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My Strange Family

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Summary: Tony Dinozzo has a secret or more importantly his father is … well famous, and he’s got a few INTERESTING siblings. And some very powerful mojo. So far I’ve got [Dark Angel] [NCIS] [Numb3rs] [Harry Potter] Mainly NCIS and Harry Potter oh and Xander

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingstakamerlinFR1811,3470198916 Mar 0716 Mar 07No
DISCLAIMER: If ya can identify it, it ain't mine but belongs to someone with money and power, me? I have debt.

“Boss, I know this is kinda last moment and all but since we’re in Italy, I want to stay behind.”

Gibbs took a sip of his, fifth or sixth cup of coffee for the day. “Why?”

“Well, I want to go see some family of mine that live here” Tony shifted nervously from foot to foot. He really wanted to see his Pappi. Go to the Villa and sit with Pappi and drink a little whiskey or port and just catch up. “He owns a villa near here and it’s Friday –“ Wrong thing to say, Gibbs raises one eyebrow, “ – and I got shot so I don’t know if I’m allowed to fly and even if I am I can catch up real quick –“ great Dinozzo now you sound like some sort of backwater hick I mean really real quick , “ – ahh, Henalo’s got a plane and he won’t mind if I use it and I know he knows some people who knows people who can get me in the air real q… “

It’s gonna be a no go, not with Gibbs’ coffee finished and both eyebrows part of the hairline.

Time for a different tactic

Tony’s shoulders slumped. “Never mind Boss I’ll just come back another time, I just have to make one call then I’ll go find the doc and we’ll fly to America.” Ha, the little crease between his fore head, caving … caving … Now for the under the belt shot, “Amy won’t yell as much if I call her from here, I want to talk to her before we’re to far away long distance calls cost a lot, in fact if we’re not in the same country I don’t call her cause she refuses to pay for her half of the talking.”

Steel to stormy grey eyes, getting there.

Now, the money shot.

“Here Boss, just like you like it.” Feed the addict!!!!

“What’s Amy doing here?” Cuh-ching, Huston we have cave-in.

“Who’s Amy?” Tony completely forgot that McGee and Ziva were there as well. Standing on the to roof of the Gerabaldi Building waiting for Giovanni Gerebaldi’s personal physician to get his ass up here, to check Dinozzo out so they could leave with the ‘copter for the airport.

Don Giovanni was just so grateful to Gibbs and his team for stopping a sniper from killing him that he couldn’t do enough for them. Poor man didn’t realize that Gibbs was about two cups away from killing him himself. Giovanni was a very self aware man who knew he was Hot (note the capital) to a certain type of person and he has convinced himself that Agent Gibbs was just the type to find him HOT (again, with the capital letters).

“And what is a Henalo?’ From McGee and Ziva respectively.

Gibbs tilts his head, just so. Answer

“Henalo is an African word, It means roughly translated ‘that’s right.’ and Amy’s my little sister.” Who Gibbs has a little crush on. Tony grins on the inside, remembering Amy going Bitch on Gibbs the first time he spilled her coffee.


“Tio, where’s the ladies room in this hole?’” Amy said looking around her. At 5’9” with emerald green eyes that can captivate you from across the room, a black mass of slightly curling hair down to her bottom and a dancers grace, Amy Malfey was arguably the most beautiful woman in the room if not at that moment the most beautiful woman in DC and she was utterly unimpressed with the Navy NCIS bullpen.

“Read the signs doofus!” her irate brother half growled, half snarled at her as only an annoyed older sibling can do.

After 5 days of a growling Gibbs, no sleep, a marine killing, tongue taking sicko, Tony was in no mood for one of Amy’s little huffs.

“What signs?” Narrowing her eyes when she realized he was ignoring her she grabbed her handbag pulled out a bottle of la RosineI la expensive perfume that usually had Tony sneezing.


Right in the line of nose. Serves him right. She came here like a good little sis whose big brother had order- I means asked her to come pick him up cause he’s sleep deprived and really shouldn’t be driving. That was 2 hours ago, apparently the man he worked for didn’t like his report and was making him redo it. Now to hide the evidence and get the hell out of Dodge. “I’m going for coffee.”

“One minute bathrooms the next coffee, women, crazy the entire lot.” He muttered “Don’t take to long, I’m almost done.” If Gibbs keeps away and doesn’t make him redo the entire thing, again.”

Twenty minutes later she reentered the bullpen happily drinking a cup of the strongest Brazilian coffee she could find when out of nowhere some gray-haired, military type person bumps her so hard that all her coffee goodness spilled onto her shirt.

The man turned around, “Watch where you’re going!” oh, that’s it. “No! YOU watch where YOU’RE going gramps.” And then she flicked him on the forehead and let out a string of blue French and for good measure stomped on his foot, and pushed him into the wall.

The entire NCIS bullpen came to a standstill as this pretty girl manhandled Special Agent Gibbs. ‘He’s gonna kill her’ was the thought in every persons mind. Then she stalked up to Gibbs’ probie. “I’m done! I’m leaving you either come with me now or you walk home. Don’t you ever, EVER call me to pick you up here again. People here have no respect for coffee!” she said throwing Gibbs, who was now leaning against the wall, a dirty look.

Then he frowned at her opening his mouth with a lot of things to say to this slip of a girl who, who – she stepped on his toes dammit! “Don’t you frown at me gramps, that was Brazilian, Espírito Santo black bean coffee, you ruined the best cup of coffee there is and then tried to blame me for your blind rampage!” While she was speaking she stalked up to him. “Get your gear big brother.” She said never taking her eyes off of Gibbs, who just opened his mouth to say something – men they never learn. “Non” she was standing right in front of him now. “You are not to speak to me, ever!” and just for good measure she kicked him on the shin. Stuck her nose in the air and walked into the elevator a bone white Tony was holding for her.

“Now you’ve done it - that was my boss.”

“I don’t care if he is the president of the universe. He. Spilled. My coffee.”


She forbade him to ever mention his work again in her presence, and all NCIS agents of all ranks learnt that it was in their best interest never to mention the Coffee incident, ever. Gibbs will find out, and it won’t be pleasant.

As for Gibbs, he never forgot the young woman who stood up to him so fearlessly, And for spilling her coffee. Sometimes he feels the urge to use her tactics and stomp on a few toes himself when his coffee gets spilled.


A/N: This is my first story, ever. In any form. So be gentle, but firm and give it to me straight I value brutal honesty in the long run. It’s not beta’d – yes I’m really that stupid. I know very little about Italy except Michaelangelo was from near there Florence, I think.

Henalo is a word it’s from the South African Miners Language Fanagalo and as far as I’m able to understand it’s used as a confirmation, like yes or Narf, not really sure.

Amy is loosely based on the Gorgeous Amy Lee from the band Evanescence, I have not taken a measuring tape to her and I’ve no idea how old the real Amy is as for the name, I really, really like the name. Like totally dude.

Also I’d really like a beta if any one is interested e-mail me please.

The End?

You have reached the end of "My Strange Family" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Mar 07.

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