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The Dangers of Reading Fanfic on a Tuesday

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Summary: Dawn corners Willow about her latest obsession. Tuesday madness ensues...

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered
Harry Potter > Willow-Centered
amusewithaviewFR1311,2241222,44817 Mar 0717 Mar 07Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Willow, Dawn, or any of the jargon, settings, or plot-spoilers found herein.
Author's Note: Just a little plot bunny that ran around my brain like a squirrel on speed until I let it out. Unsure of more will follow, PLEASE REVIEW!

"Hey Wills, what are you doing?"

The redheaded Wicca jumped then looked at Dawn guiltily, "Nothing, nothing at all." She hurriedly began minimizing the site windows on her laptop.

Dawn peered over her shoulder and grinned wickedly, "Been writing fanfic again?"

"No!" At Dawn's disbelieving look, she continued defensively, "Not writing, just reading…"

"Suuure, Wills, what is it this time?"

Willow mumbled something under her breath as her hands twisted in her lap.

"What was that, I didn't quite catch the mumbles."

Green eyes glared, "You're enjoying this aren't you?"

"Torturing you over your latest hobby, um… yeah!" Dawn giggled and sank into a chair beside Willow's, stretching her long legs out underneath the library table and dragging the laptop so it sat between them.

"What are you doing?"

Dawn rolled her eyes, a gesture she'd perfected through almost two decades of living with Buffy, and then a few more years of handling adolescent Slayers. "Wills, you're my roommate, you can't keep sneaking off to the library at all hours of the night JUST because you're a little embarrassed about your newest obsession.'"

"It's not an obsession!" Willow squawked indignantly.

"Willow you snuck out at three o'clock in the morning yesterday JUST to get uninterrupted alone-time in the library for a few hours." suddenly Dawn's eyes lit up with unholy glee, "It's not DIRTY fanfic is it? Ooh, you're reading porn online, wait till I tell Buffy!" She made as if to get up, but found her arm in clenched in a death-grip.

"If you say ANYTHING to Buffy I'll turn you into a rat! I've still got Amy's cage you know!"

Momentarily distracted, Dawn wrinkled her nose, "Eew, seriously? I hope you have that thing in storage somewhere, 'cause it is NOT staying in our apartment!"

"I cleaned it!"

"That's not the point!" Dawn squinted suspiciously, "You're just trying to distract me from the laptop, aren't you?"

Willow grinned, "It was working, wasn't it?"

Another eye-roll, "Yes, Willow, it was working, but now I'm on to you."

The redhead pouted.

"Sorry Wills, you just can't pull off the patented Xander-pout, stick to the babble." The Key rubbed her hands together, "Alright, so, what are we reading today?"

Willow blushed heavily, "Harry Potter…"

Dawn's eyes immediately brightened, "Ooh… I love Harry Potter, so what kind of stuff do you read?"

The Wicca studied her younger friend, gauging the level of interest behind the question before answering reluctantly, "I like AU character pairings."

"AU? 'Splainy please."

Without thinking about it Willow took on her 'teaching-voice' the one that had gotten her through so very many 'Magic 101' courses with hyperactive Slayers, "There's a lot of special slang unique to the fanfic sub-culture. AU stands for 'alternate universe,' where an author chooses one or more key events to change and then writes the story from there. I like the AU character pairings like Severus/ OC, or Draco/ OC." Willow sighed dreamily, "Love those bad boys…"


"Original characters," Willow frowned, "I like OCs, except when they're self-inserts. Those really cheese me off."

With her new understanding Dawn leaned forward interestedly, "So what's this fanfic that you're reading about?"

Willow's features became animated as she described her favorite fanfic, how Sirius was alive and Harry had gone to live with him, which gave him a MUCH better chance of being able to learn enough to stop Voldemort. Dumbledore hadn't died either, and the prophecies had changed…

As Willow's enthusiasm grew she began using more and more exaggerated hand gestures, until she accidentally whipped Dawn in the face with one of her charm bracelets. Incidentally, it was the bracelet that actually held REAL charms.

"Oh god Dawnie, I'm so sorry!" Willow's eyes were horrified as she examined the short slash that cut across Dawn's pale cheek. It was shallow, but long, and when Willow examined her charm bracelet she could see her charm-dagger (a shrunk down Athame) was dripping with blood.

"It's ok Wills, no harm, no foul. See? It's already closing," Dawn murmured a hasty healing spell under her breath and the slash slowly sealed up, with no sign that it had ever even been there.

No sign but the drop of blood which slowly slipped from the tiny dagger-point to splash silently onto the keyboard of Willow's computer. So engrossed was Willow with apologizing to Dawn that she didn't notice the green glow that began to crackle around the computer, silently pulling up the last window she had closed. The glow grew until it encompassed the entire laptop.

"Uh, Willow?" Dawn's eyes were wide as she stared at the slowly-growing energy that her blood had produced.

"Oh shit," Willow gasped as the glow suddenly expanded to encompass the entire table… and the two women sitting at it. There was a flash of light, and suddenly table, chairs, computer, and women were gone.


Tumbling end-over-end through a swirling green vortex was no way to travel. Especially when said vortex was crowded with two people, a solid oak table, and assorted chairs. So it was understandable that the first thing Dawn and Willow did upon landing was vomit, violently.

After wiping their mouths they leaned upon one another and shakily stood up.

"Willow, where are we?"

The redhead squinted around. They were atop a grassy hill, off in the distance the Wicca could see a gloomy-looking mansion. She paled, and Dawn had to steady her again. A difficult task when Dawn herself was having trouble standing up.

"Oh. My. God."

"What, what is it?" Dawn was alarmed by the pallor and glassy-eyes Willow was displaying.

"The fic," she gasped, "The one I was reading, with Harry being raised by Sirius?"


"The author had just gotten to the beginning of the fourth book, 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,' and she was…" Willow gulped nervously, "She was just getting to the part where Harry dreams up that one muggle-groundskeepers death in the Riddle ancestral home."

Dawn frowned, "But if Harry is being raised by Sirius, doesn't that mean they've caught Pettigrew?"

Willow started to shake her head, then thought better of it, she was still a bit green. "No, they Veritaserumed Sirius, instead of the Kiss, he got a potion."

The Key snorted, "He's lucky Snape didn't poison him."

The older woman gently cuffed her blue-eyed friend, "Snape's not THAT bad, and besides, being set up to be eaten by a werewolf? Might start a grudge." Willow's eyes became sad and haunted, as they did every time she thought of the badness that was the Oz/ Veruca encounter in her first year of college. She could understand having a healthy fear of werewolves, no matter HOW nice Remus Lupin was.

"Oh. My. God!"


"We're IN the fic, Dawn! IN THE FREAKING FIC!" Willow sank down to the ground, just catching Dawn's muttered statement:

"Should've known better than to corner a sneaky Wicca on a freakin' Tuesday…"

Author's Note 2: LOL, hope you enjoyed. Please drop me a line, did you like it, hate it, or are you apathetic? I'd love to know!

The End

You have reached the end of "The Dangers of Reading Fanfic on a Tuesday". This story is complete.

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