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Crawling Loneliness

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Summary: A chance encounter with Willow and Snape.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapeSeakFR1347,3780236,75119 Jun 0327 Jan 04No


Crawling Loneliness - Sequel
Chapter Two

Severus sat frozen as he stared at the door in which the redheaded muggle had left. Unable to take his gaze away from the door and yet his senses were pulling him away, begging him to look away and at something else - something of much more importance then a mere muggle. His heart refused and his mind yelled. And with the predictability of a man who followed his mind rather then his heart he raised his head and looked to where his senses were telling him. His breath froze and he knew danger when he saw it.

There standing at the back entrance in which it led to Diagon Alley stood Lucius Malfoy and he was staring at the front entrance in which the muggle had just left with anticipation in his cold gray eyes. And Severus knew that look; he had seen it when Lucius had just started to toy with his victims.
Severus struggled to breathe past his restricted chest – his mind screaming and his heart clenching with fear. Because he knew why Lucius eyes held such a look – he had found his next victim and it was the redheaded muggle.

Lucius eyes never strayed from the door as he walked towards it. To other people who were probably watching, Lucius appeared calm and cool, showing nothing on his features as he walked casually towards the door.

Severus’s body was tense, he didn’t know why he was reacting this way and quite frankly he hated it. Why did he have to behave this way? And a protective instinct over a muggle no less he thought scornfully and stood up as he saw Lucius step out the front entrance.

He followed, his face never betraying him and hoped that he could reach the muggle before Lucius did. As the front door of the Leaky Cauldron closed behind him, he searched for the figure that was Lucius and found him. A chill ran down his spine as he realized that Lucius was in his Death Eater costume. He watched as Lucius moved through the muggle nightlife like a silent shadow and realized that there was more then one shadow following the muggle and knew that they were all Death Eaters. Severus made a decision knowing that this would cost him his life but also knowing that he could not let them kill the muggle. He too followed.


Willow moved through the crowed easily, hoping to get home quickly before Giles gave her another lesson. She could feel mother-earth pulsing with life, comforting her and the wind whispering reassurance as it caressed her cheek. It had been like this the moment she had let go of her darkness, but the darkness still clung to her very soul whispering that all she needed to do was grab hold of the endless power that was at her reach. It waited patiently knowing that the moment she lost control her darkness would spill out and not even the coven would be able to help her. After all they could only do so much.

And then she felt a slight tension at her neck, her senses going on red-alert as her senses told her she was being followed. One of the perks of fighting with Buffy and living on hellmouth - you learned to know when someone was following you. She continued walking and found that whomever was following her had darkness in them. Not just dark magic but of dark intentions. Wizards she thought - a whole different breed all together but she recognized them. She had only met one once and he had been too afraid of her to do anything. Her darkness reveled at the thought of playing with them, toying with them.
No Willow thought like a mother chastening her child. Even though she didn’t want her darkness to be a part of her, she had grown used to it so that it was a comforting presence in her. She just had to maintain control that was all.

Willow moved to an area she knew was not crowded but empty and the only area she knew that was that empty was the park. Which was closed after hours. She knew there was no way of getting away from them without revealing her true powers and getting into a fight. So she considered the best way was getting it over and done with – without any innocents getting hurt.

As she came closer to the park the crowed thinned out until there was only her walking in the darkness. Willow smiled, her darkness wanted to come out and play.


Severus walked silently amongst the shadows his brow furrowed with confusion as he realized they were following the Muggle into an empty park. He wanted to yell at her what she thought she was doing in a closed park at this time of night but knew he couldn’t. He watched as the other Death Eaters moved into the surrounding trees and knew that they were happy, just her and them. Predators after it’s prey. And suddenly they stopped and he realized that they were at a clearing.

And it occurred to Severus that they may never make it out alive.

Willow knew she was smiling as she reached the small clearing and wasn’t sure what to make of it. But shrugged when she stepped into the center of the clearing and felt the shining moon bathed her in light. She stopped, breathing in the clean air that traveled in the wind. The trees muffling the sound of the city until the only sound she could hear was that of insects. She could feel the power, so much power and yet she didn’t reach out and take it, knowing that she wasn’t ready yet and turned to the wizards that were behind her.

“Come out and play.” She whispered smiling, staring into the trees and knew that her darkness was just at the edge. Waiting.


Severus watched as the muggle walked into the small clearing and felt a rage at the girl’s stupid thinking. She had just given them the opening they needed to get her. He watched as she stopped, tilting her head to breathe in the air that smelt more like smog then anything else and he knew then that the girl was a bloody idiot.

She turned and Severus felt a chill run down his spine. She was smiling and she was staring straight at him. Her green eyes glowing with anticipation and he suddenly knew that she had known that they were following her all along.

Her mouth moved and he felt the wind brush against him. He froze. “Come out and play,” the words whispered in his ear as intimately as a lover kissing him.

And the slight fear that had grown steadily through their journey to the park suddenly turned into out-right terror.


Willow watched as the shadows moved until they became figures of man, the light enveloping them so that she saw them clearly. Men dressed in hooded robes, their faces hidden within its depths. And in their hands were wands. She could see the magical auras that surrounded the wands and the owners’ hands.

She waited until they silently surrounded her and raised an eyebrow when they pointed their wands at her.

“Crucio!” One of them yelled - just as she saw the magical mist flow from the wand and straight to her. She could read from the mist that none of them saw that this was a spell for pain, great pain. Her darkness bubbled with anticipation wanting to reach out and take it, consume it. She ignored it and raised her hand, stopping the mist before it could ever reach her and with a flick of her hand she returned the curse back to its owner. She watched as the man crumbled screaming.

Suddenly they were all yelling, throwing spells at her in quick succession.

The spells and curses slowed as she raised both her hands beside her until they stopped in mid-air. Everything was moving in slow motion to Willow and when she pulled her hands in, she pushed her hands out again with a force that sent the spells and curses hurtling back to their owners.
Men crumbled screaming to the ground and some fell to the ground dead. Willow stood over them, contempt in her gaze.

“Fools” she said as the wind began to build around her until it became a mini twister. It surrounded her, spinning rapidly until it burst apart and she was gone.


Severus stood frozen watching the screaming men, his wand out but unable to do anything. And to be quite frank, he didn’t want to help them. He was still recovering from what he saw. The woman he had thought was a muggle wasn’t a muggle at all. She had taken them out without even trying and without a wand!

Merlin! That spoke of power far beyond Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Far beyond anything he could imagine. But who was she? And what was she doing here? He knew when he had talked to her that she was American.

He had to tell Dumbledore this he realized and as he apparated from the site he couldn’t help but wander if he’ll ever see her again.

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