wielders around she was worried about someone seeing into her more deeply than she would like.

An hour later found her sitting in a strange ice-cream parlour wearing some stolen robes and eating an apple and rhubarb flavoured cone. She hadn’t known what to order when it came her time to be served, she doubted that they would give her the flavour that she really craved and so had gone for the same thing the woman before her had chosen.

“’Ello Miss Weasley.” Said a booming voice from behind her and she turned to find a huge shaggy man with a broad smile on his face, a smile which slipped a bit when he saw her face “Oh I’m sorry miss, thought ye was someone else, what with all the red ‘air and all, not too common ‘round these parts for some reason.” Moving round he sat uninvited across the table from her and looked a little closer at her face. “Then again your kind ain’t seen round ‘ere much either.”

She was somewhat surprised that he could see her true self that easily and also intrigued that he was so calm about it.

“You don’t seem too worried to be sitting so close to one of ‘my kind’, why’s that?” She asked curiously.

“Ahh well now, ya never do learn nothin’ if ya don’t take chances.” He gave her another wide smile and extended a huge hand “I’m Hagrid by the way, Rubus Hagrid.”

With a slight smile of her own she shook hands with him, her own delicate hand thoroughly dwarfed within his. “Willow, Willow Rosenburg, one of them anyway.”

Frowning slightly at her comment he none the less relaxed even more at her polite, almost tranquil manner.

“So, what brings a vampire to Diagon Alley?”

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