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This story is No. 4 in the series "The Adventures of Xander and Faith". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sometimes it isn't a matter of whether you can but of whether you should. Harry Dresden is on the front lines of the clean up crew.

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DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Harry Dresden or BTVS and no profit is earned in writing this.


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  As usual, if you have any comments or preferences, please don’t be shy.  RandR.



The Council was NOT happy.  The Red Court was up in arms.  The Black Court was howling for blood.  And Harry was glad to know that, for once, he was not the object of their collective ire. 


What had happened was still something of a mystery, even to him.  He knew that a young man that had visited his office a couple of days before had something to do with it, but the stranger had left him with more questions than answers.  He had identified himself only as Harris and had come to the office asking some very odd questions about magic and the supernatural.  It was clear he had some knowledge of the subject and was testing Harry, but to what end wasn’t clear.  Whatever the man had been looking for, he hadn’t found it and left looking disappointed. 


Some of his questions had been surprisingly technical and some had been very naïve, the sort he would expect from a comic book junkie.  Although puzzled, Harry had put it out of his mind.  At least, until he saw the man at Bianca’s club.  He had been hired to find out who was trying to kill her and had resolved the matter to his client’s satisfaction.  The club wasn’t a place he would normally spend time, but Bianca had insisted on meeting there to finish their transaction.


Bianca was the sort of person that didn’t have whims.  She always had, Harry had determined, at least three reasons for doing anything.  She wanted to finish their business.  That was one.  She wanted people to see him there.  That was two.  It wasn’t until afterward that he realized that there was something there he’d been expected to see.


The young man had been sitting at a table in the corner watching the room.  His single eye had swept the room with a deliberately casual air.  He wasn’t a vampire, of that Harry was certain, nor was the young woman who joined him as Harry was leaving.  Puzzled but anxious to leave, he dismissed the matter, and never did see what Bianca had wanted him to see.


Apparently, the business with the third-eye drug was severely straining relations between the Red Court and the Black Court vampires and the Council was quietly intervening to ensure that open warfare didn’t erupt between the two.  That would have been bad for everyone.  A series of meetings was being arranged to hammer out the details for a summit that was to take place the following week at the club.  Having tried hard to have little to do with vampires, Harry didn’t recognize the Black Court representatives who were waiting to meet with Bianca and a Council rep after Harry’s departure. 


The only thing that the Council and the two Courts agreed on was that Harry Dresden was a wild card that almost no one wanted involved.  Bianca’s attempt to tip him off hadn’t gone over well with anyone, but the planned summit was too important.  It had gone forward.  Not, however, without complications.


Two days after Harry’s visit, three Red Court vampires disappeared.  The timing was thought to be suspicious and the leaders were pointing fingers.  Both the Black Court and the Council denied any knowledge of the incident, but agreed to help find them as a show of good faith.  The only thing that could be confirmed was that the three were dead.  As the bodies could not be found there was no way to learn more.  The theory was advanced that a new vampire hunter was working the area, perhaps a survivor of the crew that the third eye junkies had wiped out.


Thoughts of revenge were put on hold by mutual agreement until after the summit.  Tensions were already high, and the leaders of the Council and both Courts agreed that it would be better for all if there were no angry vampires roaming the streets looking for trouble.



The night of the summit arrived without further incident and with Harry Dresden being none-the-wiser.  The leaders of the two courts and their aids and bodyguards along with the Council representatives there to settle the dispute and negotiate a new treaty if it became necessary, made for a fair sized and very tense crowd.  The survivors confirmed that much.  They weren’t able to confirm much else.


None of them were sure how it started.  No one knew who the attackers were.  How they gained entry to the club, how just one young woman and a one-eyed man had managed to kill 12 vampires and three powerful wizards, and how they had since contrived to disappear without a trace, were questions that might never be answered.  Of course, Harry reflected, that was mainly because the offended parties were more interested in killing each other than getting at the truth.


He had been questioned about the one-eyed man.  He’d been questioned three times, in fact.  The Council, the Black Court and the Red Court were no longer on speaking terms.  Any hope for a continued peace had vanished thanks to the two strangers, and the casualties were piling up.  What infuriated Harry was that it was spilling over into the civilian population.  Both courts were on ‘recruiting’ drives and still more innocents were being caught in the crossfire.  Harry tried to think of a way to stop it, but he seemed to be the only one interested in doing so.  All he could do was keep his head down and curse Harris and his girlfriend for the mess they had made.  He’d have done so literally, he decided, if he only knew who the hell they were or where they had gone.




The End?

You have reached the end of "Aftermath" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Mar 07.

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