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One Hell of a Gig

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Summary: Harry gets Oz a gig, but the Dingoes' drummer can't make it. implied Slash.

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Harry Potter > Oz-CenteredManyNamedChibiFR1321,106152,76812 Mar 072 Jun 07Yes

Chapter One

Ok. This came to me from reading way too many BtVS fics and listening to Toby Mac at the same time. This does have an implied slash pairing. Oh, and I am making no money from anything in here. That means, Oz and the Dingoes belong to Joss and the others belong to Mz. Rowling. I only own the name of Oz's drummer, Tobe. Oh and the plot of course. If I owned more, I would not be a college student still living with my parents.


Oz stirred, his head beating in time to the drums in his head. No, that wasn’t right. His head was beating in time to the banging on the door. The banging on the door on the night after the full moon. He groaned and carefully tried to move out from under the body on top of him. The honey-haired were who had kept him company last night (and provided him with the wolfsbane that cut his transformations down to one instead of three a month) noticed the movement and growled.

“What time is it?”

“Someone’s at the door. I’ll get it; you had a bad night last night. Go back to bed.”

“Mmmmm. I’m already up, Danny-boy. ‘Sides you answered the door last time. My turn.” He said as he yanked Oz to the floor beside him and rose, grabbing a bathrobe from the chair near the door.

“Fine I’ll make some coffee. And don’t call me Danny-boy!”

The man chuckled as he moved toward the door, “I’m coming!” He opened the door and his mouth immediately dropped.



Harry excitedly ran up the walk to Oz’s house. ‘Oz is going to love this. I can’t believe Albus actually agreed. Of course he doesn’t really know what the Dingoes sing… he he he.’ Harry thought as he pounded on the door. ‘Come on Oz! Open up.’

He stopped pounding as he heard a voice call “I’m coming” and instead began to bounce on his feet. He stopped immediately when the door opened. Somehow, standing in front of him was his godfather, Remus.

“Harry?” Remus asked him.

“’lo Moony. Um… what are you doing here? I thought this was my friend’s place….”

“You know Danny-boy?”


“Sorry, he tells everyone to call him Oz.”

“Don't call me Danny-boy. Here.” Oz asked as he appeared in the hall leading to the kitchen. He handed Remus a mug of coffee and looked around him to Harry. “What, Harry?”

Harry grinned, “You busy Halloween?” Oz snorted. “Thought not. I got you guys a gig.”

“Wait a minute.” Remus said after draining his mug and his brain started working. “You two know each other?”

Oz nodded, “Harry’s managing the Dingoes.” Remus turned to Harry and raised an eyebrow.

“What? It’s easier than taking down Voldemort. Least with them, I don’t have to train and prepare as much.”

“Can’t.” Oz told Harry.

“What? But it took ages to get Albus to agree!”

“You want them to play at Hogwarts?” Remus asked him, extremely surprised.

“Your old school?” Oz’s eyebrow rose again.

Harry shrugged, “Eh. The kids could use a change of music. Albus just uses Filius’ violins every year. Believe me; nothing can be worse than that. And the guys’ll be fine with it. Magic’s not that much of a jump from being a were. And they all know Willow.”

Oz shook his head. “Still can’t. Tobe’s sick.”

“So no drums?”


There was a long pause. Finally Harry said, “You got a set here, right?”

“We practice here.”

“Let me see them.” Oz shrugged at Remus’ look and led Harry into the practice room near the back of the house. Harry sat behind the drums, grabbed Tobe’s spare sticks, and began to play one of the more popular songs. When he finished, he looked up at the other two and laughed. Remus stared at him with a gobsmaked expression and Oz had an eyebrow raised and somehow, like christmas had come early. “I take it I played well enough.”

“Practice tonight. 8 o’clock.”

“Gotcha! I’ll see you later.” Harry made his way to the door before turning and said, “If you hurt him, Oz, what I did to Voldie will look like child’s play. Same goes for you, Moony.” Harry turned and left, shutting the door behind him.

‘This is gonna be one hell of a gig.’ Oz thought as he stared at the door.
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