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Ride The Lightning

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Summary: Trust. It can be your greatest ally or your greatest enemy. Be careful who you give it to. (Warning: Character Death)

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Supernatural > General(Moderator)SaturnFR1823,243051,57412 Mar 0726 Mar 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Lightning Strikes

Gordon runs into a couple of people who feel the same way about evil that he does. Sequel to 'Ride the Lightning.'

Title:Lightning Strikes
Author: Saturn
Disclaimer:I own nothing. Least of all Supernatural or BtVS.
Setting:Takes place during season 3 Buffy and about a year after Gordon became a hunter.
Author's note:Written for spn_btvs LJ community's weekly challenge. Member of
Team Hellfire

Challenge #3 –use the line "Don't look at me like that. I'm not the one that touched it!"

Gordon stood for a minute and admired the mansion he had just left. It was a pretty nice place. Too bad it belonged to a bloodsucker. How on earth a vampire could own property was beyond him. Sunnydale was a weird place it turned out. This particular vampire wouldn't need it anymore he thought as he opened the door of his El Camino and slipped in.

Angelus hadn't been as big a challenge as he thought. Rumor had him as one of the baddest kids on the block. Rumor had been wrong. Now it was time to visit the town and see if he could pick up any more clues on the damn vamp that turned his sister. Looking back at the mansion Gordon picked up a remote and pressed a button. With a feral grin he watched the mansion explode. This place collapsed in on itself and the flames licked the sky.

With a turn of the key the car roared to life. Gordon turned his gaze away from the burning wreckage and focused on the road leading away from the mansion. The next place on his list was a place called Willie's. It was supposed to be particularly vampire infested. Putting the car in gear he pulled away from the mansion with a spray of gravel.

Faith watched Buffy. She was just standing there staring at the carnage in the library with Giles' bloody death note clutched in her hand. She was eerily silent as she stood there. The only indication of emotion was the silent tears rolling down her cheeks.

Faith lightly touched her shoulder. "Come on B, we need to get out of here. The police are not going to believe we just happened to find a room of brutally murdered people. Not with our record of coincidences."

At the touch Buffy turned a cold stare on Faith. "We need to find out who did this. They will pay," she said as she crumpled the bloody note in her fist. "I know where we can start asking questions. God help them if the Council thinks they can get away with this."

Gordon stood next to his car and checked his weapons again. Everything checked out. He looked at the neon sign that read "Willie's Place" and walked towards the door. Pushing it open he walked through and stopped in the doorway while his eyes adjusted to the gloom.

When his eyes adjusted what he saw stopped him in his tracks. It looked like two teenage girls; a blond and a brunette. The blond couldn't have been much more than five feet tall but had the bartender pinned to the wall about a foot off the ground.

The floor was littered with a few dead demons. The brunette seemed to be cowing the rest of the room into inaction with her stare alone. All she seemed to be armed with was a wooden stake.

The brunette turned her stare to Gordon as he stepped into the room. "Keep your distance there cowboy."

Gordon stopped where he was and let the scene play out.

"I want to know who did it!" the blond screamed at the bartender.

The bartender who was pale and shaking stuttered a reply, "It wasn't nobody from around here. I swear."

"Who killed them!" she snarled and tightened her grip on the bartender's neck.

He began gurgling and his face began turning purple.

Faith turned at the sound. "B...chill out. You're gonna kill him."

She loosened her grip on his neck and gasped. "Come on Slayer...I don't know nothing. You gotta believe me!"

Buffy let go of his neck and let him drop to the floor. "I think you're hiding something and this time I'm not going to let you," she whispered.

"What's next?" asked Faith. "Do you want to try Angel and see if he's heard anything?

Feeling the tension let up Gordon took a step forward and held his hand up in peaceful gesture. "You ladies seem to be doing fine on your own but I was wondering if I could lend any assistance."

At the sound of Gordon's voice the Slayers turned. They looked him up and down. "You part of the Council?" Buffy asked.

Gordon smiled, "I don't even know what Council you're talking about. I'm just here looking for the vamp that killed my sister. If I kill some others on the way then it's a good thing."

The smile left Gordon's face. "The evil things have some payback coming their way I figure and I'm gonna deliver it."

Buffy looked at Gordon and seemed to think about his words. "You're right. Evil does have some payback coming." Buffy turned to Faith. "I think we've let evil go too long. Good people died because of it. What do you say we make the first payment today?"

Faith looked confused for a minute until Buffy swung her fist backhanded into a unsuspecting Willie. When her fist connected it made a sickening crunch and knocked him into the air. His limp body hit wall behind the bar and shattered the shelves and bottles in its path.

Seeing Willie's bloody still form the patrons of the bar began panicking and making for the nearest exit. Faith launched herself at one of the demons and with a quick twist broke its neck. Buffy leaped onto the bar and ran down its length. She launched herself into the air feet first and collided with another patron.

Gordon watched in awe as these two girls literally took apart the room of demons and vampires. His attention was quickly attracted to the large green demon charging toward the door he was standing in. Reaching under his long coat he pulled out a shotgun and began unloading rounds into the creature's knees. It screamed as it fell to the ground and Gordon pumped a few rounds into its head for good measure.

After what seemed like an eternity but was only minutes the only things left standing were the two Slayers and the hunter. The floor was covered in dust and demon bodies. Faith and Buffy stood back to back and were panting. Gordon scanned room as he began reloading weapons.

Faith turned to Buffy and with a laugh said, "Damn we're good!" The smile quickly left her face as she looked at the empty expression on Buffy's face. Buffy was covered in demon blood and a little bit of her own. "You all right, B?" Faith asked as she began inspecting her sister slayer. "Shit! Your hand...let me see that," she said as she grabbed Buffy's bloody hand. Faith inspected her bloody hand while Buffy seemed to stare into space. Buffy's hand had a large bite mark on it and was missing the pinky finger completely. Faith quickly grabbed ripped a strip of cloth from her tank top and wrapped the clean part around Buffy's hand.

While Faith was doing this Buffy's other hand reached into her pocket. A wild look came into her eyes and she snatched her other hand out of Faith's grip and began checking her other pockets. She began wildly looking around. "Where is it?" she asked.

"Where's what?" Faith replied.

"Giles' note! It was in my pocket. Where is it? I need it!" she screamed.

Gordon stooped down onto the ground and picked something up. "Is this what you're looking for?" he said as he held out a blood covered sheet of paper. It was covered in demon blood now too.

Buffy lunged forward and snatched the paper from him and gave Faith a dirty look as she wiped as much blood off as she could and then carefully folded it and put it in her pocket..

"Don't look at me. I'm not the one that touched it." Faith said as she made her way toward the bar. She leaned over the counter and grabbed three beers. She tossed one toward Buffy who caught it in her right hand. The second she tossed to Gordon and the third she kept for herself.

Buffy looked at the beer in her right hand. Her brow wrinkled in confusion. "What happened to my hand?"

The End?

You have reached the end of "Ride The Lightning" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Mar 07.

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