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"I'm Willow, Fly Me."

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This story is No. 11 in the series "The Seattle Slayers.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A Simple trip to visit Buffy in Cleveland turns to disaster for Willow. Xover with 'Airplane', 'Airport 75' and 'Snakes on a Plane.'

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Chapter 6.

Chapter Six.

The Epilogue

“Good evening, this is Shank Steadman with the early evening news from CQBRTV Seattle.” The news anchorman stared inanely out from the TV screen.

“First; national news,” the anchorman turned to smile into another camera, “After a dramatic flight lasting nearly twelve hours, Northwestern Flight 067 finally landed at Colorado Springs airport. After the aircraft’s crew had been kidnapped and killed by terrorists, the terrorists themselves were struck down by food poisoning. The aircraft was eventually landed by plucky housewife and mother of six, Mrs Wilma Rosenborg, 37,” The TV picture cut to a rather unflattering shot of Willow being led away by the police. “A Seattle resident and her companion Sally Hurrel, 16, a Seattle High School student.” The TV showed a rather more glamorous picture of a smiling Sally surrounded by news reporters. “More of this story later. Now over to Maya with the local news.”

The camera switched to an attractive dark haired woman in her late twenty’s. She wore the same toothpaste ad smile as her co-anchor.

“Early this morning a woman was found by police wandering the docks area of Seattle, she is believed to be Mrs April Barker who works for Seattle City Child Services. Mrs Barker was taken to a local hospital for treatment for minor cuts, bruises and exposure. Mrs Barker is also thought to be suffering from a form of amnesia and cannot remember anything from the last month. Police have appealed for any information on the woman’s whereabouts over the last twenty-four hours...”


Willow lay next to Kennedy in the darkness of their bedroom; she turned to look at her lover.

“You’re going to have to control this, ‘chain people up in the cellar and ask questions later’ attitude of yours!”

“I know,” Replied Kennedy trying to snuggle up to Willow and distract her.

“You’ve got to realise that not everybody works for secret government agencies intent on kidnapping Tara.” Willow pointed out.

“What was I supposed to do?” Pleaded Kennedy snaking her arms around Willow’s body. “She saw all the blood…the dead Flying Monkey Demons…and poor Alice lying on the floor bleeding.”

“Well…” Said Willow softening a little, “Next time, be more careful…how is Alice?”

“She’ll be okay,” Said Kennedy, “She’s got Tina playing nurse and none of her wounds were really that deep…she’ll be fine”

“Are those two really…you know?” Asked Willow.

“I don’t know if they’re sleeping together,” Said Kennedy, “But they do seem to be awfully close.”

“An’ the school thing?” Willow wanted to know, “What do we do about that?”

“Apart from find a school that’ll take Alice you mean?”

“Uh-huh.” Willow nodded in the darkness.

“Well maybe if we encourage this ‘affair’ between Tina and Alice, she’ll get over this ‘turning tricks’ to get what she wants phase.”

“Which has been going on since she was thirteen,” Pointed out Willow, “I thought it was a career not a phase. An’ I don’t really like the idea of the girls sleeping together before they’re sixteen.”

“Willow,” Kennedy got up on one elbow and looked down into Willow’s eyes, “After the way Alice has lived the last few years, I think we can ignore that rule.”

“Yeah maybe you’re right,” Sighed Willow, “At least she’s stopped trying to run off or kill us…must be we’re doing something right.”

The two women lapsed into silence for a moment.

“Nearly forgot,” Said Kennedy, “Tara learnt a new word.”

“She did? Replied Willow brightly, “What was it?”

Kennedy whispered into Willow’s ear.

“WHAT!” Squeaked Willow, “Where…how…who?”

Kennedy silenced Willow’s outrage with a kiss.


Many thanks to the ‘Internet Movie Database’. A really useful web site for people who write xover fics.

The End

You have reached the end of ""I'm Willow, Fly Me."". This story is complete.

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