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One Hell of a Gig

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Summary: Harry gets Oz a gig, but the Dingoes' drummer can't make it. implied Slash.

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Harry Potter > Oz-CenteredManyNamedChibiFR1321,106152,77012 Mar 072 Jun 07Yes

The Gig

Ok... I had a very high demand for a small sequel to this so here ya go. And never fear! WKDR will be updated soon!


The Great Hall was crowded as the dance began, the sights and colors reminding everyone the date. The students had all picked their costumes a month in advance after the promise of actual music rather than Professor Flitwick’s violins. Headmaster Dumbledore could be found lurking near the entrance as a vending machine, his deputy alongside him (though dressed more conservatively as the giant quarter he had managed to trick her into wearing). Others could be found wearing such costumes as sailor scouts, Dr. Who, Vampire Slayers (much to Oz’s amusement because they looked nothing like any of the slayers he knew), and even historical figures. The students were whispering among themselves, some shooting glances at the instruments on the stage that had been conjured in place of the teacher’s table.

“Albus, surely it is almost time for the concert’s start.” Minerva said in aside to him.

“Calm yourself, Minerva. Remus assures me we will know when the beginning comes.” He assured her.

Sure enough, as he finished speaking, Remus Lupin walked onto the stage. Strangely, he was carrying a trumpet as well as his wand. He pointed his wand at his throat and cast the Sonorus spell. “Welcome, students!” His voice boomed out through the hall causing a hush of anticipation to fall across the students and teachers housed there. He chuckled, “Perhaps I should have used that approach in class when I used to teach here. Now, Headmaster Dumbledore has kindly allowed a change of pace from the usual provided entertainment. I was asked to introduce the group. I would like all of you to welcome the band. Dingoes Ate My Baby!” The players moved onto the stage to grab their instruments to the uproar of applause from the crowd. Looking out, Remus saw that even the teachers were clapping. He grinned when he realized that this was excluding Professor Snape, who merely smirked, knowing the mistake Dumbledore would realize he had made when he heard the rock band preform.

Yes…. This defiantly would be one hell of a gig.

The End

You have reached the end of "One Hell of a Gig". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking